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West Virginia teacher suspended for anti-Muslim and racist tweets about "Obama's children"

Mary Durstein, a social studies teacher, called Muslims "the enemy."

Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, emphatically denies claims in salacious circulated report

Trump's lawyer calls the salacious report "the epitome of fake news."

Donald Trump: "Are we living in Nazi Germany?"

Donald Trump broke a cardinal rule: Never compare the United States to Nazi Germany.

Trump golden shower jokes are going viral on Twitter in wake of shocking unverified report

#GoldenShowers is going viral after an unverified dossier detailed an alleged Trump pee sex scandal.

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Salacious report claims Trump received intel on enemies, 'golden shower' show

A two-page intelligence dossier shown to Donald Trump and Barack Obama says the Russians recorded the tape in a Moscow hotel room.

A clip of Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson has been released and Twitter is horrified

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Trump Inauguration Time 2017: Here's when the presidential swearing in ceremony happens.

Donald Trump's presidential inauguration and swearing-in ceremony is set to begin at 12 p.m. EST on Jan. 20, 2017.

What happened to oldest son Matt Brown on 'Alaskan Bush People'?

Matt Brown left 'Alaskan Bush People' season five to enter rehab.

Donald Trump spars with CNN at news conference, calls it "fake news"

Donald Trump had a heated exchange with a CNN reporter at his news conference on Wednesday.

Taylor Swift's silence on President-elect Donald Trump is deafening

Why has Swift remained so silent? For the answer: Follow the money.

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Grad-school-optional, high-earning jobs.

Black activist groups plan 5 days of #ReclaimMLK actions, from MLK Day to the inauguration

The Black Lives Matter movement is gearing up to resist President-elect Donald Trump.

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5 key moments from Donald Trump’s press conference

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Donald Trump finally concedes that Russia was behind hacks, but minimizes its culpability

Donald Trump took two steps forward and one step back in admitting he believes Russia was behind the election cyberattacks.

Watch Sen. Kamala Harris grill Gen. John Kelly on protection for immigrant youth

Trump has promised to deport millions of immigrants.

Ira Madison III's Jeff Sessions tweets were politically incorrect. But the right didn't defend him.

The right's outrage over "political correctness" is mysteriously missing whenever conservatives are criticized.

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3 huge holes in the plan to "completely isolate" Donald Trump from his business

Donald Trump's plan to separate from his business doesn't really "isolate" him.

Donald Trump’s attacks on the media should have everyone terrified — here’s why

Trump's first press conference in 167 days was really something.

What time is the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017? Countdown to livestream event begins

The countdown to the Nintendo Switch presentation livestream has officially begun.

Obama's farewell address was a rallying cry to keep the fight for racial justice going

In his farewell address, the president stressed that progress requires work, and is halting.

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This is the sweet reason Sasha was not at President Barack Obama's farewell speech

To study or not to study, is that the question?

How to save messages on Snapchat — It's simple

You can do it, but the message sender will always know.

#NeverTrump Republicans laugh and sigh over Donald Trump's damning Russia report

These guys don't mind saying it: They told you so.

'Overwatch' Patch 1.7: Roadhog's new "hook 2.1" on PTR gets updated again

Roadhog's latest hook update (Hook 2.1?) is looking good as Blizzard responds to complaints after 'Overwatch' PTR patch 7.1.

If you think 'Super Mario Run' is sexist, you're missing the point of the game

'Super Mario Run' is home to some surprisingly progressive female roles that many players may have completely missed out on.

Simone Biles and Aly Raisman will appear in the 2017 'Sports Illustrated' swimsuit issue

Simone Biles and Aly Raisman just keep on winning.

The resistance to Trump will be Obama’s true legacy

The organizing strength of the Obama coalition in the coming years will be the true test of his impact on the country.

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We've got all the key dates for the 2017 Oscars.

Kellyanne Conway tells Seth Meyers #GoldenGate allegations against Trump are "not fair"

No, Kellyanne Conway did not talk about golden showers.

'Arrow' showrunner addresses the CW's Laurel Lance spoiler promo

'Arrow' co-showrunner Marc Guggenheim discusses the CW's recent promo, which contained one too many spoilers.

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Drake somehow managed to insert himself into Obama's farewell speech.

Newly discovered 52-million-year-old fossil hints one fruit is a lot older than we thought

"That moment when you look at a new fossil that no one else has ever seen... is life-changing."

This hugely popular mobile fashion game is investing big bucks in body positivity

Covet Fashion is setting a new precedent for mobile games to be as diverse as the people who play them.

Natalie Portman was paid three times less than Ashton Kutcher in 'No Strings Attached'

Natalie Portman addresses the gender pay gap in Hollywood.

Self-driving cars of 2017: The game-changing vehicles hitting the streets this year

These self-driving cars and technology will hit the streets in 2017.

Protests to continue against UCLA professor accused of sexually assaulting 2 students

Students say they'll protest Gabriel Piterberg's class again on Wednesday.

Cory Booker, Black Caucus testify against Jeff Sessions' attorney general nomination

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus spoke out against Donald Trump's attorney general nominee.

Bonnaroo 2017 Lineup: Every artist playing the Tennessee festival

Bonnaroo continues its tradition of highlighting classic rock legends alongside young talent.