US veterans build a greener future at home

"People in the military are obviously really mission driven, and this is a continuation of a mission."

A viral video is trying to trick everyone into drilling a hole in their iPhones

More than 10 million people have watched a video called "Secret Hack to Get Headphone Jack on the iPhone 7."

First presidential debate 2016 drinking game: Here are the rules and keywords to wait for

The first encounter between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump needs a cold beverage.

First presidential debate liveblog: Highlights and full recap of Clinton vs. Trump faceoff

Here's every key moment from the candidates' showdown at Hofstra University.

Hillary Clinton's net worth 2016: Here's a look inside the candidate's personal finances

The Democratic nominee is far wealthier than when she and her husband arrived on the national stage.

Trump tries to woo millennials with a "Crooked Hillary" Snapchat debate filter

Donald Trump just found a new way to attack Hillary Clinton: Snapchat.

Georgia students hold sit-in after alleged confiscation of Black Lives Matter shirts

Students say that an administrator called Black Lives Matter a "terrorist organization."

Sept. 26 debate livestream: Here's how to watch the first presidential debate online

Here's all the vital information you need to livestream the presidential debate live online.

Anti-black posters on University of Michigan campus warn white women not to date black men

College is supposed to make you smarter.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2016 could be coming — Here's what we know

New MacBooks could be here sooner than you think.

Perfect "illusion": femininity as armor and the problem of "passing" for transgender women

For some this is simply an effort to transform their body into the shape it was denied by biology. For others, it's survival.

Man who attacked Gigi Hadid at Milan Fashion Week pens bizarre letter justifying actions

Vitalii Sediuk tells 'Mic' exactly why he chose to grab Gigi Hadid last week.

Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest continues to spread like wildfire

Protests are showing up on the National Mall and at Major League Baseball games.

Everything you need to know about ube — the purple yam that's more than a hipster trend

Just because it's trending on Instagram doesn't mean it's "new."

Anti-vaxxer mom isn't an anti-vaxxer anymore after her kids all got rotavirus

"It was awful and it didn't have to happen because I could have had them vaccinated."

Houston mall shooting Monday leaves "several" injured; gunman killed by police

The gunman has reportedly been shot by police.

Nate Silver's 'FiveThirtyEight' gives Trump a 50-50 chance — and people are freaking out

The election is essentially a coin toss, the forecasting website says.

Donald Trump's tax returns: Here's why they could do more harm than good for his campaign

Trump's tax returns may show his net worth is far lower than he says it is. And they could show he owes many millions of dollars.

John Oliver returns to remind viewers that Trump's scandals are worse than Clinton's

Raisins in a cookie, apparently, is the best analogy for who should be president.

How many police shootings happened in 2016? Here are the alarming statistics.

Police across the U.S. have killed hundreds of individuals this year.

These 3 big issues are at stake in November — but they likely won't come up at the debate

Don't hold your breath waiting to hear about these issues.

Emma Watson creates moving short film on gender equality called "Hurdles"

"Women and girls have always faced hurdles. But that's never stopped us."

Trump and Clinton tied in Colorado and Pennsylvania in latest poll before debate

Trump and Clinton are in a dead heat according to the poll.

Women in Saudi Arabia just filed a petition to end the male guardianship system

Over 14,000 people signed the petition to end a centuries-long system that doesn't allow women to make their own decisions.

Donald Trump's net worth 2016: Here's what we know about the candidate's personal finances

What is Donald Trump's net worth? Great question.

Will Ivanka Trump be at the first presidential debate?

Whether or not Ivanka Trump is at the debate, she has already heavily influenced her father's campaign.

Will Lester Holt fact-check at the debate? Here's how it's likely to go down

Is Holt merely a facilitator — or should he be an active participant?

If you're stressed, you won't benefit from eating "healthy" foods like avocado, study says

Healthy foods don't work their magic when you're feeling frazzled.

UN working group compares police shootings of black people to lynchings

Over 170 black people have been killed in police shootings in 2016.

Coffee is getting more expensive now because of drought in Brazil

Prices for arabica beans have been going through the roof.

‘Goat’ review: James Franco, Nick Jonas fratsploitation film critiques masculinity

'Goat' critiques masculinity from its cultural core.

Forget templates. Here's how to write an ideal cover letter and land that job interview.

It's time to go beyond "To whom it may concern."

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton on money: How their economic policies will affect you

Here's how the presidential candidates' policies compare when it comes to your cash.

Here's how Hillary Clinton can win the first 2016 presidential debate

Clinton's political life is on the line as she squares off with Trump.

iPhone selfie tricks: The only tips you need for the perfect selfie with your iPhone

Here are some tips to take your iPhone selfies to the next level.

'Will & Grace' cast reunite for mysterious project — watch teaser

The stars teased their reunion all weekend.

These 2016 election apps could help revolutionize American politics

Inside the world of "civic tech," Mic explores apps that aim to change the American political system.

"All Lives Matter" concert featuring Fantasia postponed as Charlotte protests continue

While Fantasia kept saying "all lives matter," Anthony Hamilton distanced himself from the phrase.

What is Pope Francis' stance on LGBTQ rights and marriage equality?

Here's a brief history of Pope Francis' mixed messages on LGBTQ rights.

Donald Trump's Atlantic City casino bankruptcies: 5 quick facts you need to know

Donald Trump's Atlantic City casinos were riddled with financial trouble and bankruptcies.

Has Donald Trump ever filed for bankruptcy? Here are the facts.

Donald Trump, the man, has never entered bankruptcy. But his companies have gone bankrupt — several times.

'Fear The Walking Dead' is making all the same mistakes as 'The Walking Dead'

The show best fix itself in the finale.

President Obama to host Leonardo DeCaprio, 'Stranger Things' kids at the SXSL festival

Leonardo DiCaprio will discuss his new documentary 'Before the Flood' and the kids will appear during the student film portion.

Hillary Clinton and Whitewater: 5 facts to know about candidate's real estate controversy

The Whitewater controversy dates back four decades.

A comprehensive guide to debating as a woman

Or, how to thrive in a world chock-full of sexist double standards.

What time is the presidential debate? Here's when to tune in to see candidates face off.

Here's when to tune in to the first presidential debate of 2016.

'Big Brother: Over the Top' cast announced — and the new season looks bargain-basement

The new houseguests are a remarkably literal version of typecasting.

New research suggests Earth is currently the warmest it's been in over 100,000 years

And we're on track to reach our hottest temperature in 2 million years.

Terrence Sterling is an unarmed police shooting victim DC activists haven't forgotten

The Sept. 11 shooting happened a week before incidents in Ohio, Oklahoma and North Carolina became national news.

Pakistani police may have murdered nearly 2,000 people in extrajudicial killings

They've subjected suspects to torture, sleep deprivation, beatings and sexual violence.

Drake's 'Please Forgive Me' is just like his new music: safe, predictable and expensive

Drake just can't seem to pull off a heist quite like Rihanna.

Is Disney buying Twitter? Either way, $DIS is plummeting like Mufasa

Bloomberg just dropped a huge scoop about Disney considering a bid for Twitter.

Kid Cudi's 'Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin'' tracklist features André 3000 and Willow Smith

Kid Cudi is gearing up for a major comeback ... hopefully.

Gucci Mane set to star in 'The Trap' alongside Al Pacino and publish a book

La Flare just continues to tack on new business ventures for himself post-prison.