"I'm the law today n*gga": Officer Melissa Adamson is out of 2 jobs after racist snapchat

Let's hope her next employer doesn't have Google.

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iPhone 7 exploding? Customer posts scorched Apple device that allegedly blew up in the box

According to an image posted to Reddit on Wednesday, a matte black iPhone 7 exploded en route from the factory, the user wrote.

'Survivor' season 33, episode 2 recap: Fiji gets hot — figuratively and literally

Episode two of Survivor's 33rd season gets hot — both literally and figuratively.

ETSU student who wore gorilla mask to Black Lives Matter protest arrested, charged

18-year-old Tristan John Rettke has been charged with civil rights intimidation, according to WJHL.

When "prankster" Vitalii Sediuk attacks Kim Kardashian West, it's not funny — it's assault

On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian West was assaulted outside a restaurant in Paris.

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Trevor Noah reminds 'Daily Show' viewers of the time Donald Trump defended statutory rape

In an interview with Don Imus, Donald Trump tried to justify sex between a 23-year-old and a 14-year-old.

Activist Quanell X schools white Fox host for criticizing girl who kneeled during pledge

History will vindicate people who take a knee during the anthem, Quanell X said.

Hoboken, New Jersey, train crash: Multiple injuries reported, at least 1 dead

The NJ Transit train crashed into the Hoboken station.

Donald Trump reportedly violated the Cuban embargo. Here's why that could sink him.

The news could do real damage to Trump's hopes in Florida.

Donald Trump allegedly told golf club managers to fire women who weren't "pretty enough"

Many claim Trump has history of playing "hot or not" with his employees.

Hoboken train crash photos: Social media images show aftermath of New Jersey accident

More than 100 people were injured when a commuter train crashed in New Jersey.

Tim Burton's film 'Miss Peregrine' is not very diverse, and here's his weird justification

"I grew up watching blaxploitation movies," the director said.

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The Weeknd drops "False Alarm" from upcoming album 'Starboy' — listen here

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Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars. "Good luck," say critics.

"It'll be, like, really fun to go," Musk said during the unveiling of SpaceX's new rocket.

California just ended the statute of limitations on rape cases. Here's why that matters.

The Justice for Victims Act was signed into law on Wednesday.

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At her Fenty x Puma show, Rihanna let us know she doesn't care about gender norms

She dressed her male models in pearls, pinks, purples and platform shoes.

13 powerful photos show the Alfred Olango police shooting protests happening in El Cajon

Black lives matter. Alfred Olongo's life matter.

'The Late Show' bandleader Jon Batiste has an important, star-studded PSA for white people

"Here in America it can be difficult to talk about race. There are a number of reasons why, but mostly, it's slavery."

North Carolina gun rights group raffles off AR-15 rifle and photo of Hillary Clinton

The raffle comes after GOP nominee Donald Trump has appeared to incite violence against Clinton.

The feminist bookstore featured in 'Portlandia' writes a "fuck you" message to the show

The In Other Words bookstore staff said the show has had a "net negative effect" on the entire city.

Samantha Bee blasts Donald Trump's sexism and debate prep on 'Full Frontal'

On Monday, football took a backseat to "watching American democracy play Russian roulette" with the debate.

'Black-ish' season 3, episode 2 recap: Zoey questions her belief in a "God"-filled episode

'Black-ish' gets deep in its primary plot, but the rest of the episode feels lightweight.

El Cajon shooting: Authorities say Alfred Olango pointed “vaping device” at officers

Police say Olango didn't comply with officers' commands.

John Legend expertly sums up the U.S.'s problem with mental health and mass incarceration

"I’ve seen personally what drugs and depression can do to your family because I had that issue with my mother."

The 15 cheapest Kardashian/Jenner-approved beauty products — and the 2 most expensive

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Obama defends decision not to say "radical Islamic terrorism" during CNN Town Hall

Obama said there's "no religious rationale" that could justify the actions of terrorist groups like ISIS.

Woman learns her Syrian refugee neighbor is a master tailor after saving her wedding dress

"We’re so lucky that happened to us, and so grateful."

'Wonder Woman' writer Greg Rucka says, yeah, she's queer

She's here. She's queer. We're into it.

Galaxy S8 rumors: Leak reveals possible specs for Samsung's next device

Could this be Samsung's secret weapon?

'Pitch' is an intersectional hit. But it's not a home run yet.

The show is doing a lot right — but the execution needs work.

At BLM protests, activists were being watched by undercover NYPD officers: report

Police have photos and audio recording of New York City protesters who recently marched against brutality.

iPhone 8 rumors, specs and design: 2017 iPhone may look entirely different

A glass iPhone sounds gorgeous.

'Adventure Time' will end in 2018 — Here's what's left of the beloved animated series

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Gary Johnson fails to name a single foreign leader he respects

The Libertarian Party nominee admitted that he was having another "Aleppo moment."

T.I. explains his 'Us or Else' EP and how Black Lives Matter affects every American life

"This nation of ours is supposed to stand for something greater, and right now it's sucking pretty bad."

iPhone 7 Plus camera specs: How to access every game-changing new feature

Take advantage of the zoom.

Kesha defends Alicia Machado, slams Donald Trump on "racist, misogynist verbal diarrhea"

The embattled pop star threw her support behind Trump's latest victim.

Mary J. Blige on Hillary Clinton singing interview: "I'm a singer before I'm a journalist"

The R&B hitmaker will no longer be singing to any future guests, however.

Fewer Americans support the death penalty than at any point in more than 40 years

Are the major-party candidates out of step with the voters?

Everything you need to know about HBO's 'Westworld' ahead of Sunday's premiere

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Sudan used deadly chemical weapons on civilians in Darfur, Amnesty International reports

"The effects of these chemicals on the human body are gruesome and frequently fatal."

Who plays Donald Trump on 'SNL'? Here's a preview of the show's election coverage.

If you weren't excited enough for 'SNL's return, Alec Baldwin will be playing Donald Trump.

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