Meet the lawyers who dropped everything to work for free rescuing airport detainees

These lawyers are fighting Donald Trump's Muslim ban at JFK Airport.

The ACLU took Trump to court over his Muslim refugee and immigrant ban — and won

The civil rights group was seeking a court order to block deportation of people stranded in U.S. airports nationwide.

Ivanka Trump's glamorous photo op prompts Twitter backlash as Muslim ban rages

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner grin in formal wear as refugees and legal permanent residents were detained in airports.

14 photos show the massive protests against Trump's Muslim ban at airports across the US

Thousands gathered at airports across the country to protest airport detentions.

It took last 5 presidents years before half of Americans disapproved of them. It took Trump 8 days.

Trump is a winner, when it comes to the record for losing Americans' approval.

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New York taxi union declares work stoppage in protest of Donald Trump's Muslim ban

The taxi drivers' union is heavily Muslim and mostly immigrant — just the people Trump wants to ban.

Rudy Giuliani admitted Trump's "extreme vetting" is actually just a Muslim ban

The former New York mayor made it clear that Trump's executive order had Islamophobic motivations.

Muslim ban detainees at JFK are being pressured to relinquish legal immigration status

Lawyers at JFK Airport said detainees that avoided deportation are facing pressure to waive their legal status.

Kal Penn owns racist troll by raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for Syrian refugees

Penn is raising $400,000 "in the name of the dude who said I don't belong in America."

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Donald Trump thinks his Muslim ban is going "very nicely" despite nationwide protests

Trump shrugged off growing nationwide protests on Saturday, praising his plan even as it caused chaos at airports around the U.S.

Universities denounce Trump's Muslim ban, advise affected students not to travel

The nation's colleges and universities have rallied around their international students, but have little power to act.

Trump administration doesn't regret not mentioning Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Apparently #AllLivesMatter applies to the Holocaust, too.

Trump's Muslim ban is keeping a green card holder stuck in Iran away from his kids

New Yorker Amir Sabouri went to a relative's funeral in Iran. Now he wonders if he'll ever be able to come home.

Donald Trump's Muslim ban does not apply to green card holders

But while permanent residents aren't barred from entering the country, they will have to be approved on a case by case basis.

Donald Trump says executive order is not a Muslim ban — it is

Trump says the ban is all about "keeping our country safe."

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Trump's executive order on immigration is already tearing this family apart

“My sincere hope is that the United States and all its democracy and freedom will not be destroyed.”

Kim Kardashian challenges Trump's Muslim ban with cold, hard facts

Kim K hit Trump and his supporters with statistics.

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Kellyanne Conway defends Muslim ban, says judge's temporary stay doesn't affect order

Conway claimed that the ban is a "small price to pay" for national security.

Read the full text of the stay on President Trump's Muslim ban

U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly put a stay on Trump's executive order Saturday evening.

Lyft, Netflix, Airbnb: How major companies are denouncing Trump's Muslim ban

Lyft CEO Logan Green called the ban "antithetical" to America's core values.

Lyft pledges $1 million to ACLU after #DeleteUber trends on Twitter

After Uber came under fire for breaking a strike against Donald Trump's Muslim ban, Lyft did them one better.

Trump Airport Protests Live Blog: Protesters across country to challenge Muslim ban

Protests are continuing nationwide against Trump's Muslim ban.