Trump gives White House a “10” on PR response — but the numbers tell a different story

Despite the president’s praise for disaster relief efforts, Puerto Rico is still beset with a nightmarishly long list of problems.

Meet Monopoly Man — a nonbinary “cause-player” shining a light on consumer abuses

A Senate vote on the CFPB's arbitration clause rule is expected Tuesday. Monopoly Man — aka activist Amanda Werner — sat down with 'Mic' to talk about why arbitration clauses are "rip-off" clauses.

Target introduces adaptive clothing for kids with disabilities

It had invested in sensory-friendly clothing before, but this is a first.

RIP ‘Fashion Police,’ a problematic fave, whose original host Joan Rivers changed fashion forever

With those four words — “Who are you wearing?”— Rivers turned the fashion and pop-culture worlds on its head.

As more experts call Trump’s mental health into question, is it time to rethink the Goldwater Rule?

Some professionals think it's entirely appropriate to evaluate the mental state of the president. Others think that's a step too far.

The human microbiome, explained: How bad science and junky diets gave rise to serious disease

New research is solving some fascinating mysteries about our insides. Here's a gut check on the human microbiome, what it means for your health and where the scientific claims get shady.

Bitcoin $6,000: Why the cryptocurrency price hit a new all-time high — and how high it could go

Bitcoin prices just hit a new all time high. Here's what you need to know about the latest cryptocurrency rally — and whether it will last.

Who will Donald Trump pick for Fed chair? What to know about Yellen, Powell, Taylor & other names

Will Janet Yellen, Jerome Powell or John Taylor be the next Federal Reserve chair? Donald Trump’s choice could affect the U.S. economy. Here are top contenders and what’s at stake.

Winemakers are raising $5 million to rebuild homes in Sonoma and northern California

“Getting a roof over people’s heads again ... that’s the No. 1 priority.”

Global pollution is responsible for 9 million premature deaths annually, report finds

That’s three times as many deaths as AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined.

Fox News misrepresents report of sexual assault by a trans person in a private residence’s bathroom

By failing to report an alleged sexual assault had taken place in a private bathroom, Fox News and several other media outlets perpetuated the dangerous transgender "bathroom predator" myth.

As Trump prepares to declare a state of emergency on opioids, cities hold their breath

For the hardest-hit American cities, experts say there’s no time to waste on addressing addiction.

While You Weren’t Looking: 5 things from this week that didn’t involve Trump’s condolence calls

The Trump administration is trying to stop an undocumented teen from getting an abortion and Betsy DeVos gets sued by civil rights groups.

Monica Lewinsky, launching a campaign to curb bullying, opens up about her history of harassment

"There were days that support — that came in the form of a letter — was what carried me through.”

Quentin Tarantino doesn’t deserve praise for his Weinstein confession. But his honesty is necessary.

Whether the director's confession and apology were sincere, selfish or both, it’s an important step in changing how these scandals play out.

Mic Wakeup: Bush slams Trump, one celebrity chef’s huge milestone and Antifa vs. Richard Spencer

It's Friday. Here are three things you need to know.

Donald Trump’s surface-level patriotism is becoming more obvious with each new controversy

The president has been effusive in his proclamations of love for the military, but his actions speak even louder than his words.

Trump falsely blames rise in crime in U.K. on “radical Islamic terror”

British members of Parliament said Trump is talking "nonsense."

Bush’s attack of Trumpism shows how much Republicans have changed in 8 years

“We’ve seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty ... argument turns too easily into animosity,” Bush said.

Iceland is one of the healthiest countries in the world — and the secret lies in its cuisine

Here's where to get the best healthy and delicious Icelandic food.

Uninsured rate rises to highest level since 2014, amid Trump’s assault on Obamacare

The uninsured rate has climbed 1.4% since the end of 2016.

After magazine edits Solange cover photo, the singer sends a message: “Don’t touch my hair”

The 'Evening Standard Magazine' edited out part of Solange's hair just for the cover.

Fox News pulls story about Trump-supporting “Navy SEAL” who made up military service

Fox News has deleted the article and video and has issued a correction. A spokesperson said an on-air correction will be issued Sunday.

Your dog uses facial expressions to communicate with you, according to a new study

Your dog might be trying to communicate with you.

A look at “the world’s first Instagram travel agency” — and whether it actually works

We put Scotland's tourism board, which wants to help plan your trips through Instagram, to the test.

Road Trip Diaries: 7 must-sees on the drive between Portland, Oregon, and Olympic National Park

This drive through Oregon is for the nature lover, with fantastical greenhouses, volcano hikes and wolf encounters.

John Kelly called Rep. Frederica Wilson an “empty barrel.” But he’s the one who had his facts wrong.

Kelly called Rep. Frederica Wilson an "empty barrel" and accused her of taking undue credit for her accomplishments. But Kelly was the one who got his facts wrong.

The undocumented Texas teen seeking an abortion must wait for a sponsor

Judges ruled Friday that the Department of Health and Human Services has until Oct. 31 to find a sponsor for an undocumented teenage girl seeking an abortion.