Short film 'American Male' explores how men are taught homophobia and toxic masculinity

Masculinity: toxic, fragile and dangerous.

Presidential poll results 2016: Here's where the candidates stand ahead of Monday's debate

Trump has closed the gap in some polls, though Democrats should wait to panic or not until after the Sept. 26 debate.

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Five killed by shooter at Burlington, Washington's Cascade Mall: Reports

The suspect in the Cascade Mall shootings remains at large.

Charlotte police department releases partial video of the death of Keith L. Scott

The video does not provide conclusive proof of whether Scott was holding a gun, though police released photos of a firearm.

This transgender teen was allegedly fired from McDonald's after getting media attention

Was this teen fired for too much media attention to his trans identity?

Snapchat is now just Snap, and it's selling "Snap Spectacles" that will record your life

The wearable tech will allow you to record your life from a first-person perspective.

Donald Trump pans Hillary Clinton on Twitter for postponing Charlotte trip

The GOP nominee went after Clinton politically for changing her travel plans.

President Obama vetoes bill that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia

Congressional leaders will now seek to override the president's decision.

The New York Times just endorsed Hillary Clinton for the presidency

The paper's editorial board has announced that they're with her.

Gennifer Flowers, former Bill Clinton mistress, accepts Donald Trump's debate invite

After billionaire Mark Cuban taunted Trump about the debates on Twitter, the GOP nominee responded by inviting Flowers.

President Obama opens black Smithsonian museum to widespread acclaim

"African American history is not somehow separate than the American story," Obama said. "...It is central to the American storry."