After Trump praised himself for his Puerto Rico response, he blasted his critics as “ingrates”

Trump called his critics "politically motivated ingrates."

Gov. John Kasich: If the GOP can’t be fixed, I won’t be able to support the GOP.

Kasich’s remarks come amid reports that the Ohio governor is mulling a 2020 bid for the White House as an independent candidate.

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Catalan officials say vast majority voted for independence amidst violent clash with riot police

Violence broke out Sunday as Spanish police tried to stop Catalan residents from voting for their independence.

Trump tweets against Tillerson’s push for diplomacy with North Korea: “We’ll do what has to be done”

Trump defied his Secretary of State to push for military action against North Korea and "little Rocket Man."

Trump and Puerto Rico: A timeline of the president’s response to the Hurricane Maria devastation

Here's a timeline of the Trump administration's response to the ongoing devastation in Puerto Rico.

Photos show what week 2 of NFL protests looks like versus what week 1 looked like

Photos show the protests were smaller in scale the following week.