Katy Perry proves you can vote any way but naked in new Funny or Die sketch

Yes, please go to the polls. But make sure you have clothes, too.

Hillary Clinton won the first presidential debate, and it wasn't even close

Clinton emerges with a win from Hofstra.

‘Stranger Things’ star Gaten Matarazzo opens up about living with rare genetic disability

"I feel like putting it into the show is really raising awareness for it."

Who won the presidential debate? Twitter weighs in on the Trump vs. Clinton showdown.

Many people thought Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in the first presidential debate.

Pepe the Frog meme is now on the ADL's hate symbol database. Feels bad, man.

Once, all he had to say was "Feels good, man." Now he's a virulent racist.

Here's why you should study abroad now more than ever

Step out of your bubble.

Howard Dean suggests Donald Trump used cocaine before debate

"Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?" Dean tweeted during the debate.

Donald Trump’s fat-shaming at the debate is pissing off feminists and the alt-right alike

Donald Trump accomplished the impossible: He got feminists and the alt-right to agree.

2016 presidential polls: In wake of debate, Trump and Clinton locked in tight race

It'll be a few days before we know what effect the debate had, but for now, polls show a dead heat.

iPhone 8’s biggest rumored feature was just revealed — by a Chinese competitor

This technology would definitely be useful.

Why does Donald Trump hate Rosie O'Donnell so much?

A look back at the origins of the Trump-O'Donnell feud.

When is the next presidential debate? Here's the remaining schedule for the 2016 election

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will meet again in early October.

Donald Trump says Miss Universe Alicia Machado "gained a massive amount of weight"

Donald Trump seemed to double down on his criticisms of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

Trump lost the presidential debate, and the votes of makeup lovers everywhere

His contouring was unimpressive, to say the least.

Here's what it's like to be interrupted 28 times in a presidential debate

Donald Trump just couldn't help interrupting — and interrupting, and interrupting.

Was Donald Trump's father a racist? Here's what we know about his housing policies

Donald Trump's father made his fortune renting apartments — specifically to whites.

Donald Trump's worst enemy at the debate wasn't Hillary Clinton — it was the split screen

Here's how it tripped up the GOP nominee.

Presidential debate full transcript: Here's where to find Monday's full remarks

Here are early full transcripts of the debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Who is Alicia Machado? Here's the woman who Trump called "Miss Piggy"

"One of the worst things he said was about a woman in a beauty contest," Hillary Clinton said, referring to Alicia Machado.

Donald Trump's sexism was the most revealing part of the first presidential debate

The GOP nominee proved Hillary Clinton's point about his sexist treatment of women in the first debate.

Home Depot Canada pulls highly realistic "Scary Peeper Creeper" Halloween decoration

"Scary Peeper Creeper" looks unnervingly like a real stalker.

7 brands that follow their body-positive promises — and 2 that don’t

Here are a few brands dedicated to creating fashionable clothing for women of all shapes and sizes.

Trolls from the darkest corner of the internet are rigging online polls in Trump's favor

If you see an online poll declaring Trump the winner of Monday night's presidential debate, don't be duped.

Here’s how Democrats reacted to Trump vs. Clinton in first presidential debate

Hillary Clinton's supporters were not pleased with how Donald Trump challenged the Democratic nominee.

Who's moderating the next presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz will moderate the town hall style debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

DC police release Terrence Sterling body cam video, after BLM activists stage protests

The name of the officer involved in the shooting, Brian Trainer, has also been released.

Trump blamed his sniffling on a defective mic. We asked experts if that's valid.

The sniffles heard 'round the world.

Here are some scary similarities between the U.S. election and Brexit vote

Brexit caught the U.K. off guard. Could the same thing happen with Trump?

Serena Williams just addressed the policing controversy in a powerful Facebook post

"I then wondered than have I spoken up? I had to take a look at me."

Why you should be eating an Icelandic breakfast

It might just be the secret to a healthy life.

Here's how much an iPhone 7 really costs Apple to make

The price you pay for an iPhone 7 is almost three times the cost to make it.

Awesome 25-year-old woman may have just found a way to fight drug-resistant bacteria

Could this be the end of antibiotics?

American Muslims despise Donald Trump — but they aren't happy with Hillary Clinton, either

There are more to Muslims than just national security.

Want to reduce crime in America? Try giving kids better food.

It's a lot cheaper to provide healthful food to children than to put someone through the incarceration system.

Donald Trump just patronized Hillary Clinton in a transparently sexist way

Donald Trump patronized Hillary Clinton in a sexist way within the first 10 minutes of the debate.

