The artist who made the Obama 'Hope' poster brings the resistance to a printer near you

Just in time for Donald Trump's inauguration.

Chelsea Manning to be freed in four months after Obama commutes 35-year sentence

So far, Manning has served six years of a 35-year sentence for her involvement with Wikileaks.

'Super Smash Bros.' Switch Release Date: Nintendo president confirms planned game port

It looks like Nintendo may be interested in making 'Super Smash Bros.' Switch a reality.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage wants Rep. John Lewis to thank Republicans for ending slavery

LePage said Lewis should "look at history" before criticzing the Republican president-elect.

How much weed can I carry in California? Rules, regulations and more

Now that you can safely carry marijuana in California, how much is allowed?

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When does 'The Flash' return in 2017? Everything we know about the second half of season 3

The midseason premiere of 'The Flash' is right around the corner. Here is what to expect from the second half of season 3.

Donald Trump is offering free tickets to his inauguration — and it's totally backfiring

Users pelted President-elect Donald Trump with sarcastic excuses for not attending his inauguration on Jan. 20.

'Zelda' Timeline: 'Breath of the Wild' Master Edition reveals backstory and plot details

YouTubers may have discovered how 'Breath of the Wild' fits into the 'Zelda' timeline, along with the game's backstory and plot.

Former 'Apprentice' contestant Summer Zervos has filed a defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump

Zervos has accused Trump of sexually harassing her.

Video of a dinosaur-sized alligator in Florida is going viral — and Twitter is freaking out

Lakeland Police Department captured video of the massive alligator, and folks are freaking out about "Humpback" the "dinosaur."

'The Bachelor' 2017: Who did Nick Viall send home in episode 3?

Who went home in episode 3?

Trump Inauguration Day Protests: Here are the major groups marching on DC this weekend

Here are the groups that will be standing up to Trump during the inauguration Jan. 20.

5 arguments you deserve a raise — that your boss can't ignore

Ask even if its above your merit, you may get put on installment plan to your higher salary.

Green Day's "Troubled Times" video takes aim at Donald Trump

Green Day has a new video just in time for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the inauguration.

This misandrist zebra shark had babies without a mate

Ladies, leave your men at home.

Margot Robbie looks just like Tonya Harding on set of 'I, Tonya'

Margot Robbie is unrecognizable as Tonya Harding.

How much is an eighth of weed? Price, weight, photos, size, slang and more

Everything you need to know about the eighth, the most universal constant in the world of weed.

'Diablo 3' Anniversary Event Patch 2.4.3: New features and everything else in the update

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of 'Diablo' in 'Diablo 3' during the month of January.

Inauguration Day 2017: Between boycotts and protests, is the resistance taking shape?

This is Mic's daily read on Donald Trump's America. How the inauguration is becoming a showdown between Trump and the resistance.

2017 People's Choice Livestream: How to watch the awards show

Here's how to livestream the People's Choice Awards.

How to say "We need a healer" in 'Overwatch': Tips, tricks and guide

Here's what to do if your 'Overwatch' team needs a healer.

Melania Trump will reportedly wear Hillary Clinton favorite Ralph Lauren to inauguration

Ralph Lauren has dressed both Trump and Clinton before.

Black Lives Matter launches tool that lets you mark yourself "unsafe" and black in America

The web app is BLM's twist on Facebook's safety check feature.

After a homophobic tweet, this beauty vlogger's dad came to his defense

"Not only am I proud of what he has accomplished but I'm more proud of the person he has become."

Did John Lewis attend George W. Bush's inauguration?

Rep. John Lewis did not attend George W. Bush's inauguration in 2001, per a report from the time.

'The Young Pope' confessional: What's the deal with the kangaroo?

God bless: This young pope is also a kangaroo whisperer.

'Resident Evil 7' Spoilers: Ending leaks ahead of release date to reveal character detail

The ending of the newest 'Resident Evil' game leaked online, so don't click any suspicious spoiler links from your gaming friends.

How to get golden weapons in 'Overwatch': Tips, tricks, guide and everything you need to know

Being really good at 'Overwatch' will help, but anyone can unlock those snazzy golden weapons.

NFL Playoff Odds: Here's what the experts predict for the AFC and NFC championship games

The AFC and NFC Championships are Sunday, Jan. 22 and will determine which two teams go to the Super Bowl on Feb. 5.

How to Get Coins in 'Pokémon Go': Gyms are the best free way to get money in the game

Goodies in the 'Pokemon Go' shop are only a few gym battles away. Here's how to get some coins for free.

'Pokémon Go' Update Notes: 0.53.1/1.23.1 delivers first changes to the game in 2017

The latest 'Pokémon Go' update includes some minor but useful patches for the game.

Walmart and China just sent Donald Trump a big SOS on free trade

Walmart announced 10,000 new jobs today but they could already be in trouble.

‘Sherlock' season 5 theories, rumors and everything we know so far

Don't get your hopes up, 'Sherlock' fans.

