Arnold Schwarzenegger just called Donald Trump out for his petty, petty tweets

Arnold Schwarzenegger chided Donald Trump for focusing on pettiness rather than his job as president-elect.

Giliano Wijnaldum 'FIFA 17' Ultimate Team: What to expect for the new Union defender

Don't expect Giliano Wijnaldum to be a star when he makes his way to 'FIFA 17' Ultimate Team.

The Senate just named a supporter of the Dakota pipeline to head its Indian Affairs committee

A chairman of the Indian Affairs committee who opposes key Native American causes.

How to hack 'Pokémon Go': You can't cheat, but these tools will help considerably

You can't hack 'Pokémon Go,' per sé, but these handy tools are the next best thing.

Android Nougat Galaxy S7 Update: Features, Easter eggs and everything we know

There's a lot coming with the Nougat update.

Winter Storm Helena 2017 Update: Latest forecast, path and which states will get hit

Stay warm: Winter Storm Helena expected to end Saturday, but is closely followed by another, colder storm.

'WWE 2K17' Hall of Fame Showcase Release Info: What to expect when it finally arrives

The 'WWE 2K17' Hall of Fame Showcase will be packed with legendary Superstars, but when is it coming?

Colin Kaepernick donated his massive shoe collection to Bay Area homeless shelters

The quarterback had hundreds of pairs of shoes.

Togepi Evolution 'Pokémon Go': Togetic confirmed, but what about Togekiss?

Togepi's evolution in 'Pokémon Go' will take a while to complete. Start saving candy now.

'League of Legends' Update: Warwick rework, character changes and everything new

'League of Legends' Warwick rework: The Blood Hunter is getting a big update soon. Here is what you can expect.

Is 'Pokémon Go' Dead? Updates and fixes Niantic desperately needs to release in 2017

'Pokémon Go' updates we need ASAP — and this is just my short list.

6 hit songs that you didn't know Rihanna passed up

The singer missed out on these successful tracks.

Key and Peele’s Obama and Luther crash ‘The Daily Show’ for farewell address

It doesn't take long for Luther to go on one of his infamous tirades.

Mewtwo in 'Pokémon Go': Mysterious legendary Pokémon still missing after Gen. 2 update

Mewtwo is a rare and powerful Pokémon. So where is he in 'Pokémon Go'?

Everyone calm down. Paul Ryan's speaker logo is not a Nazi symbol.

Nothing to see here, folks. Really.

Donald Trump will ask Congress to pay for the wall, breaking yet another promise

President-elect Donald Trump will ask Congress, not Mexico, to pay for his proposed border wall.

Ed Sheeran Lyrics: Every verse to new songs "Shape of You" and "Castle on the Hill"

As promised, Ed Sheeran delivers some new tunes.

Planned Parenthood reportedly blocked from delivering petitions to Paul Ryan's office

Planned Parenthood volunteers alleged six security guards were sent to block the delivery of almost 90,000 petitions.

Donald Trump's "Great Wall" gets relentlessly mocked on Twitter

Trump says the cost of the wall "will be paid back by Mexico later."

Sens. Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders introduce bill to block Donald Trump's Muslim registry

The bill, however, does not prevent several ongoing programs known to historically discriminate against Muslims.

Trump Inauguration Speech 2017: 5 things we want to hear from Donald Trump

Doable policies and less demagoguery are some of what Americans would like to hear during Trump's inaugural address.

'Overwatch' PTR Update Patch Notes: Ana and D.Va nerfs, social features and more changes

'Overwatch' PTR update changes: You get a nerf and YOU get a nerf!

Donald Trump's Twitter 'disparagement' sows distrust in American democracy

This is Mic's daily read on Donald Trump's America. Soon, Americans may not have a government source they can trust.

Protesters plan to burn flags at Trump's inauguration and right-wingers are losing it

"America-loving patriots" are already planning to show up to put out the burning flags — that could get ugly.

'Sherlock' Season 4, Episode 2: What we know about Toby Jones' villain

Season 4, episode 2 of 'Sherlock' is set to feature the most evil villain yet. Here is what we know about Culverton Smith.

Ann Coulter thinks you're "retarded" if you confused her Obama countdown for neo-Nazi code

Like Trump, she distances herself from the horde — but knows the value of its support.

Michelle Obama Farewell Speech: First lady's message will help us survive the next 4 years

"Being your first lady has been the greatest honor of my life and I hope I made you proud."

What is Sous Vide? Chefs explain the food vacuuming cooking technique easy to hack at home

This fancy-sounding technique can perfect everything from veal to veggies to otherworldly French toast.

'Overwatch' Armor vs. Health vs. Shields: D.Va nerf from the PTR update explained

The 'Overwatch' nerf to D.Va on PTR made her health bar a lot less yellow. Here's what that means.

