Women aren’t advancing because of inherent workplace bias, according to study

“Gender inequality is due to bias, not differences in behavior."

The Disney Channel will air its first queer storyline

It's a big step forward for LGBTQ representation in children's programming.

House GOP announces planned hearing for bill that would ban abortions after 6 weeks

Many women don't even know they're pregnant until well past the six-week mark.

An undocumented 10-year-old was detained by immigration officials after having emergency surgery

Border patrol agents followed her ambulance all the way to the hospital.

Sabina Karlsson on curve and plus-size models in makeup campaigns: “I’m shocked it took this long”

In an interview with 'Mic,' Sabina Karlsson talks her switch from straight-size to curve modeling, and all of her groundbreaking beauty campaigns.

I survived cancer, and I’d punch a hole through any mirror that forced me to smile

The "Smile Mirror" that forces cancer patients to grin is using junk science to sell a $2,000 lie. We have no idea if smiling actually has any measurable impact on our mental state.

Democratic candidate for Va. Governor hits back at Trump: “Don’t talk to me about showing up”

“I served 8 years in the Army, took care of sick kids, and am running to build a more inclusive Virginia,” Ralph Northam replied to Trump on Twitter. “Don’t talk to me about showing up.”

Government Accountability Office will investigate Trump’s voter fraud panel at senators’ request

The nonpartisan watchdog will look into senators' concerns regarding the controversial commission.

Kellogg apologizes for racially insensitive drawing on back of Corn Pops cereal box

"The artwork is updated & will be in stores soon.”

Can’t think of a Halloween costume? Let artificial intelligence do it for you.

Tag yourself in this amazing list of artificial intelligence-generated Halloween costumes. I'm "Petty Fairy."

This British politician painted his nails red — and it wasn’t just in the name of looking fierce

“Modern slavery is a real problem, but it often goes unseen,” the politician wrote in an email to Mic.

This is the most common liberal arts major among billionaires

The richest billionaires in 2017, according to Forbes, share certain college majors in common. Here are their most popular areas of study.

Trump just declared the opioid epidemic a public health emergency. Here’s what that means.

"We are going to overcome addiction in America."

25 top-paying jobs you can do part-time — or from home

The highest paying remote jobs, part-time gigs, side hustles and other employment options that can help you ditch the nine-to-five for good — while still earning a high salary.

What Netflix’s serial killer drama ‘Mindhunter’ teaches us about racial bias in hiring

In an all-too-brief scene you might have missed, 'Mindhunter' shows us that racism was a factor even in deciding who got to chase serial killers.

From cemetery to cider: How one Brooklyn couple foraged graveyard apples for their hard cider

There's a growing movement to use fruit from cemeteries in boozy beverages.

Career Advice: Here’s the best day and time to apply to a job if you want to get an interview

Career advice sometimes skips the important things: like the best days of the week and times of day to submit job applications — and actually get an interview. Here's what research shows.

Mic Wakeup: NAACP gives warning, PR wants Whitefish out and why the DNC funding dossier isn’t big

It's Thursday, Oct. 26. Here are three things you need to know.

These musicians have had sexual misconduct allegations brought against them post-Weinstein

A slew of performers — including big-name artists and lesser-known singer-songwriters — are currently involved in serious scandals.

Report: Trump will fall short of declaring opioid crisis a national emergency, breaking a promise

Public health emergencies and national emergencies are two different things.

‘Black Panther’ costume designer Ruth E. Carter on injecting African culture into the film’s fashion

“I needed to find a way that I could represent the African diaspora and have the technology infused in the clothes in a clever way."

More than 2 months after declaring an opioid crisis, Trump appears to have decided how to proceed

As with health care, tax reform and a host of other initiatives, Trump’s rhetoric on opioids has been long detached from his administration’s policy initiatives.

Why is there suddenly so much semen on TV?

Lately, more and more premium cable and streaming shows are daring to be more realistic about how messy sex can be.

North Korea’s biological weapons are just as dangerous as its nuclear warheads

"Honestly, I wish these threats were taken as seriously as the nuclear weapons threat — because they should be.”

Debra Messing is “on firework woke”

“Hell yes, Debra Messing is more than woke. I’m on firework woke."

Jeff Sessions suggests DOJ will crack down on marijuana growers, even in states that legalized weed

"I do believe that the federal laws clearly are in effect in all 50 states and we will do our best to enforce the laws as we’re required to do so," Sessions said.

This ‘Stranger Things’ tool uses AI to make custom art just for you — and it’s a little creepy

Waste a few minutes at work today by 'Stranger Things'-ifying goofy pictures of your co-workers. We won't tell.

Anna Wintour doesn’t want to invite Donald Trump to the Met Gala ever again

Melania Trump's chance at a 'Vogue' cover just got quite slim.

House Republicans narrowly pass budget, revealing signs of trouble for tax reform

With 20 Republicans voting no on the budget, the GOP could be in for trouble in its tax reform quest.

U by Uniworld Review: A trip on the first-ever river cruise designed for millennials

You can only get on board if you're between the ages of 21 and 45.