New Yorkers gather for Halloween parade hours after deadly attack: “We always come back strong”

New Yorkers shared messages of resilience as they attended the annual Village Halloween Parade.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Halloween trick to “teach” his kid about socialism? An economist just gutted it.

Donald Trump Jr. thought Halloween would be a good time to teach his daughters about the dangers of "socialism." He may have been mistaken, if economist Betsey Stevenson is to be believed.

NPR’s head of news resigns amid sexual harassment complaints

NPR said Tuesday that Oreskes would take an indefinite leave of absence.

At the Women’s Convention, reckoning with the white female voters who helped sweep Trump into office

At the core of the discussion at the convention was the feeling that white women have historically failed to come out and support their sisters of color.

Black teen boys 19 times more likely to be killed by homicide than white boys in US, UNICEF reports

Black teens continue to face disproportionate violence in America.

Singer-songwriter Shamir talks about his childhood love of Amerie and The Who

Before Shamir's new album drops, the Las Vegas native opened up to us about some of the first albums he ever bought and his early development as a musician.

This is what it’s like to ride in a self-driving Uber

Uber riders in two cities in the U.S. have access to the new technology.

Schumer says Trump should respond more like Bush — actually he already is

Despite his divisive rhetoric, Trump’s policy response to the New York terror attack is right in line with the mainstream GOP responses of the last 20 years.

Will the Fed raise interest rates in December? What to know about rate hikes, the new chair and more

The Federal Reserve just released their latest policy announcement about how the economy is doing — and when interest rates are set to rise. Here's what you need to know.

Want to get richer — and feel better & happier? These clever moves boost work-life balance & income.

How to take a vacation without feeling guilty — or overspending on it.

New York just had its deadliest terror attack since 9/11 — that’s “stunning,” says one expert

The attack, which killed eight, is the deadliest since Sept. 11, 2001.

Las Vegas one month later: Whatever happened to bipartisan efforts to regulate bump stocks?

In the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, a ban on bump stocks was something on which both Republicans and Democrats could agree. But a month later, it doesn't look like such an easy fix.

Michelle Obama to men: “Y’all need to go talk to each other about your stuff”

Michelle Obama: "Are we protecting our men too much so they feel a little entitled?"

White House walks back Trump’s tweets suggesting Chuck Schumer was to blame for NYC attack

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a harder time explaining why Trump could talk policy after the New York attack, but not after the Las Vegas shooting.

As Trump politicizes tragedy, New York’s Islamic groups wrestle with new challenges

As Trump continues to frame Tuesday’s incident as an example of the dangers of being too politically correct, New York City’s Islamic groups are left to grapple with the dangers of that sentiment.

Trump just turned NYC car attack into a war on “political correctness”

Trump: "We're so politically correct, we're afraid to do anything."

Stressed? Taking a fitness class is way better than going to the gym alone.

Drop your phone and go to a spin class, you anxious mess.

Vehicular attacks like the one in New York City are on the rise. Here’s why.

Eight were killed and several others wounded Tuesday in a style of attack that has become an increasingly common form of terrorism.

Mic Wakeup: Everything we know about the Lower Manhattan terror attack

It's Wednesday. Here's what you need to know about the Lower Manhattan terror attack.

Politics reporter tackled and arrested by Virginia police after cursing

“I’m just a reporter doing my job,” 'Shareblue' reporter Mike Stark can be heard saying about a minute before he was tackled.

From eyelashing showgirls to fake blood in horror films, the 65-year history of Alcone

Its long history comes from a dedication to serving artists.

Trump is already talking immigration after terror attack. What happened to waiting for “the facts”?

Trump’s quick pivot to calling for immigration reform in the wake of a terrorist attack is much different than his response to Las Vegas, Charlottesville, Virginia.

6 foreign nationals, 1 New Jersey grad student identified among victims in New York terror attack

Five Argentine nationals, one Belgian national and one New Jersey grad student were identified as the victims of the New York City vehicular attack on Halloween.

Senate Republicans don’t rule out special counsel for investigation of Russia uranium deal

“I am delighted the attention has now been turned to this."

Here’s what you should know about low-acid coffee

If you have stomach issues or find yourself feeling uncomfortable during exercise, give this a try.

Kevin Spacey used his marginalized identity to deflect toxic allegations. He’s not the first.

The Oscar-winning actor's coming-out statement is part of a larger pattern in U.S. culture.

New right-wing talking point: NYC terror attack was Chuck Schumer’s fault

Trump, joined by right-wing media, is blaming Chuck Schumer and Democrats for creating the system they allege allowed the New York City terror attack suspect to come to New York. Does that hold up?

These cute kids dressed up as black heroes of the past and present for Halloween

A look at mini Colin Kaepernicks, Maxine Waters and more.

The 5 emotions you’ll go through upon seeing Justin Trudeau dressed up as Clark Kent for Halloween

This is real. This happened. Everything is going to be OK.

Bitcoin price tops $7,000 USD — is it a buy or in a bubble? Whether to put stock in CME group news

Bitcoin prices are going through the roof after a major Wall Street institution announced it would be launching a special trading desk for "bitcoin futures." Here's what all that means.

Chuck Schumer to Donald Trump after NYC terrorist attack: “Where is your leadership?”

“President Bush in a moment of national tragedy understood the meaning of his high office and sought to bring our country together. President Trump, where is your leadership?” Schumer said.

Munroe Bergdorf lands herself a new fashion campaign with Missguided, championing empowerment

The campaign #KeepOnBeingYou wants to inspire everyone to live life truthfully.