Donald Trump suggests DNC hacker could be person that 'weighs 400 pounds'

Trump's theory on who possibly hacked the DNC is interesting, to say the least.

Here’s why Donald Trump is wrong about the number of shootings in Chicago and NYC in 2016

Donald Trump again cited crime statistics out of context to make a case for an unconstitutional policing tactic.

Donald Trump had a rocky first debate at Hofstra — but it's far too soon to count him out

Trump and Clinton will spar again in two more debates next month.

Fox News' Brit Hume called Hillary Clinton "not necessarily attractive" after debate ended

His comments were not necessarily relevant.

What was Hillary Clinton's comment about the "basket of deplorables?" Here's what she said

The Trump campaign has sought to make political hay out of Clinton's comments.

Here's where the race between Clinton and Trump stands after their first debate

Instant polls show Hillary Clinton won the first debate, which could give her a boost in support, analysts say.

Jet black iPhone 7 not available or sold out? Here's why you can't get your hands on it

Our recommendation? Try the matte black iPhone 7 or 7 Plus instead.

Right-wing gala honors officers charged in Freddie Gray's death with standing ovation

The officers involved in the 2015 death of Baltimore man were saluted as heroes by a conservative media watchdog.

Donald Trump just doubled down on his sexist Rosie O'Donnell insults

"I think everybody would agree that she deserves it..."

Here’s what Donald Trump has said about nuclear weapons

Trump's potential stewardship of the nuclear codes alarms many Democrats.

Denzel Washington and Viola Davis shine in the first, intense trailer for ‘Fences’

This is shaping up to be an early Oscar contender.

Here’s how Republicans reacted to Trump vs. Clinton in the first debate

Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign manager, derided Clinton for asking for fact-checking during the debate.

Here's everything to know about registering to vote in the November presidential election

Federal law requires states to increase the number of ways voters can register to cast ballots this fall.

Stephen Colbert gives the first debate to Clinton, calls out Trump's incessant sniffling

"Trump sounded like he was fighting off a cold. With cocaine."

Lester Holt is fact-checking Donald Trump, and it's more uncomfortable than we imagined

Lester Holt pressed Donald Trump on past statements in support of the Iraq War.

Clinton brought mental health into the police reform debate, and it can't be ignored

If we want to address police violence, we have to start talking about this.

Rudy Giuliani called Hillary Clinton "stupid" for not knowing about Monica Lewinsky

The former New York City mayor said Clinton is "too stupid to be president."

Trump didn't mention Bill Clinton's sex scandals during the debate because of Chelsea

Donald Trump hasn't always thought Bill Clinton's sex scandals were relevant.

Police can't use Twitter to predict hate crimes — but that could change soon

We're about to find out if tweets can be used to predict actual hate crimes.

NYPD Officer Wayne Isaacs charged with second-degree murder in shooting of Delrawn Small

The officer's indictment marks the first time the New York state attorney general has charged a police-civilian shooting case.

Gigi Hadid offers powerful statement after attack making it clear she’s no victim

The model hopes her reflexes can empower others to fight off attackers.

Will Donald Trump boycott the next debate?

Trump is one debate down — but how many more to go?

This is why Donald Trump won't release his taxes, according to Hillary Clinton

Charges flew in the first general election debate.

Donald Trump admits the real reason he gave up on birtherism

Spoiler: It's not because he was holding out for more evidence.

Houston mall shooter carried Nazi emblems, authorities say

However, police say they are still not sure whether the shooting was explicitly ideologically motivated.

"Registrarse para votar" was a top search query during Monday's presidential debate

Monday night's debate seemed to inspire a sense of civic duty in many Spanish-speaking citizens.

Your paychecks will soon arrive faster, thanks to an ACH upgrade

Boss sometimes pays you late? They just lost their main excuse.

Tyson recalls 132,520 pounds of chicken nuggets for potential contamination

The chicken nuggets were recalled for potentially containing plastic pieces.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both say they will accept the outcome of the election

Neither candidate plans to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the result.

Dunkin' Donuts announced plans to get rid of foam cups 6 years ago, and yet...

You know it's time to change when McDonald's is doing better than you.

Adele's '25' goes diamond in a single year, putting it in the company of pop's greatest

Adele's 25 is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Zomba Prison Project doc aims to share the words of Malawi's most vulnerable and voiceless

Recorded in Zomba, Malawi the Zomba Prison Project seeks to bring voices at risk of erasure into humanity's musical conversation.

Watch Donald Trump's flailing debate defense of his inaccurate Iraq War opposition

The record shows that Donald Trump initially supported the Iraq war. He disagrees.