How establishment Democrats turned the #Resistance into a punchline

It's become "a joke about the hollowness of liberal politics," @pixelatedboat said. Liberals "will happily side with people who are just as bad or worse than Trump, but more polite about it.”

Best countries 2017-2018: These 35 nations have the most valuable passports on earth

The value of a U.S. passport appears to be falling, according to a recent industry report. Here's why.

Maryland becomes the latest state to make it illegal to protest Israel’s occupation of Palestine

Anti-BDS forces are using state governments to pass their anti-boycott agenda.

Report: Trump ally wanted Assange to help them obtain Clinton emails

Both Cambridge Analytica and Assange have been scrutinized for their role in Russia's election interference.

What it’s like to live with chronic pain

Spoken-word poet Andrea Gibson can attest to the debilitating nature of Lyme disease. She uses poetry as a recourse and a way to face her suffering head-on.

Trump to reporters: “I went to an Ivy League School ... I’m a very intelligent person.”

The president said the media makes him out to be "more uncivil" than he really is.

Here’s a suggestion: Don’t dress up this Halloween

In defense of not even thinking about dressing up for Halloween

Why the news that the Clinton campaign funded the Trump dossier isn’t as explosive as you may think

The fact that Clinton and the DNC funded the Trump Russia dossier isn't as shocking as Trump's allies would like you to believe.

3 money-saving secrets to being frugal — but not cheap

Save money without alienating your friends or coming across as a cheapskate: These simple financial moves will help — even if you are living paycheck to paycheck.

The GOP nominee in the Virginia governor’s race is running race-baiting ads

From images of violent Hispanic gang members, to calls to preserve Confederate monuments, the ads from GOP nominee Ed Gillespie have taken a dark turn.

San Juan mayor: Whitefish Energy contract “should be voided right away”

When it comes to Puerto Rico’s shady $300 million contract with Whitefish Energy, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz thinks something smells fishy.

Delrawn Small’s girlfriend gives emotional testimony on day 2 of NYPD officer Wayne Isaacs’ trial

“I just seen blood all over. It was just leaking out,” Albert told the court.

Detained teenager obtains abortion after legal battle with Trump administration

Jane Doe, as she is referred to in court documents to protect her identity, had gotten the judicial waiver that Texas requires from minors seeking abortions without a parent's consent or knowledge.

CBO: Obamacare stabilization bill opposed by Trump would reduce the deficit by $3.8 billion

A bipartisan bill intended to stabilize the individual health care marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act would reduce the deficit by $3.8 billion over the next 10 years.

Mic Wakeup: Jeff Flake’s had enough, Kid Rock won’t run and screaming parties to help you cope

It's Wednesday. Here are three stories you need to read today.

The 2 issues that matter most to Trump voters — and how they drove Flake from the Senate

Trade and immigration drove voters to Donald Trump, and those issues drove Jeff Flake out of the Senate.

Trump says he’s a “victim” after report that DNC, Clinton campaign partly funded Russia dossier

"The victim here is the President,” Trump tweeted Wednesday morning.

NAACP urges black passengers to avoid American Airlines, alleging a pattern of racial discrimination

Until American Airlines addresses allegation of racial discrimination against black passengers, a national travel advisory will stand, the NAACP said.

Here’s how the government just made it easier for companies to rip you off

Hate surprise bank fees — or even worse behavior by the companies you trust with your money? Consumer advocates say “binding arbitration clauses” prevent you from fighting for your rights.

The one stat that shows what Asos is doing right as fashion moves away from brick and mortar

A candid chat with Asos CEO Nick Beighton about the company's meteoric rise in e-commerce — and what lies ahead.

Anthony Bourdain on not supporting women in restaurants more: “I see this as a personal failing”

Bourdain hasn't shied away from speaking out against sexual harassment.

Scott Brown admits he was investigated for comments he made to women on a visit to Samoa

Brown suggested complaints about his comments were politically motivated.

Dems were confident they could beat Jeff Flake. His retirement complicates their path to victory.

Flake's retirement “could conceivably make the race more challenging” for Democrats, one Democratic strategist said.

“We’re not afraid to take risks”: Obama veterans promise aggressive, if risky, state strategy

“There’s a slate of races that could be winnable, but we’ll never win them the way we’re set up today."

Is the Uber credit card a good deal? Here are the key pros and cons.

How does the new Uber credit card with Visa and Barclays compare to the Chase Sapphire Reserve or Platinum AmEx card? Here are the major pros and cons.