Putin says Trump didn't pay for golden shower because Trump has slept with beautiful women

Vladmir Putin defends Donald Trump and attacks President Barack Obama from allegations detailed in a controversial dossier.

5 ways Chief of Staff Reince Priebus will try to execute President Trump's agenda

The fate of Trump's agenda will depend on the chief of staff.

A Canadian company wants to start dumping its nuclear waste next to Lake Huron

People aren't protesting the plans like they did the Dakota Access pipeline — but they should be.

If MLK were alive, Donald Trump would treat him exactly how he treated John Lewis

Conservatives are comfortable praising civil-rights leaders so long as it helps them uphold the myth that racism is over.

'Super Mario Odyssey' Release Date: Why wait? You can play this terrifying 'GTA 4' mod now

Can't stand waiting for the 'Super Mario Odyssey' release date? Check out the 'GTA 4' mode instead.

Black Girls Code is using 'Hidden Figures' to inspire young girls to enter the STEM fields was built by 14 girls of color.

How to get Vaporeon in 'Pokémon Go': Name trick, IV checker and more

Vaporeon is one of the best fighters in 'Pokémon Go,' and it's also one of the easier ones to get.

Netflix's 'Santa Clarita Diet' Trailer: Another zombie series with a comedic twist

The new Netflix series looks like a fresh spin on the zombie genre.

Abortion rates hit historic lows, according to new report

Abortion rates in the United States haven't been this low since Roe v. Wade.

'Overwatch' New Update: Jeff Kaplan discusses PTR's purpose and new patch notes

Kaplan's latest 'Overwatch' developer update seems aimed at forum trolls.

Donald Trump's approval rating at a historic low, according to poll

CNN reports Trump's approval rating is 40%, the lowest pre-office approval numbers in recent years.

T.I. slams Kanye West, Steve Harvey for meeting with Donald Trump

Don't expect the King of the South to be sitting down with PEOTUS anytime soon.

Where can you smoke weed in California? Public and private spaces to light up

Weed is now legal in California, so where can you smoke it?

Inauguration Activist Winter Wear: How to stay woke and stay warm at the Women's March

Here's what you should wear to the Women's March on Washington.

Are Selena Gomez and The Weeknd dating? Here's the evidence — and Justin Bieber's response

Here's what we know so far about Selena Gomez and The Weeknd.

Oscars 2017: Will 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' be nominated for an Academy Award?

Could 'Rogue One' get nominated for a major award at the Academy Awards? It is not completely out of the question.

'Please Like Me' Season 4 Review: Australian comedy takes a devastatingly brilliant turn

The realest comedy you haven't watched yet gets even realer.

This deceased 'Game of Thrones' character may return in season 7

Add this to our wish list for 'Game of Thrones' season seven.

'Injustice 2' Release Date, Trailer and Story: Iconic superheroes clash in epic new video

Superman, Batman and more take each other on in the new trailer for 'Injustice 2'.

What is the weather forecast for the Women's March on Washington on Jan. 21?

It's going to rain on Inauguration Day. What about for the massive protests the following day?

Congressional Budget Office says repealing ACA will double premiums and leave 32 million uninsured

Repealing Obamacare could affect everyone who uses health insurance — with serious consequences.

5 things to know about Nancy Pelosi's background

The wealthy Democratic leader comes from a political family background and has a daughter in the film industry.

'Fire Emblem' Direct: What time is Nintendo's Jan. 18 'Warriors,' mobile app livestream?

Where and when to watch the 'Fire Emblem' Nintendo Direct.

Search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 officially called off

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 went missing on March 8, 2014.

Here's how Elizabeth Warren is leading the fight against Trump in Congress

The fiery Massachusetts senator is already making headlines for her aggressive resistance to Trump's agenda.

Why Emma Watson chose 'Beauty and the Beast' & its "empowering" princess over 'Cinderella'

Emma Watson shares why she said no to starring in 'Cinderella' before being cast in 'Beauty and the Beast.'

Here's what GOP state legislators are really going for with all these anti-abortion bills

"If you keep hacking at the foundation, eventually you're going to be able to tear the whole house down."

Steve Harvey finally apologized for racist joke implying Asian men are unattractive

"I offer my humblest apology for offending anyone," he tweeted on Tuesday.

'Persona 5' Trailer, Release Date in US: New gameplay video shows off dungeon mechanics

Can't stand the wait for the U.S. release of 'Persona 5'? Check out this new gameplay trailer.

Fiona Apple, composer Michael Whalen share "Tiny Hands" chant for the Women's March

"We don’t want your tiny hands/ Anywhere near our underpants."

Here's how to deseed a pomegranate without staining everything you own

The benefits and deliciousness of pomegranate arils are worth your effort.

6 athletes on how Muhammad Ali inspired them to stand up for justice

"The Greatest" would have turned 75 on Tuesday.

Here's a fool-proof oven roasted chicken recipe that you won't be able to mess up

Your guide to a fuss-free oven roasted chicken.

'Girls' Final Season: Premiere date, cast secrets, promo videos and more

Looks like the girls of 'Girls' are finally growing up.