Muslim Registry Under Trump: Here's where the president-elect's cabinet picks stand

Where Rex Tillerson, John Kelly and Jeff Sessions stand on a proposed Muslim registry.

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Barack Obama just surprised an emotional Joe Biden with a Presidential Medal of Freedom

Obama surprised Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction — and there was not a dry eye in the house.

Italians are cursing BuzzFeed for its abominable "boiled milk pasta" recipe

They're cursing at God and the Virgin Mary, too.

After Donald Trump tweeted to "Buy L.L.Bean," people rushed to do the exact opposite

#BoycottLLBean is now trending on Twitter.

How to play music on Snapchat with headphones

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5 surprising facts you didn't know about MLK

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Everything we know about 'Pokémon Stars' heading into Nintendo's big Switch event.

WikiLeaks used to be a champion for transparency. Now it champions Donald Trump.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had a melt down in the wake of the Trump golden shower document's release.

Twitter clapped back at James Jordan for homophobic remarks on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Some fans of the show were not happy with Jordan's comments.

Watch first lady Michelle Obama surprise her adoring fans with Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon helped Michelle Obama surprise her many fans during their heartfelt goodbyes to the first lady.

Obamacare Repeal: How Thursday morning's vote could affect your health care

Republicans take a step closer to repealing Obamacare. Replacing it is another story.

'Pokémon Go' Nest Changes: Migration 11 update confirmed by Global Nest Atlas

Here's how to track down 'Pokémon Go' nest changes after the latest migration.

Trump once funded a conservative provocateur now trying to pay for inauguration violence

The only person caught trying to pay rabble-rousing Inauguration Day protesters is conservative provocateur James O'Keefe.

Utah high school gave female students a laundry list of sexist advice for a mandatory date

"Thanks for educating our kids, Utah Department of Education. We really appreciate your evidence-based misogyny."

Russia's proposal to decriminalize domestic violence earns a sweeping parliamentary victory

36,000 women in Russia are beaten by their partners everyday.

'Black-ish' season 3, episode 12 provides a powerful response to Donald Trump win

'Black-ish' took on the election and Donald Trump in episode 12 of season three.

Takeaways from Senate confirmation hearings: The latest on Rex Tillerson and Jeff Sessions

This is Mic's daily read on Donald Trump's America. Today, the latest on Senate confirmation hearings, Trump news and more.

No, Donald Trump did not commit treason. But he could still be impeached.

"Trump could turn over the nuclear codes to Russia and it wouldn't be treason."

Sundance Film Festival 2017: Dates, lineup and more

The 2017 film season begins!

9 Havasupai Native American children are suing the US Bureau of Indian Education. Here's why.

The federal government has failed to provide an adequate education for these children, the complaint alleges.

'The Investigator: A British Crime Story' Release Time: When and where to watch on Netflix

True crime fans can watch 'The Investigator' on Netflix Jan. 13.

Ben Carson gaffes, promises he won’t do "anything that will benefit any American"

Ben Carson's confirmation hearing to become HUD secretary got awkward.

Trump supporters reportedly planted "Rape Melania" sign at anti-Trump protest

'BuzzFeed News' obtained messages between two Trump supporters who appeared to be brainstorming the idea for the sign.

Companies are making billions off your medical data — and you won't get a cent of it

Companies have a lot more of your medical details than you think.

Android Nougat Update: Galaxy S7 and S7 edge owners can finally receive new OS

But not everyone can get it at the same time.

Winter Skin Care Tips: How to get rid of dry, flaky skin once and for all

Moisturizer is your new best friend.

This pro-life group plans on crashing the Women's March on Washington

Anti-abortion activists want to be represented, even if their views may be in opposition to women's health.

Grammy Predictions 2017: Will 'Lemonade' finally win Beyoncé album of the year?

Unfortunately, you can never rule out a white man with a guitar.

British gambling company gives 50% odds of Donald Trump impeachment

Hey, it's better odds than the lottery.

What happened in the 'Colony' season 1 finale? Recap before season 2's premiere

Here's what you missed in the 'Colony' season one finale.

Even the best case scenario for Trump’s stolen Supreme Court is a progressive dystopia

The president-elect is likely to entrench conservatives' decades-long rule of the court for another generation.

7 things you didn't know about 'Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events' movie

Little-known facts about the movie 'Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events'

Senate Republicans have approved an Obamacare "repeal resolution"

The vote is just the beginning of Congressional Republicans' attempt to roll back President Barack Obama's historic legislation.

'Final Fantasy 15' January Update: Carnival passport release date and other DLC details

Your squad's about to get some incredibly festive new outfits with this 'Final Fantasy' 15 January update.

Stunning photos show 'Game of Thrones' King's Landing filming location covered in snow

'The Winds of Winter' are coming to King's Landing.

