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Trump to sign executive orders banning refugees, suspending visas for 7 countries

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The Netherlands has a sneaky plan to undercut Trump's anti-abortion global gag order

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Greenpeace protesters climbed a crane and unfurled a "resist" banner near White House

Seven protesters reportedly climbed a crane near the White House.

Trump Executive Order: Muslim countries are the target of upcoming immigration ban

"No matter how they couch it, it’s about Muslims."

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What is HR 7? House passes act barring federal funding for abortions.

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The Trump family got its own glossy 'US Weekly' cover, and Twitter is not happy about it

Many say that the magazine is trying to normalize white supremacy.

You have an 18th-century woman to thank for the delight that is Veuve Clicquot

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Democrats introduce a bill to prevent Donald Trump from launching a nuclear war

The bill would require Trump to seek congressional approval before using nuclear weapons.

Trump Immigration Executive Order: Here's what it means for Muslims in the US and abroad

The order is expected to include a ban on refugees and the suspension of visas from seven Muslim-majority countries.

5 horrifying things companies used to get away with before government regulation

Donald Trump said he wants to scrap 75% of existing regulations.

How will Trump make Mexico pay for the wall? Remittances, a border tax and other options.

Remittances are one possible way for Trump to force Mexico to pay for the wall.

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Trump says he wants to "send in the feds" in Chicago, but that's a historically bad idea

"There is no violence-prevention expert in America that would agree that martial law works."

EPA ordered to delete climate change page from its website

We're in danger of losing years of research on climate change.

'The Crown' casting news: Who will 'Downton Abbey' star Matthew Goode play?

The English actor is no stranger to period dramas featuring upper-crust families.

ACLU asks for new Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing in wake of Trump executive orders

The precedent the ACLU is citing? Jeff Sessions himself.

A half-onion in a bag has more Twitter followers than Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and soon, Trump

This half onion has presidential qualities, and it's only time that stands in the way of making it more popular than Trump.

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