Artist creates "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" memes to stop people from whitewashing MLK

A graphic designer is using his art to send a message on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Actor Rob Schneider whitesplains MLK to Rep. John Lewis, who marched with King

Rob Schneider emerges from the shadows of obscurity to tell John Lewis, who marched with MLK, how MLK "won" civil rights

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Martin Luther King III says he had a "constructive" conversation with Donald Trump

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the son of the legendary civil rights activist talks voting rights with Donald Trump.

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Here are the major news organizations hosting free live-streams of Donald Trump's presidential inauguration.

Loretta Lynch, the nation's first black female attorney general, bids farewell

"Many of our greatest strides, in equal rights, in human rights, have come after heartbreaking loss."

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New O.J. Simpson series names another suspect in the murder of Nicole Brown, Ron Goldman

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2016 brought us 'The Crown,' but 2017 brings us the story of the first female monarch.

"I have a dream" speech: Read the text and watch the video on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., legendary civil rights leader and American hero, would be 88 years old today.

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