This 4-year-old got a special visit to Library of Congress because she loves books so much

Daliyah Arana is the littlest biggest fan of the Library of Congress.

'Jessica Jones' Season 2: Casting, rumors and everything we know so far

We don't know a lot about 'Jessica Jones' season two.

How Keith Ellison is energizing young Democrats like us

We know Keith Ellison will prioritize engagement with young Democrats — because we are the living proof.

'A Series of Unfortunate Events': What critics are saying about the Netflix series

Reviews for 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' are in — and it looks like you won't be disappointed.

Nintendo Switch Launch Titles: 'Beyond Good and Evil 2' release date rumors leak

'Beyond Good and Evil 2' will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, so say the rumors.

How Bruce Springsteen could cause problems for the B-Street band at Trump's Inauguration

There's a chance the Boss might be able to find justice.

Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders USA: How to make a reservation as soon as possible

Nintendo has confirmed plans to offer Switch pre-orders in the USA, but early supplies may be limited.

Ed Sheeran 'Divide' album release date, track list announced

Sheeran's third studio album will land in March.

94% of hate crimes against South Asians motivated by anti-Muslim sentiment, report says

The amount of hate crimes targeting South Asian, Arab and Muslim communities are at an all-time high since 9/11.

'Game of Thrones' season 7 rumors: Gendry actor photographed in Iceland

Will Gendry finally return to the show — and will they explain how long he was rowing for?

This makeup blogger is using makeup to raise awareness of mental illnesses

Makeup blogger Yasaman Gheidi wants to start a conversation with the Inside Out Challenge.

House Republicans pass extreme anti-regulation measures

The GOP-controlled House voted for harsh restrictions on federal regulators, citing Donald Trump's promise to "drain the swamp."

Watch sexual assault survivor Amita Swadhin testify against Jeff Sessions

Sessions defended Trump on sexual assault.

Decimal error lands teen $21,000 payday! Don't do what he did next if this happens to you

Teen gets $21,000 for free, does predictably teen things.

Hailee Steinfeld is the surprise Oscar nominee we need

Her performance in 'The Edge of Seventeen' warrants more awards attention.

'Brown Nation' is exactly the kind of sitcom about immigrants we need in Trump's America

The Indian-American show may have come out back in November, but two months later it still feels fresh and timely.

'Horizon Zero Dawn' Trailer, Story and Release Date: Video sheds light on Aloy's enemies

If the story of 'Horizon Zero Dawn' is half as good as the game is beautiful, we're in for a treat. Check out this trailer now.

Privatized prisons serve terrible meals for inmates — and now protesters will fight back

On Jan. 14, protestors will fight food giant Aramark, which has been accused of serving meals containing live maggots.

3 big numbers that show how much money an Obamacare repeal could cost millennials

If you're a millennial, repealing the ACA could really cost you.

'Kingdom Hearts' Clock: Japan gets stained-glass art installation for 'Kingdom Hearts 2.8'

Never thought we'd say this, but Donald Duck in stained glass is gorgeous. See for yourself in this 'Kingdom Hearts' clock.

Tech titan Peter Thiel, who has Trump's ear, says "no corruption" is bad and boring

Silicon Valley's most famous contrarian just out-contrarianed himself.

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks says Jeff Sessions criticism is part of "war on whites"

"They are trying to motivate the African-American vote to vote-bloc for Democrats," Brooks added.

5 of Obama's most important policy moves that flew under the radar

Obama oversaw a wealth of policy change extending far beyond his most landmark moments.

'Feud' release date: Ryan Murphy's newest series gets premiere time and a full title

The season will be called, in full, 'Feud: Bette and Joan.'

French National Front leader Marine Le Pen spotted at Trump Tower

She didn't want to talk about it.

Update on Cape Town mosque attacks: Who's behind the Islamophobic acts?

The attacks are still under investigation.

US to end "wet foot, dry foot" policy on Cuban immigration

It's likely Obama's last big action on Cuba policy.

Samantha Bee is skeptical of Trump’s golden shower rumors, still revels in it

"There are more golden shower jokes on the internet than there are golden shower videos."

James Clapper says he expressed "profound dismay" in meeting with Trump about leaks

Clapper emphasized the leaked document didn't come from within the intelligence community.

'Overwatch' Hacks and Cheats: Blizzard bans 10,000 accounts for aimbots, "nuking" exploits

Blizzard Korea laid the banhammer down, but it's really just a game of whack-a-mole when it comes to 'Overwatch' hacks and cheats.

'One Day at a Time' fills the gap 'Cristela' left, but we still need more Latino sitcoms

American television needs to represent the full scope of the American experience.

'Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove' Nintendo Switch release date and Body Swap mode confirmed

One of the best retro platformers, Shovel Knight, is coming back with way more content for Nintendo Switch.