Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Roy Moore allegations: “I believe the women”

“I believe the women,” Leader McConnell said in Louisville, according to local news outlet WDRB 41.

Christmas & Thanksgiving 2017 Survival Tips: 5 secrets to cheap holiday flights & stress-free travel

Christmas and Thanksgiving are around the corner and it's getting tough to save money on airfare and more. These secrets to cheap holiday travel will eliminate stress and help prevent overspending.

The overall well-being of Americans is worse in 2017, and the election could be partly to blame

A survey of more than 135,000 Americans suggests people aren't doing as well in 2017.

Donald Trump’s Asia trip was a total disaster

From taking Russian President Vladimir Putin's side to lobbing insults at an unpredictable North Korean leader with nuclear capability, Trump's Asia trip veered from crisis to crisis.

The Jake Paul/Martinez Twins YouTube bullying scandal, explained

Paul, who once climbed a KTLA news van mid-interview, has asked the Martinez Twins to "stop being immature."

Maybe it’s time to stop praising brands for showing us stretch marks

After Missguided's move to stop editing its models was met with suspicion, maybe it's time to stop hyping up these brands.

Study shows bystanders are less likely to give a woman CPR in an emergency

A new study found that men were more likely than women to receive CPR from a bystander.

Andrew Garfield on Hollywood’s abuses of power: I’ve been threatened with physical violence

"All I could do was stand my ground and say no as strongly as I possibly could and avoid situations that could have ended up really, really badly for everyone involved."

How do TJ Maxx and Marshalls sell designer clothes so cheap? 5 hacks to save money on fancy duds

These smart shopping hacks help you save on designer clothing. Never pay full price — and never get ripped off. Here's how.

Fifth woman accuses Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct

According to Beverly Young Nelson, Moore told her nobody would believe her account of the incident because of his standing in the community.

Sean Hannity is no stranger to controversy — but his high ratings mean he’s not going anywhere

Advertisers are dropping Sean Hannity — but the Fox News host has shown he can survive controversy.

Here’s why everyone is pissed about the new ‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ game

EA's official response to fans is now the most downvoted Reddit comment of all time.

Roy Moore threatens to sue ‘Washington Post’ over report alleging he molested a 14-year-old

“Why would they come now? Because there are groups that don’t want me in the U.S. Senate,” Moore said.

Hype List: What to check out this week, including ‘Mudbound,’ Mavis Staples and Joe Biden’s new book

Welcome to our weekly recommendations column, in which we highlight all of the pop culture you need to know about.

Trump laughs as murderous Filipino leader Duterte shuts down reporters’ questions about human rights

Trump laughed as Duterte called reporters "spies" for trying to ask about his human rights record. It's still unclear whether Trump and Duterte spoke about human rights.

Republicans say they must pass tax reform or lose in 2018. But what if their plan is unpopular?

Will passing a tax reform plan anchored around unpopular corporate tax cuts win over voters next year?

A guide to empower your journey to buying and selling a home

"Beyond the Walls" is a branded content series in partnership with the National Association of REALTORS® to help guide you on your journey to homeownership

In ‘Howard Stern’ interview, George Takei seemed to describe groping men without their consent

Takei attempted to differentiate between his own behavior and the allegations against Weinstein.

Movie academy silent on Hollywood’s sexual harassment and assault scandals for just one night

During Saturday's Governors Awards, celebs largely evaded interviews on the red carpet, the night largely a-political.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Price Explained: Why cryptocurrencies just crashed and rallied

Bitcoin prices and the price of rival bitcoin cash rose and plunged over the weekend. Here's what you need to know about why cryptocurrency has been so volatile.

Trump nominates Alex Azar, a former pharmecutical executive, as HHS secretary

Trump chose a former drug company executive, despite past tough talk against drug companies.

History-making hijabi Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad is getting her own Barbie doll

As part of Mattel's "sheroes collection," Muhammad is getting her very own doll.

Americans have always hit their kids. Now, the majority of research says it’s time to stop.

“At times, it doesn’t have any effect, but it never has a positive effect.”

Cooks and food bloggers share their internationally inspired Thanksgiving traditions

These appetizers, sides and desserts hail from around the world.

Expats share their tips on celebrating Thanksgiving abroad

The dishes, from turkey shawarma to sausage stuffing to green bean casserole, are a way to connect with community and feel at home.

‘Mindhunter’ is a critique of misogyny — but it still sidelines women in favor of men

Netflix's serial killer drama is more interested in hearing from the men who commit violence, than the women who are the targets of it.