Vivica A. Fox says male dancers at her new all-male revue won't be dancing for gay men

Fox's strippers are not gay and they won't dance for gay men.

Trump wants to oust Obama's ambassadors: Here's how US envoys are usually selected

Trump is forcing Obama's ambassador picks out of their countries. Here's how he'll replace them.

Fla. senator filed bill to allow guns in airports less than month before airport shooting

A Florida state senator filed a bill that would allow people to carry concealed weapons in airport terminals.

Virginia trans woman India Monroe shot to death in December, misgendered in early reports

India's friends say she was buried under her birth name and the family chose to present her as male at the funeral.

Where can you go that's hot in January? 18 destinations to escape the winter cold

Here's where to go to escape the cold in January.

Trump is focused on what's most important to America: 'Celebrity Apprentice' ratings

Today in Donald Trump tweets: 'Celebrity Apprentice' ratings?

Facebook's Safety Check needs to check itself — here are the feature's 4 big problems

Safety Check is creating more fear than comfort. Here's why.

Here's how much richer you'll end up if you start saving at 22 instead of 30

How do you end up with a million extra dollars? It's not as impossible as you think.

Trump inauguration tickets: How you can attend the president's swearing-in ceremony

Tickets will be available starting Jan. 9.

The most disturbing revelation from Dylann Roof's jailhouse manifesto

The 22-year-old convicted murderer is waiting to hear whether he will be put to death for his crimes.

'Kingdom Hearts 2.8' Release Date: When to get the new collection and what it comes with

A remake, a movie and a new playable episode round out the 'Kingdom Hearts 2.8' collection.

Don Lemon blamed Chicago Facebook torture on perpetrator's parents' "bad home training"

Don Lemon thinks that black parents have to answer for the Chicago Facebook Live incident.

In 'Truth and Lies' documentary, the Menendez brothers repeat their claims of abuse

The Menendez brothers claim they murdered their parents in self-defense.

Vladimir Putin "ordered" attempt to influence US election, declassified report says

Putin had multiple motives in undermining Clinton, intelligence gatherers reported.

Joe Biden just told Trump to "grow up." Here are 5 sick Trump burns from the outgoing VP.

In which Biden comes at Trump — and doesn't miss.

Trump Restaurant Deposition: Here's why Trump is suing celebrity chef José Andrés.

Their business relations turned sour.

Religious scholar Reza Aslan perfectly explains why we need a Muslim 'Modern Family'

"The only way you’re going to dissipate that fear is by getting people to know someone that they’re afraid of."

'Overwatch' Update: PTR patch parody video pokes fun at Kaplan's developer update series

This 'Overwatch' update parody video is absolutely hilarious.

Sanctuary Restaurants project aims to keep restaurant workers safe in Trump’s America

This group of restaurants vows to protect communities if they are threatened by Trump's policies.

Donald Trump Lawsuits: Here are the cases to watch in 2017

Donald Trump, with a litigation history unprecedented for a president-elect, will enter office with active lawsuits.

'America's Got Talent' winner Grace VanderWaal reveals inspiration behind "Gossip Girl"

Grace VanderWaal's song "Gossip Girl" was inspired by fake friends.

'WWE 2K17' Kassius Ohno/Chris Hero: How to find the fighter on Community Creations

Kassius Ohno (AKA Chris Hero) is back with the WWE, and the 'WWE 2K17' community already has an accurate creation of the star.

'Elite: Dangerous' Thargoid Aliens Found: Players make first contact in stunning new video

Finding aliens in virtual reality must scare the pants off someone.

Astronaut Jeanette Epps to become first African-American space station crew member

NASA announced Jeanette Epps will join the crew of the International Space Station. She is the first African-American to do so.

Wages grew in 2016 — but what about 2017? 3 ways to get more money no matter what happens

Wage growth beat expectations for 2016 — but that could change on a dime. Here's how to get yours in 2017.

This NYPD captain's statement on rape is woefully, dangerously misinformed

Capt. Peter Rose said he isn't as concerned about acquaintance rape as he is stranger rape.

'Once Upon a Time' season 6 is bringing back a character fans haven't seen in a while

A long-absent princess is coming back to 'Once Upon a Time.'

Coachella owner Philip Anschutz claims he no longer funds anti-LGBT groups

Is the owner of Coachella's anti-LGBT history fake news?

Dylann Roof Sentencing: Day 3 reveals new details of convicted killer's jail stay

A disturbing new revelation seemed to solidify the convicted killer's complete lack of remorse.

Tilikum, SeaWorld's beloved and controversial whale, has died

SeaWorld's announced the beloved orca's death on Friday.

Ed Sheeran songs: 10 songs you didn't know were written by the British crooner

The British singer has been penning hits for years.