Side-by-side of Trump's inauguration concert vs. Obama's says everything you need to know

Donald Trump drew a measly crowd to his inaugural concert compared to President Barack Obama's in 2009.

These fashion entrepreneurs are stretching activewear beyond yoga pants

Breaking a cycle of cheap, disposable fashion

Side-by-side photos of Trump's inauguration crowds versus Obama's really say it all, don't they?

Donald Trump promised "unbelievable" crowds. Did he get them? It doesn't look like it.

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Women's March on Washington may also be the nation's largest gathering of people with disabilities

March organizers said at least 45,000 people with disabilities will be in attendance.

Black Lives Matter inaugurates four years of resistance with anti-Trump disruption protest

This is the Movement for Black Lives under President Donald Trump.

Obama Pardons: Here's a list of all the people Obama pardoned

This was one of Obama's last acts as president.

Trump Inauguration 2017 Live Blog: Protests continue as Trumps arrive at the White House

'Mic' is bringing you live updates from Trump's inauguration. scrubs climate change, LGBTQ, more issues from official site after Trump takes office

In which the White House's climate change page takes a cue from the polar ice caps — and disappears.

Michelle Obama's Inauguration Day Outfit: Outgoing FLOTUS stuns (as usual) in red

People were thrilled, and even a little emotional, about the look.

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Where is Obama going to live next? Here's where the president and his family are headed.

The Obamas will stay in D.C. until Sasha graduates high school.

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DC Protests: 217 arrested as police, protesters clash at Trump inauguration

A small group of violent protesters wreaked havoc on downtown Washington, D.C., during Donald Trump's inauguration.

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In case you didn't know, the new world of male and female Pokémon is confusing as hell.

11 stunning images show the massive clash between police and protesters you aren't seeing on CNN

A different side to the inauguration is being underreported.

Michelle Obama's expression on Inauguration Day speaks volumes

The Queen of Shade, ladies and gentleman.

Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, Cher and more speak at star-studded anti-Trump protest in NY

On Thursday in New York, Moore hosted an inauguration event of his own.

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Twitter rewrote 'Goodnight Moon' for Trump's America

"Goodnight Obama/ Goodnight moon/ Goodnight legally unrestricted womb."

Jackie Evancho's inauguration performance was a downgrade, according to the internet

Twitter weighs in with hilarious commentary on Evancho's "Star Spangled Banner" performance.

Which Bible is Donald Trump using at his inauguration? Actually, he has 2.

Trump will take the Oath of Office using Bibles that represent the country's, and his own, histories.

7 images show what Trump's inauguration looked like to everyone roasting it on Twitter

The internet only knows one way to process the collective anxiety: memes.

The Indigo Girls discuss the Women's March and using music to galvanize anti-Trump resistance

"There is no place for us at his inauguration. There is a place for us in the march."

'Good Morning America' referred to Hillary Clinton as Bill Clinton’s wife and nothing else

"Wife" is not Clinton's most recent role, or the one we'll remember her for.

This queer Muslim couple got married before Trump's inauguration to protect their family's rights

Their love for each other is a beautiful act of resistance.

13 of the best protest signs from Trump's inauguration

"Goldman sucks"

Trump inauguration live online 2017: Watch the swearing in ceremony livestream here

Here's how you can watch the ceremony online.

Will Ivanka Trump be at the inauguration? Here's what we know.

Ivanka Trump is poised to be an influential first daughter.

At Donald Trump's swearing-in ceremony, there were no Muslim religious leaders

But Imam Mohammed Magid will participate in a national prayer service on Saturday.

Here's what happens to Obama's Twitter now that President Trump has taken over @POTUS

President Trump's reign now officially includes @POTUS on Twitter. Here we go...

'Overwatch' Year of the Rooster Skins Rumor: More Chinese New Year details may have leaked

Looks like some 'Overwatch' Year of the Rooster skins leaked ahead of schedule in China.

What time does the Trump inauguration start and end? Here's the full schedule.

Expect more than just a swearing-in.

Trump inauguration transcript 2017: Read the president's full speech and remarks

The full text of President Donald Trump's inaugural address.

What's the cost of Donald Trump's inauguration — and who is paying the bill?

Trump's inauguration costs could top $200 million, but not all of the money comes from the government.