Can Donald Trump be impeached? Here's what experts have to say.

These experts are making the case to impeach President Trump.

From a silver spoon to a sliver: why rich kids often lose it all

Like they say — shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations

How the Women's March's "genital-based" feminism isolated the transgender community

"I feel like I've tried to get involved in feminism and there's always been a blockade there for trans women."

Oscars Nominations 2017 Livestream: Watch the 89th Academy Awards announcements here

You don't need a television set to watch the Oscars nominations.

'Diablo 3' Necromancer Release Date News: Blizzard hosting live Q&A this week

We still don't know the Necromancer's release date in 'Diablo 3,' but Blizzard is set to reveal more details soon.

Pokémon Bank 'Sun and Moon' Update Release Date: Players complain over lack of launch info

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At Women's March, Bikers for Trump face the resistance

A glimpse of hope at the end of a tumultuous inaugural weekend.

Mexico City Abortion Rules: What reinstating this policy means for reproductive health

What you need to know about the global gag rule

What is Trump's approval rating on his first day of presidency?

Trump's numbers are not quite "tremendous."

'Pokémon Go' Egg Hatching Update: Porygon chances may be tied to airport locations

Your chances of finding a Porygon egg in 'Pokémon Go' may be higher if you're at an airport.

One photo twists the knife on Trump's anti-abortion executive order

Trump reinstated the global gag rule in a room full of men.

6 Trump "alternative facts" that are easily debunked by actual facts

Some – but clearly not all – of President Donald Trump's biggest whoppers.

'GTA 5 Online' Cheats, Hacks, Glitches and Exploits: How to make money fast and other tips

Invisible arms, car duping and sitting the wrong way in a tractor! It's a roundup of 'GTA 5 Online' hacks, cheats and glitches.

'Last of Us 2' Update: Director Neil Druckmann shuts down racist comments on Twitter

If you were hoping 'The Last of Us 2' would reinforce your racist, sexist views on the world, you're out of luck.

Android Nougat Update: Samsung Galaxy S6 receives certification — here's what that means

The latest Android Nougat news and updates for the Galaxy S6 and S7.

50 Netflix superhero movies and TV shows to binge watch in 2017

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What you will miss by focusing on the size of Donald Trump's inauguration crowd

What matters more: Crowds — or how Trump is quickly reshaping America?

Will I lose my health care if Obamacare is repealed? Here's what we know.

Americans on the ACA won't lose their health care tomorrow if it's dismantled — but the future doesn't look too bright.

Ariana Grande pens powerful note after participating in Women's March

"We are so much stronger and louder than hatred."

'Overwatch' Update: PS4, Xbox players will finally be able to report abusive players soon

A much-needed 'Overwatch' update for PS4 and Xbox One is almost here.

Trump Tax Returns: Is it illegal for President Trump to forego releasing his taxes?

What happens if Trump doesn't release his tax returns? Legally: nothing.

When will Trump's wall be built? Timeline for Trump's US-Mexico border plan

Does the Trump administration have a clear timeline for the border wall?

'Overwatch' Year of the Rooster Skins: Chinese New Year event trailer leaks online

Even more 'Overwatch' Chinese New Year skins may have leaked ahead of the Year of the Rooster event.

Azealia Banks slammed the Women's March and its "white feminist tricks" in Instagram rant

The rapper asks where were these women "when black folk were getting shot down" last year?

'Pokémon Go' Gym Levels Chart: Study lists average CP points and position of top defenders

This 'Pokémon Go' gym chart and study will help you figure out how competitive your local gym really is.

7 outrageous statements from Stacey Dash, newly fired Fox News pundit

The actress, known for putting her foot in her mouth more than a few times, has been fired by Fox News.

Is 'House Hunters' fake? 4 things you may not have known about the HGTV series

Is there really a 'House Hunters' scandal? Yes, but viewers don't seem to care.

Ed Roberts featured as Google Doodle: Here's what to know about the disabilities activist

Google features Ed Roberts, who led the early disability rights movement in the U.S. He would've been 78.

'GTA 6' Release Date: Rockstar Games' rumored title launches in Brazil... sort of

The 'GTA 6' release date has arrived, in a sense.

Melania Trump helped design her inaugural ball gown. That's not normal.

In an unprecedented move to design her own gown, she could be hinting at her plans for the future.

West Virginia just joined the growing list of states with only one abortion provider

One less place to access safe and legal abortion.

I spent the week with the global elite at Davos. Here's why I'm worried.

This year’s meeting on “responsive and responsible leadership” showed just how unresponsive the world's economic leaders are.

Trump Ethics Lawsuit: Have POTUS' business conflicts finally caught up with him?

A liberal watchdog group will file a lawsuit Monday that alleges President Donald Trump is in violation of the Constitution.

Joshua Kushner: Meet the brother of Trump's son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner

The Oscar Health co-founder — and brother of Trump's son-in-law and top adviser — was spotted at the Women's March on Washington.

Model Hanne Gaby Odiele reveals that she is intersex

"It is very important to me in my life right now to break the taboo."

Indiana state senator Jack E. Sandlin deleted a Facebook post mocking "fat women" at Women's March

Sandlin says he is "not sure" how the image got on his page.

