The St. Louis protests are taking an “emotional toll” on police. That’s kind of the point.

Protests are designed to make people uncomfortable.

A crackdown on payday loans could make them harder to get. Here are smarter ways to secure cash fast

Here's why these short-term loans are almost always a bad idea and what to do instead if you need cash fast.

Congressman who reportedly pressured mistress to have an abortion resigns

“We thank him for his many years of tireless work on mental health issues here in Congress and his service to the country as a naval reserve officer," Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement.

Asteroid 2012 TC4 is going to fly by Earth on Oct. 12. Here’s how to see it.

The asteroid 2012 TC4 will provide NASA with data that'll help predict asteroids that might come into contact with Earth.

NRA says federal government should look into whether bump stocks should be regulated

The NRA joins a growing number of Republican lawmakers in a call to review bump stocks, which make semiautomatic weapons more deadly.

With Ava Dash and Nala Wayans, the next generation of celebrity-kid models is on the rise

At 17 and 21 years old, these women are ready to take the fashion industry by storm.

How to leverage your credit card to improve your credit

Build (or rebuild) your credit portfolio with one simple tool.

A gun-owning military veteran explains why she supports more gun control laws

She's been shooting guns since she was 6 years old. Here's why she wants new regulations.

‘American Horror Story: Cult’ is a critique of white female privilege

The latest season of Ryan Murphy's anthology series is taking a particularly incisive look at how white women are complicit in Donald Trump's rise.

Republican Party popularity “is in free fall,” new poll finds

A whopping 62% of voters now say they have an unfavorable view of the GOP.

The Justice Department just reversed a policy prohibiting discrimination against transgender workers

“This is a conclusion of law, not policy," Sessions wrote. "As a law enforcement agency, the Department of Justice must interpret Title VII as written by Congress."

Soledad O’Brien on why diversity programs fail

The broadcast journalist talks about the importance of mentorship and meeting students' real needs.

A new study shows how the powerful drug ketamine could help fight severe depression

Ketamine is often sold as an unsavory street drug called Special K. But multiple studies have now demonstrated its efficacy in treating depression.

This artist turns her tears into tiny ice bullets and shoots them from a gun

It's a symbol of her emotions and the struggle to adapt to a different culture.

An artist in Missouri is creating dolls with vitiligo and albinism to celebrate diverse beauty

Kay Customz wants to create dolls that are realistic for everyone.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton suggests a female reporter couldn’t possibly understand football

"It's funny to hear a female talk about routes," the NFL star said of Panthers' beat writer Jourdan Rodrigue.

Across the country, progressives are winning. Is that a sign for 2018?

"We're hopeful this is a sign of what's to come in November."

‘People’ profiled a Las Vegas shooting victim — but his identity can’t be confirmed anywhere else

No one by the name Larry Parra has been identified as a victim in Sunday's shooting.