Protesters stake out Brock Turner's Ohio home, await his arrival

Armed protesters have gathered outside Brock Turner's Ohio home.

Very smart child is finding his classes at Cornell "kind of easy," thankyouverymuch

Jeremy Shuler, 12, is breezing through his Ivy League coursework and excited for more.

Despite her problematic history, Mother Teresa has been granted Catholic sainthood

Mother Teresa's sainthood is new, but her contested legacy is not.

Police officer, family members arrested in suspected honor killing of Samia Shahid

A police officer is suspected of colluding with Samia Shahid's family in her honor killing.

The Dakota Access company just used dogs and pepper spray against indigenous activists

The ongoing protests against the crude oil pipeline have taken a violent turn.

Italian #FertilityDay campaign asks women to hurry up and get pregnant, sparks outrage

Italy asks women to do their civic duty and get pregnant while they're still young and fertile.

Florida man uses own mugshot in Facebook profile, assists authorities in his arrest

Amateur hour: Fugitive Mack Yearwood made a wanted poster of his own face his profile picture.

Leslie Jones returns to Twitter to talk about how much she loves 'Golden Girls'

"These bitches make me laugh no matter what the hell is going on, for real.”