Man records and "coaches" group rape of unconscious woman, gets 18 months in jail

Cecil Burrows could have received between seven and 13 years behind bars.

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Interviewer suggests man cut his braids in order to look more professional, get hired

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Washington mall shooting suspect arrested, according to authorities

Police captured the suspect after a nearly 24-hour manhunt.

With Rihanna's aid, Global Citizen calls out world leaders for weak efforts to end poverty

Rihanna performed with Kendrick Lamar, Eddie Vedder and Metallica in support of Global Citizen's mission to end extreme poverty.

This transgender student gave a brave speech to combat transphobia at his school

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Gennifer Flowers was not actually invited to debate by Donald Trump

According to Trump vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, Trump was just "mocking" Clinton.

Donald Trump meets Benjamin Netanyahu, promises recognition of East Jerusalem annexation

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José Fernández, star pitcher of the Miami Marlins, killed in boating accident

The MLB favorite was 24 years old.