Sexual assault survivor's gut-wrenching photo series gives "middle finger" to Brock Turner

"The photos are asking you to put yourself in their shoes."

Anonymous activist who helped expose Steubenville rape pleads not guilty to hacking

Hactivist Deric Lostutter faces up to 16 years in prison for his role in exposing a rape at the high school in Steubenville, Ohio.

5 ways to get every last drop out of your final days of summer

August may be over, but summer sure isn't.

Canadian judge told alleged rape victim "sex and pain sometimes go together"

Robin Camp relied on rape myths while trying a sexual assault case and could now be removed.

Donald Trump doesn't "know why" black people are offended by racist birther theory

Donald Trump doesn't see what's so racist about claiming a black president is a usurping foreigner.

Zendaya says she was refused service at a store because of her skin color

"She was like, 'you can't afford this' is how she looked at me."

While Apple celebrated the iPhone 7, Amnesty reminded us of the true cost of our gadgets

Amnesty International's tweet is a reminder that the consequences of child slavery are all around us.

Kanye West's Yeezy Season 4 fashion show was a celebration of black beauty

It all went down in a park on Roosevelt Island.

These world-wandering women will inspire you to blaze your own trail

"Solo travel changes you in the best possible way."

Elizabeth Gilbert says she's in love with her dying best friend in a heartbreaking post

The "Eat, Pray, Love" author shared this moving post on her Facebook page.

Apple Event livestream 2016: Watch Sept. 7 iPhone release live online

You don't want to miss it.

President Obama nominates first-ever Muslim federal judge

Abid Qureshi is the only Muslim to ever be nominated for a federal judgeship, says civil rights group Muslim Advocates.

Apple just announced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Here are all the new features.

How long will the 2016 Apple keynote last? Start time and expected schedule

When does the Apple Event start, and how long will it last?

The House just passed an act giving sexual assault survivors a bill of rights

The bill would guarantee every victim's right to a rape kit and ensure the rape kit isn't destroyed.

Ashley Nell Tipton of 'Project Runway' debuts her plus-size fashion line at JCPenney

And she kicked it off with a size-inclusive fashion show in New York City.

iPhone 7 sizes and storage: Here are the specs you need to know before you buy

RIP "storage almost full" message.

Air China is telling travelers to avoid London's Indian, Pakistani and black neighborhoods

The airline's inflight magazine has some fully racist thoughts on how tourists should spend their time.

Here's how to preorder an iPhone 7 ahead of its Sept. 16 release

Your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus preorder doesn't have to be stressful.

'Pokémon Go' is coming to the Apple Watch 2 — Here's what that looks like

It even tracks your footsteps.

Here are the new iPhone 7 colors to choose from — and what people are saying about them

The color of your iPhone 7 can make or break you.

Darren Seals, Ferguson activist, found shot to death in burning car

Darren Seals was active during the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, following Michael Brown's death.

This multicolored wedding dress has the internet freaking out — but it's nothing new

Artist Taylor Ann DIY airbrushed the bottom of her gown.

Your favorite ice cream flavors could go extinct in your lifetime

Half-baked, anything coffee-flavored and others could be off shelves by 2050...

Costa Rica has been powered by renewable energy for 76 days. Could the US pull that off?

Costa Rica didn't use fossil fuels for electricity for two months.

iPhone 7 specs: Here are the features we're most excited about

There are some big changes.

Women in movies are more likely to be nude and less likely to speak, study says

Apparently actresses should be seen and not heard.

Why Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton should beware the "October Surprise"

Late-stage events could transform the 2016 presidential race.

2016 Apple keynote event: Here are all the products we're dying to see

Will we get something as awkward and majestic a Bono and Tim Cook touching fingers

Americans think Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the worst nominees in modern history

Trump and Clinton earn a dubious distinction.

This might be the first official image of the iPhone 7

The 3.5-millimeter headphone jack appears to be gone.

Construction halted on the Dakota Access oil pipeline after massive protests

A restraining order will keep construction of the major pipeline at bay until Friday.

Here are the latest storage specs for the iPhone 7

Here's what you need to know about storage and the iPhone 7.

How to download iOS 10 — and the coolest features you need to know about

Your texts will be changed forever, thanks to iOS 10.

Apple just spoiled the iPhone 7 Plus on Twitter before Tim Cook unveiled it

Was this a mistake or just a well timed teaser?

Newt Gingrich begins coughing while spreading rumors about Clinton's coughing

"This coughing stuff, I hope she's alright," Gingrich said, mere moments before beginning to cough himself.

After Frank Ocean's comeback, 15 black men share reflections on being a #FreeBlackMan

What will it take to get rid of toxic masculinity?

Amazon’s premature iPhone 7 excitement may confirm the loss of the headphone jack

The webpage is littered with cases.

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory doubles down on transphobia in fearmongering campaign ad

There's no evidence to support McCrory's claims — and the ad could further complicate his tough re-election bid.

Nintendo is coming to iPhones, Apple announces

Mario is coming to iOS.

James Corden's Carpool Karaoke with Tim Cook, Pharrell opens the 2016 Apple Keynote

The sketch follows news that Apple is buying Carpool Karaoke and will be distributing worldwide via Apple Music.

Many Americans are giving up on the idea that they'll ever get to retire

Is retirement still part of the American Dream?

Trevor Noah mocks Donald Trump’s church visit to woo black voters

Trevor Noah appropriately used a "Orange Tries to Woo Black" chyron for the segment.

From Chanel to Westwood, 5 times fashion week was about making a political statement

Over the past few years, designers have used their shows to address feminism and police brutality.

Hillary Clinton released an ad in Spanish starring Republican Carlos Gutierrez

The ad, featuring a George W. Bush cabinet member, will air in Florida and Nevada.

Apple Watch Series 2: all the new features that might make you actually want to buy one

Is the Apple Watch Series 2 worth it?

Sia recreates her "The Greatest" video and performs "Chandelier" at the 2016 Apple Keynote

The wig-masked star recreated her video for her latest single "The Greatest," released Monday, live onstage at the event.

Lady Gaga shares "Perfect Illusion" lyrics and cover art ahead of Friday release

As if fans weren't excited enough for Friday.

Lady Gaga album rumors 2016: Here's what we know about Gaga's collaborators and new sound

Lady Gaga is working with some of her original collaborators, producers at pop's vanguard and some living legends.

New York Fashion Week fall 2016 schedule: which designers are showing and when

Here is the complete guide to NYFW's runway shows and presentations.

Startling Tasty-style video highlights America's massive hunger problem in just 30 seconds

This is what a realistic viral food video would look like to more than 48 million Americans.

Texas recently changed its voter ID laws to curb voter suppression — here's what to know

If you're voting in Texas, don't show up to the polls without one of these forms of documentation.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein charged with vandalizing pipeline equipment

For her part, Stein seems pretty proud of her decision to spray-paint DAPL construction equipment in North Dakota.

Dabney Montgomery and Joe Kellwood, 2 remarkable World War II veterans, have died

We lost a Tuskegee Airman and a Navajo code talker this week.

Here's how to watch the first episode of Donald Glover's FX series 'Atlanta' for free

If the reviews are any indication, this is a new series you can't miss.

Apple announced the iPhone 7 — here's what you should know about the screen

The iPhone 7 screen is better and brighter.

iPhone 7 features: Here's your essential guide to Apple's latest release

Here's what you'll find in the new iPhone 7.

Hedge fund maven Bill Ackman buys a tenth of Chipotle to help turn the company around

One of the biggest names on Wall Street thinks he can help save Chipotle.