Trump plans to eliminate 25 violence against women grant programs as way to cut spending

The Trump transition team is proposing dramatic spending cuts all in the name of a "skinny budget" plan.

When does 'Grey's Anatomy' season 13 return in 2017?

The winter premiere of 'Grey's Anatomy' has been delayed for a special on Trump's family.

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The full roster of 'Injustice 2' characters and guests may have already leaked.

Donald Trump Inauguration 2017: Start time, channel, livestream and more

The president-elect has a full few days ahead of him as he prepares to ascend to the nation's highest office.

What's in a jar of Nutella? A viral image shows the hazelnut spread is mostly sugar.

Avert your eyes if you're a Nutella addict.

Trump's inaugural concert was a hodgepodge of acts including space robot dancers, Piano Guys & more

DJ Ravidrums is already the highlight of Trump's inauguration concert.

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Trump's inaugural luncheon menu: The 2017 feast is a sad version of presidents' past

James Garfield had 15,000 (!) cakes at his inaugural luncheon.

The very, very unofficial merch for sale outside the Trump inauguration concert

Make America great, strange and terrifying again.

Here’s everything Trump can do with the stroke of a pen the moment he’s sworn in

Donald Trump's team says he will take executive actions on his first day in office. Here's what he could do.

'Pokémon Sun and Moon' Battle Season 2: Pokémon Bank update coming soon?

The latest Pokémon online tournament hints at Pokémon Bank arriving any day now

'Pokémon Go' Down: Server status confirmed by Niantic (Update: It's Back)

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A century after suffragists marched on Washington, feminism faces the same hurdle — race

Here's how far we've come — and how far we have to go — in embracing intersectionality.

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People’s Choice Awards 2017: Sofia Vergara wants "more doors opened" for Latina actors

Vergara won favorite comedic TV actress for her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in 'Modern Family.'

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How to alley-oop in 'NBA 2K17' and use the move as a weapon — tutorial and video guide

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Donald Trump is taking his first weekend as president off

The incoming president is already planning his down time.

Inauguration Schedule 2017: Key events and times for Friday's swearing-in ceremony

Here's what to know about Donald Trump's swearing in ceremony, parade and inaugural balls.

'A Dog's Purpose' movie is being investigated for potential animal abuse on set

'A Dog's Purpose' is a film that is supposed to celebrate animals, but the shocking video released by TMZ tells a different story.

Everything you need to know to be prepared for the inauguration of Donald Trump

This is Mic's daily read on Donald Trump's America. All the information on the swearing-in, protests and more to be ready.

Will Hillary Clinton be at the inauguration? Here's what we know.

Clinton will be attending inauguration events with husband Bill.

'Overwatch' Year of the Rooster Skins: When to expect news on the Chinese New Year event

The Year of the Rooster event, including new 'Overwatch' skins, is just around the corner.

ESPN commentator under fire for alleged racist comment toward Venus Williams

Twitter users speculated whether ESPN commentator Doug Adler said "gorilla" or "guerilla."

'League of Legends' Patch 7.2: Release date for character updates expected to launch soon

Warwick's rework and some other minor changes may be coming to 'League of Legends' soon in patch 7.2.

How to download Android Nougat on your phone

You'll probably want this upgrade.

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Here's when 'How to Get Away With Murder' returns to ABC.

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Why the next 'Pokémon Go' event could be a celebration of love.

Who are Bikers for Trump? 5,000 expected to attend inauguration

Pro-Trump motorists send mixed message about anti-Trump protesters.

Will Barack Obama attend Trump's inauguration? Here's what to expect.

Barack and Michelle Obama will both attend.

Praise the cookie gods above, Tim Tams are finally available in America nationwide

"When you find Tim Tams in America, you buy them."

'Voltron Legendary Defender' Season 2 Release Date: When will new episodes be on Netflix?

The second season of Netflix's 'Voltron Legendary Defender' is right around the corner.

Watch protesters have a queer dance party outside of Mike Pence's home in DC

The protesters called for "Daddy Pence" to join the dance party — he didn't.

Pastor who will preach to Donald Trump before inauguration called gays "filthy"

The Rev. Robert Jeffress has derided many groups, including Catholics, Mormons and Muslims.

'Overwatch' Year of the Rooster Skins: The best fan ideas for the Chinese New Year event

Check out these fan ideas for the 'Overwatch' Year of the Rooster Chinese New Year event.

Twitter is dragging Donald Trump for his ridiculous inauguration post

Is he really writing that in sharpie?

Taylor Bennett, Chance the Rapper's little brother, came out as bisexual and Chance supports him

Chance the Rapper shared a birthday message of support for his brother.

6 things to know before 'Frontier' premieres on Netflix

What to know before binge-watching 'Frontier' on Netflix this weekend.

People’s Choice Awards 2017: Blake Lively talks “girl power” after her 'The Shallows' win

Lively talked about her love for 'Westworld,' the Spice Girls and "girl power."

Donald Trump Inauguration 2017 Performers: Here's who will sing at Trump's swearing-in

Who will actually perform at Trump's inauguration?

People in 57 countries now plan to participate in Women's March sister protests

"Sister marches" have been planned all over the globe, from Singapore to Sydney.

Virginia Marijuana Decriminalization: What's being proposed and how it could affect you

The Commonwealth wants legal weed — but it's not happening all at once