Mic Wakeup: Meryl Streep tears into Weinstein, customers boycott Dove and ESPN suspends Jemele Hill

Streep takes on the patriarchy, Dove customers take on racism and Jemele Hill takes on white supremacy.

The US Health Department is quietly trying to redefine life as beginning at “conception”

The decision appears to be an attempt to appease the anti-abortion activists in Trump's base of supporters.

IOS 11.1 will bring 69 new emojis to your iPhone

Here are the ones your friends will be talking about.

Richard Thaler: 5 crucial money saving and life wisdoms from the 2017 Economic Nobel Prize winner

The godfather of brain tricks and life hacks to save money, Richard Thaler has over the years offered great and useful insights into why people behave irrationally with finances — and how to fix that.

‘New York Times’ to Trump: No, we didn’t set up Corker by recording explosive interview

Corker requested that the paper record his Sunday interview, Jonathan Martin of the 'Times' said Tuesday.

Which insurance is worth it? Rental car insurance, health, life, travel, flood, renters, pet & more

What insurance is best to have in 2017? Here's everything you need to know about health insurance and life insurance — plus more optional coverage like travel insurance.

New report finds Trump “likely” obstructed justice when he fired James Comey

Obama-era ethics chief lays out detailed case for obstruction charges in comprehensive Brookings paper.

It’s not just wine country, Napa’s immigrant communities are being threatened by wildfires

There's more than just wine in California's Napa Valley.

Black man beaten by white supremacists in Charlottesville will face felony assault charges

In August, unmasked white men chased 20-year-old Harris, who is black, into a parking garage and beat him bloody. Now, he's been charged with felony assault.

NFL owners and league officials to discuss plan to end anthem controversy

"Everyone involved in the game needs to come together on a path forward," NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said.

The untold story behind ‘Mode’ magazine, the ‘Vogue’ for plus-size women in the ’90s

It launched in 1997 to great fanfare. Four years later it was gone.

Democrats release attack ad on Trump’s tax plan: “No early morning tweet” can fix it.

“Eighty percent of the tax cuts go to the top 1%,” Mike Davis, a middle-aged white man identified as a telecom line installer, says. “No early morning tweet can make that right.”

Dan Savage talks queer history, gay body dysmorphia and his continued crusade for sexual education

The "Savage Love" columnist reflects on 26 years of advice-giving and the hurdles facing LGBTQ youth.

Puerto Rico: How the island is faring nearly 3 weeks after Hurricane Maria

The still-dire conditions in Puerto Rico are starting to have devastating effects.

Trump challenges Rex Tillerson to an IQ test: “I can tell you who is going to win.”

Trump also claimed Barack Obama never saw 3% GDP growth in a single quarter. Obama hit that number multiple times.

One key statistic explains Donald Trump’s strategy of playing to his base

If Donald Trump does one thing with consistency, it’s maintain approval among his core supporters.

Trump says he’ll sign an executive order on health care. He used to say that was an abuse of power.

Using the “power of the pen” is something President Donald Trump attacked former President Barack Obama for using throughout Obama’s tenure.

FBI’s hunt for “black identity extremists” echoes civil rights movement-era war on black activists

Black Lives Matter movement activists say they have been concerned about federal surveillance and threats since their movement took root in 2014.

Designer Donna Karan defends Harvey Weinstein by victim blaming, then hastily apologizes

"How do we present ourselves as women? What are we asking?" she asked, before apologizing.

The model in the controversial Dove ad speaks out: “I am not just some silent victim”

In an opinion piece for the 'Guardian,' Lola Ogunyemi speaks out.

Why you always, always, always buy stuff you don’t need at the airport

How do trashy novels, a pre-flight Cinnabon and overpriced novelty snacks always end up on your credit card statement?

How ESPN got rolled by Donald Trump’s racist culture war and threw Jemele Hill under the bus

The great victory of the Trump movement was forcing America to debate racism and equality on such illogical terms.

Trump continues his feud with “Liddle Bob Corker,” says ‘New York Times’ made him look like a “fool”

The president continues his war of words with the Tennessee Republican.

What are porgs? The new ‘Star Wars’ trailer just gave us its first viral meme

A long time ago, in an animal kingdom far far away

Why I made a funny video about HIV

Comedian Michael Henry's new short "This video is about HIV" is about, you guessed it, HIV.