President Trump and the Art of the D-List

Lin-Manuel Miranda will not be performing at this White House.

'Diablo 3' Necromancer Release Date: Update brings new skills and class abilities

Raise the dead with the next 'Diablo 3' playable class once the Necromancer update is released.

Jimmy Kimmel asks about the difference between Obamacare and the ACA. Nobody knows there isn't one.

"I don't support him in the Obama things that he's got going on," a woman who supports the ACA said.

Bikers for Trump inauguration rally photos are fake — and Trump fans are behind the hoax

Some of the images being shared are completely unrelated to Bikers for Trump.

'Pokémon Stars' Release Date 2017: Nintendo Switch game might not come until next year

We may not see a 'Pokémon Stars' release date until 2018 or later.

Android Nougat Features: 6 things you can do that you couldn't do before

All the sweet features hidden in the new Android 7.0 Nougat update.

4 hit Beyoncé songs that were almost sung by other artists

A look at a few hits Bey took a chance on and won big with.

Barack Obama will leave office as one of the most popular presidents in history

Barack Obama has a 60% approval rating as he leaves office, one of his highest approval ratings since he took office in 2009.

Oklahoma State University students celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day in blackface

Students wore blackface to celebrate MLK Day, but some are justifying it by claiming they're wearing face masks.

People think Lindsay Lohan converted to Islam — and conservatives are completely up in arms

The reactions coming from the "alt-right" movement are just plain disgusting.

Will Melania Trump live in the White House? Here's what we know.

She won't be hanging out in the White House— for now.

WY teacher denies DeVos claim that school has gun to protect from "potential grizzlies"

Spoiler alert: There are, on average, about three fatal bear attacks in North America each year.

Trump Impeachment Odds: Here's how people are betting on a quick White House exit

Odds that Trump will be impeached or leave the White House in 2017 at 4-1 odds, according to bookies.

Betsy DeVos has no idea what the difference between proficiency and growth is

Sen. Al Franken schools Trump education secretary nominee Betsy DeVos on the basics of education policy.

Betsy DeVos "never believed" in conversion therapy, but donated millions to organizations that do

DeVos' words and actions are certainly at odds with each other.

10 ways to make money in less than 30 minutes

Take 30 minutes and set yourself up with some extra cash this month.

Many supposed marijuana health benefits aren't what they seem, a massive new report suggests

A massive new report says weed only has three definite medical uses.

Woman tells Greek-speaking couple in grocery store to speak English, manager asks her to leave

Xenophobia was not on anyone's grocery list today.

Mike Enoch, the neo-Nazi blogger behind (((echoes))), has a Jewish wife

Unnamed leftists outed Enoch as Upper East Side tech worker Mike Peinovich this weekend.

Betsy DeVos Hearing Video: Watch education secretary pick fumble question on education

She had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Barack Obama waxes poetic about daughters in last press conference as president

We can all learn something from Sasha and Malia Obama's attitude.

How to be a police officer in 'GTA 5': The clothes and the car make the cop

Follow these steps to become a cop in 'GTA 5.'

Betsy DeVos: The woman Democrats fear will ruin public schools

This is Mic's daily read on Donald Trump's America. Today, Betsy DeVos and much more on hearings.

Impeaching Donald Trump: Here's what that really means

Trump could get impeached — but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be fired as president.

How to save 'Overwatch' highlights on PS4, Xbox One and PC

Saving highlights in 'Overwatch' isn't as hard as you think.

Obama transferred $500 million to a climate fund days before Trump is scheduled to take office

The move is aimed at protecting the Paris climate agreement from which Trump has threatened to withdraw the United States.

Janelle Monae, Maxwell to perform Women's March, giving it more star power than Trump's Inauguration

Janelle Monae is set to perform the Beyoncé-supported event.

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date: Tetsuya Nomura discusses new worlds and 'KH3' development

'Kingdom Hearts 3' is indeed a real thing, but we still don't have a release date.

Self-made millionaire Sallie Krawcheck reveals the mistake that hinders all careers

Sallie Krawcheck wants you to learn from your mistakes.

Gmail Phishing Scam: What to do if you've been duped and what steps to take next

Here's how to protect your Gmail account info from the latest phishing attack.

Is Link a girl? Not in 'Breath of the Wild,' but it might happen eventually

Can we please have the option to play as a female Link? Please? Nintendo?

Obama has 2 days to free Native American activist Leonard Peltier. Here's why his case matters.

This is probably Leonard Peltier's last chance at freedom.

'Pokémon Go' Update: Niantic themes 17 PokéStops after world issues in Davos, Switzerland

As far as we can tell, Niantic isn't actually donating any money to help with these causes. It should.

Donald Trump protesters: Lawyers say, "We've got your back"

Worried about legal troubles while protesting Trump's inauguration? The National Lawyers Guild has got you covered.

New Hampshire bill would require "corroboration" in sexual assault cases

It's also been called "the nation's first pedophile protection act."

When does 'Arrow' return in 2017? Everything we know about the second half of season 5

There will be several mysteries to solve when season 5 of 'Arrow' returns. Chief among them, who is Prometheus?

Trump Inauguration 2017: Why won’t Tiffany Trump perform her infamous "Like a Bird" Friday?

Rumors Tiffany Trump is performing the inauguration have been swooping in and out of the news "Like a Bird."

People's Choice Awards 2017 start time, channel, perfomers and more

It is almost time for the show where fans pick the winners. Here is what you need to know about the People's Choice Awards 2017.

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A note from Mic's editors

Is the Women's March on Washington welcoming to sex workers?

Solidarity with sex workers was taken out of the platform — then put back in.

George H.W. Bush admitted to ICU for "respiratory problem" related to pneumonia

The former president is reportedly "stable and resting comfortably" in the ICU at a hospital in Houston.

SmartGlamour boldly launches a campaign starring only transgender, nonbinary and gender-fluid models

"Inclusivity is important, words matter and everyone deserves to be seen."

'Pokémon Go' 0.53.1 APK: Gen 2 moves and items leak out in latest update

A Gen 2 update could be coming to 'Pokémon Go' soon, based on the 0.53.1 APK.

Trump Inauguration 2017: Chrisette Michele may fill the void left by Jennifer Holliday

Questlove has already offered to pay her to not perform.