A woman in London was run over by a moped for ignoring a man's catcall

"I didn't swear, I wasn't abusive, but he ran me over in broad daylight."

Astrology is bullsh*t. NASA's scathing takedown perfectly explains why.

NASA's epic Tumblr post is a scorching mic drop.

Juanita Broaddrick, who accused Bill Clinton of rape, fires back at Chelsea Clinton

Broaddrick was responding to Chelsea Clinton's new 'Cosmo' interview.

Alicia Machado "porn star" rumors are conservatives' latest smear tactic against her

Here's how they're trying to detract attention from Donald Trump's fat shaming.

Alfred Olango shooting: El Cajon police kill man with reported disabilities

Peaceful protests over the shooting began on Tuesday evening, with police responding with dogs and riot gear.

Bon Iver doesn't want to explain '22, A Million,' but he doesn't need to. It's beautiful.

Justin Vernon's latest record offers a crude sketch of one man's attempt to find solace in an increasingly chaotic present.

Hackers just made history with the biggest attack of its kind

Analog never sounded so sweet.

Think your awkward #TinderFail goes unnoticed? Bartenders recount tales of date tragedies

"People want to love and be loved in return, people are fearful, anxious, insecure and very vulnerable.

MacBook Pro rumors: Here's what to expect from Apple's next laptop

The next generation of MacBook Pros is widely expected to arrive before the end of 2016.

"PharmaBro" Martin Shkreli is auctioning off a chance to hit him in the face

"PharmaBro" Shkreli says he is serious about finding someone to punch him.

Your must-read guide to preparing for a job interview — helpful tips, tricks and more

Be ready for these common interview questions.

Donald Trump asks those who aren't "Christian conservatives" to raise their hands at rally

The eyebrow-raising moment came at an Iowa campaign event.

Former Miss Australia says "controlling" Donald Trump body shamed her too

Another beauty pageant contestant is opening up about Trump's ugly talk.

iPhone 8 leak: An Apple employee just revealed major details about the rumored 2017 device

The iPhone 8 won't be called the "iPhone 7s," apparently.

Nearly 40% of Donald Trump supporters say minorities have "too much" influence in US

Believing men and whites have "too little" influence in American society is a key indicator of Donald Trump's support.

Jesse Williams nails the importance of voting in the 2016 election in powerful PSA

"Democracy is not a sham. It's a job. It's our job. And it took too goddamn long to get it to just let it slide."

Tropical Storm Matthew 2016: Possible hurricane headed for Caribbean, US East Coast

While Tropical Storm Matthew is expected to turn into a hurricane by Friday, it is not yet clear whether it will hit the U.S.

There's going to be a rare "black moon" on Friday night

Sorry, this is a lunar phenomenon you just can't see.

Watch 9-year-old Zianna Oliphant plead with Charlotte City Council to end police violence

"It’s a shame that our fathers and mothers are killed and we can’t even see them anymore."

The Senate just hit Obama with his first-ever veto override

The law will allow 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia, accused of playing a role in the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Millennials are saving for retirement — but only half as much as they need

How much should you save for retirement? Twice as much as you thought.

'Speechless,' fall's best new network show, proves inclusivity can be hilarious

'Speechless' is far cleverer than you'd expect.

Texas university's class on Beyoncé's 'Lemonade' will explore black feminism in the US

"Black Women, Beyoncé & Popular Culture" will study race, gender and class in pop culture.

Anheuser-Busch InBev merges with SAB Miller, to now make a third of the world's beer

But don't worry, your cheap beer will probably stay cheap.

Americans are split on whether transgender people should use the bathroom they want

Americans are really split as to which bathroom trans people should use.

El Cajon police shooting update: latest news on the death of Alfred Olango

El Cajon police shot and killed Alfred Olango, an unarmed black man with a mental disability, on Tuesday.

It turns out 92% of people on Earth are breathing polluted air, WHO finds

Almost everyone on Earth is breathing bad air.

Derrick Rose's lawyers plan to slut shame the woman who accused him of rape

In new court filings, the NBA player's defense team cryptically threatens Jane Doe, despite the judge's order.

Probe finds Russian missile brought down Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine in 2014

All 298 passengers were killed during the 2014 crash.

After Alfred Olango, some say it’s time to bring mental health into the policing debate

"I would like for them to talk to me like a person and realize that my disability doesn't make me a threat."

WSJ “expert” thinks women in tech can solve sexism by pretending to be men

The author suggests that women "create an online presence that obscures their gender."

Donald Trump's net worth plunged 18% over the past year, new calculations show

'Forbes' magazine says the GOP nominee's fortune has taken a hit over the course of his presidential bid.

Solange Knowles' drops 'A Seat at the Table' digital book celebrating black beauty

The Knowles sisters are making 2016 the year of black female power in music.

Colin Kaepernick calls Trump, Clinton "proven liars," puts twist on Trump's slogan

Kaepernick suggested that while he may be with her, he isn't happy about it. But he saved his harshest words for Trump.

The Weeknd destroys his former image, career and reputation in new "Starboy" music video

The Weeknd literally kills the old him in this haunting new video.

Spend less, party more: How to save on your social life and still have fun

Free food, cheap drinks, concerts, museums and more.

New report finds police officers abuse databases to look up women, neighbors, celebrities

"It's personal. It's your address. It's all your information, it's your Social Security number, it's everything about you."

‘The Lion King’ is the latest Disney film to get a live-action remake

The circle of life has made it's way back around to a Disney live-action remake of 'The Lion King.'

'Special Relationship' podcast: What did the first presidential debate teach us?

How will Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump recalibrate for their upcoming showdowns?

'Fantastic Beasts' trailer: Wizarding world in the US comes to life in latest movie teaser

And yes, there are more beasts looking fantastic.

Biases and low promotion rates keep women from becoming CEOs, McKinsey study finds

Millennial women still face many of the same workplace challenges their mothers did.

What does "healthy" mean? The FDA has no clue, so it's asking consumers to weigh in

As it stands, the word means different things to different people.

Danielle Brooks of 'OITNB' calls out the beauty pressures curvy women of color face

She said it's often acceptable to be plus size if you're curvy in all the "right" places.

Yes, Donald Trump is breaking historical precedent by not releasing his tax returns

Donald Trump has broken modern political tradition.

Joe Biden is making a cameo on 'Law & Order: SVU' to talk about rape kit backlogs

Biden has teamed up with 'SVU' actress Mariska Hargitay before to advocate for sexual assault victims.

California governor killed a bill that would protect the right to be visited in jail

Across the country, visitation is disappearing.

Amy Schumer is Intel Security's "most dangerous celebrity"

Searches for Amy Schumer are the most likely celeb to lead you to a malicious website

Here's what the world is missing in its tributes to Shimon Peres

The late Israeli statesman's legacy? It's complicated.

A complete list of Oscar best picture nominees on Hulu

'The Silence of the Lambs' is the only best picture winner on the platform.

Erupting volcano in Indonesia trapped hundreds of tourists, over 250 still unaccounted for

The volcano erupted without warning, initially trapping hundreds.

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf loses over $41 million amid scam inquiry

Unfortunately, Stumpf still stands to walk away from Wells Fargo with tens of millions of dollars in riches.

Shimon Peres, former Israeli prime minister and president, dies at 93

Peres cultivated a reputation as a peacemaker in his later years, though much of his career was mired in controversy.