Why “sex addiction” treatment won’t keep men like Harvey Weinstein from abusing women

Harvey Weinstein is the latest man to use "sex addiction" to justify his alleged abuse — but experts say his issues shouldn't be treated that way.

3 key takeaways from Trump’s health care executive order

Trump's executive order doesn't make any immediate changes, and could lead to a flood of lawsuits.

San Juan Major responds to Trump’s PR Tweets: “Without robust and consistent help, we will die”

The Mayor of San Juan pled for help and urged Americans to "stand with Puerto Rico."

Equifax breach, round two: The firm confirms it may have been targeted in another cyberattack

Equifax says there is a new cybersecurity incident consumers should know about — here are the facts of the news.

Marc Jacobs on his tricky relationship with Instagram: “I consider social media antisocial media”

He also commented on that infamous nude pic from 2015.

Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly: “I’m not quitting, I’m not getting fired”

"I’m not quitting today. I don’t think I’m being fired today. And I’m not so frustrated in this job that I’m thinking of leaving."

Diandra Forrest is the first model with albinism to land her own major beauty campaign

For Wet N Wild, she stars in a campaign called "Breaking Beauty."

Top psychiatrist analyzes Trump’s mental state

If you’re concerned about Trump’s mental state, you’re not the only one. Psychiatrist Kerry Sulkowicz believes Trump is mentally ill.

Why moving to Sweden could fix your life

Sweden has plenty of jobs they need to fill right now.

Sam Smith’s 2017 comeback probably shouldn’t have included wearing an R. Kelly t-shirt

Smith was photographed wearing the shirt to an 'SNL' afterparty over the weekend.

Storing renewable energy costs way too much. This battery could change that.

It's only the size of a coffee cup, and yet it could change the world of renewable energy.

Save money on college: FAFSA deadline 2017, requirements, calculator & other key questions answered

Want to save money on college? Here's a guide to the FAFSA, plus answers to all your questions about student aid, deadlines, and new information to know for 2017.

Here’s what Americans fear most in 2017 — and some ways to combat those anxieties

Whether you're scared of North Korea, pollution or zombies, you're probably not alone in your 2017-induced fears.

A brief history of Mark Zuckerberg’s occasionally problematic global outreach

The best of times, the worst of times.

Donald Trump to Puerto Rico: You’re on your own

Trump's tweets come as 85% of the island is still without power and the death toll has climbed to 45.

Public election financing is working on the local level. What does that mean nationally?

Public financing "will make grassroots candidates more empowered to take on establishment candidates."

Nonwhite, plus-size and trans models just had their most visible Fashion Month ever

New York is still leading the way in terms of diversity, but others are definitely following suit.

A former sex crimes prosecutor is running against the New York DA who failed to prosecute Weinstein

Former Brooklyn DA candidate Marc Fliedner is critical of the Manhattan DA who failed to prosecute both Harvey Weinstein and members of the Trump family.

Jeff Sessions gives ‘last chance’ warning to so-called ‘sanctuary cities’

The Department of Justice gave Chicago, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia and Cook County, Illinois, two weeks to prove they aren't sanctuary cities.

The complicated history of Russians in San Francisco

There's a reason why the Richmond is known for piroshkies and the Holy Virgin Cathedral.

Bitcoin price today hit a new high: What the news means, and whether mining or investing makes sense

Everything to know about bitcoin price history, and news analysis of why the cryptocurrency has climbed so quickly: Nations and banks are opening up, but risks remain.

How the ‘New York Post’ smeared an actress who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment

The tabloids ran a series of articles casting doubt on the credibility of an actress who accused Weinstein of sexual harassment in 2015.

How the McVegan can change the way we eat

McDonald's Finland is currently testing a vegan burger; a positive reception could mean great things for the future of food.