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Here's when Trump and Clinton will face off.

Scientists reveal the 5-second rule to be one hunk of crap

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JK Rowling has revealed that Remus Lupin's werewolf affliction was a metaphor for HIV

The 'Harry Potter' author said she wanted to explore the attitudes around stigmatized illnesses.

A Chinese billionaire may have hidden 6% of the world's aluminum in the Mexican desert

It was enough metal to make 77 billion beer cans.

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Wiz Khalifa slut-shamed Amber Rose, the queen of clapbacks — and she's not having it

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Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' is finally on Spotify, so all may bask in its exsistential glory

Drop everything you're doing, open Spotify and type in 'Blonde.' You're welcome.

At NYFW, R13 declared war on Donald Trump with a delightfully NSFW dress

New York Fashion Week is getting political.

Apple is committed to diversity, but it fails on the biggest stage in tech

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The co-founder of Facebook is spending $20 million to beat Trump

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Hackers have a new way to steal sensitive information from your Apple computer

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Here's what Barbie dolls do to our body image, according to science

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'Luke Cage' cast: Here’s who will be joining the superhero in Harlem

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Unsung style icon: Blac Chyna, pioneer of bodycon dresses, sweatpants and colorful wigs

She's the rebellious, daring style icon we need.

Desiigner reportedly arrested in NYC for drugs, weapons following a "road rage incident"

Police reportedly found pills and a loaded weapon in Desiigner's vehicle.

'Gears of War 4' release date, controller, trailer, demo and more

The limited edition controller looks pretty sick.

University of Oregon just voted to strip the name of a KKK leader from a dorm

The school will rename Dunn Hall, a campus dorm carrying the legacy of KKK leader Frederic Dunn.

Native Americans' battle against the Dakota Access Pipeline is part of a much bigger war

The #NoDAPL protests come after a year of similar disputes between Native Americans and peddlers of environmental catastrophe.

America's obsession with protein is just another silly health fad

It's basically the "Cabbage Soup Diet" of our time.

Inside the battle for marijuana legalization in 2016

Nine states have marijuana legalization on the ballot this November — here's where they stand.

Dozens of people rescued from cable cars dangling nearly 12,000 feet over the Alps

The cable cars were carrying around 110 passengers when they got stuck over Mont Blanc.

On Friday, the hajj pilgrimage begins. Here are 7 facts to keep you in the know.

Here are 7 interesting facts you need to know about the hajj pilgrimage.

How American restaurants fail to accommodate blind diners

Braille menus are often difficult to produce, and that's only half the battle.

San Antonio mattress store owner apologizes for 9/11 ad where "Twin Towers" fall down

Owner Mike Bonanno said the video is an "affront to the men and women who lost their lives on 9/11."

Trump is a hell of a problem for the religious right. They're just glad he's not Clinton.

He's not the conservative central casting candidate ... but he's the only show in town.

Young Thug's wedding will be a big f*ck you to traditional gender norms

He says there will be two brides.

Despite its intentions, 'The Night Of' has a serious representation problem

The show has positioned itself as a nuanced story on the Pakistani-American experience. Here's where it went wrong.

Denver Broncos' Brandon Marshall kneels during national anthem in 1st regular-season game

Marshall was once teammates with Colin Kaepernick.

Train derails in Galicia, Spain, leaving at least 4 dead and dozens injured

The derailed train was traveling from Vigo, Spain, to Porto, Portugal.

Lady Gaga's long-awaited "Perfect Illusion" is here — and it's absolutely epic.

Now that "Perfect Illusion" is out in the world, the race toward Lady Gaga's fifth album is officially on.

Will Seattle Seahawks players join Colin Kaepernick’s protest? Here's what we know

It looks like the Seahawks' entire team is on board with the movement Kaepernick started.

San Francisco 49ers to donate $1 million to two local groups that "help bridge the gap"

Jed York hopes the donation will "create better collaboration between law enforcement and local communities."

This nostalgic 'Star Trek' supercut celebrates 50 years of traveling the universe

Legally, they can't show TV scenes, but it's still cool!

North Korea suspected of testing its fifth nuclear bomb after earthquake near test area

A news agency said the quake was "artificial."

M.I.A. explains why the refugee crisis shouldn't be nearly as controversial as it is

"These immigrants and refugees are a faceless concept used to make people scared."

Lady Gaga's new album collaborators revealed. Expect a lot more rock 'n' roll.

Gaga's next album may have quite a bit of rock.

The DOJ just issued an order to halt construction on the Dakota Access pipeline

The order came after a federal judge denied the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's request.

"Crossing Borders": The Special Relationship podcast tackles immigration reform

Our trans-Atlantic podcast goes beyond the surface of a supercharged debate.

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'Luke Cage' spoilers and rumors: Here are the plot details we know so far

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