Pinegrove talks 'Elsewhere' EP and details how they're using their music to resist Trump's agenda

All proceeds from 'Elsewhere' will to go towards Southern Poverty Law Center.

Donald Trump's isolationism on NAFTA and TPP is for his base — and that's exactly whom it will hurt

President Donald Trump wants to rethink NAFTA and scrap TPP. Here are some potential consequences.

Meet the group that just sued President Donald Trump for violating the Constitution

As Donald Trump assumes office, people are lining up to take him to court.

#MuteMonday movement asks people to unfollow Donald Trump on Twitter

The #MuteMonday campaign looks to strip President Donald Trump of Twitter followers to lessen the impact of his bully pulpit.

Donald Trump is now president — here are 8 organizing guides that resist his agenda

We, the Protesters, the ACLU and other groups give pointers on how to take action. Now.

Chelsea Clinton defends Barron Trump from attacks on social media

Chelsea Clinton knows a thing or two about being a kid attacked for their parents' actions.

Keke Palmer responds to "sexual intimidation" by Trey Songz with empowering Instagram post

Keke Palmer expresses outrage at Trey Songz on social media.

Jessica Williams talks about the huge wake-up call from her mother about black womanhood

Former 'Daily Show' correspondent has some inspiring words on how to resist Donald Trump's administration.

The most powerful accessory at the Women's March wasn't those pink hats — but those signs

From what they said to the designs themselves, they showed just how dedicated people are to standing up for women's rights.

The 'Star Wars: Episode 8' title was revealed, and it's somewhat foreboding

Who else is pumped for 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'?

5 things you might not know about Chuck Schumer

His wife also has a high-profile job.

Lush Cosmetics' Valentine's Day ads feature same-sex couples

And people on Twitter are thrilled.

Oscars 2017 Predictions: Which movies will be nominated for best picture?

Is 'Arrival' going to stumble over the last hurdle?

A list of all the things Donald Trump copied from other people during the inauguration

From his speech to the cake at his inaugural ball, Trump and his team appeared to copy a number of things during the inauguration.

The lawyer who made abortion legal is worried about reproductive rights

Roe v. Wade lawyer Sarah Weddington says Trump poses a real threat to reproductive rights.

Here's what we know so far about "Trumpcare"

There hasn't been a full plan. But Trump wants everyone insured.

The ones who stand to lose the most if Republicans repeal Obamacare are black women

A new study found that cervical cancer death rates among black women are way higher than previously thought.

‘Jane the Virgin’ season 3: Why Xo's abortion still matters in the midseason premiere

We cannot forget Xo's off-screen abortion, especially now that Trump is president.

M. Night Shyamalan 'Split': Where does the new movie rank among his other films?

The director's latest movie is his best in years.

When will legal pot stores open in California? Here are the key dates to know

Find out when will you be able to start buying marijuana at recreational shops in the state.

ReachOut is the new app fighting sexual assault on college campuses

Reach Out is a free mobile app that puts a full range of resources at sexual assault survivors' fingertips.

Who is Rachelle Chapman? 4 things to know before TLC's 'Rattled' special

TLC's 'Rattled' follows a woman from a tragic accident that paralyzed her to the birth of her first child.

New study reveals startling data on cervical cancer mortality rates — especially among black women

Black women are far more likely to die from cervical cancer than white women.

'Tekken 7' Release Date USA: PS4, PC and Xbox console launch confirmed for June

After years of waiting for a release date, 'Tekken 7' is coming to consoles pretty soon.

Here's why Samsung's batteries exploded, according to Samsung

There were two separate problems and two separate culprits.

Chrisette Michele defends decision to sing Trump's inauguration in "No Political Genius"

Michele's second attempt to explain her performance is far more thought-provoking than her first.

Trump's labor nominee called workers at his fast food restaurants the "best of the worst"

"In fast food, you sort of compete for the best of the worst," Donald Trump's labor nominee said of his employees.

Officials investigating hate crime at California mosque vandalized with bacon

This isn't the first time the Islamic Center of Davis has been targeted.

Judge blocks Humana merger, says Aetna dropped out of Obamacare to skirt antitrust rules

A federal judge on Monday blocked the merger between Aetna and Humana.

‘The Young Pope’ Episode 3 Confessional: Did the pope really say he’s more handsome than Jesus?

Not to be overly dramatic, but 'The Young Pope' may have the best opening title sequence of all time.

Trump has admitted climate change is real — at his golf course

The president once filed for permission to protect his links from global warming.

Drake joins Rae Sremmurd on stage in Amsterdam before kicking off 2017 European tour

Drake performed "Jumpman" and "Fake Love" during his surprise appearance.

Marco Rubio will vote for Rex Tillerson, in yet another cave to Donald Trump

The GOP resistance to Donald Trump is off to a bad start.

Iraqi military forces say they have retaken control of eastern Mosul from ISIS

The event marks the loss of ISIS's last major stronghold in Iraq.

Ed Sheeran "Castle on the Hill" Music Video: A nostalgic look at Sheeran's past

The singer takes a trip back in time to his teenage years.