Avoid Thanksgiving traffic with new data from Google Maps

If you'll be in a car this Thanksgiving, this new data from Google Maps can help make the ride more bearable.

Karl Lagerfeld’s gotten 3 strikes, and a 4th one on Saturday, so why isn’t he outta here?

He came for Adele, he came for Kim Kardashian West, he came for Meryl Streep — and now he's talking about the Holocaust.

Actor Caleb Landry Jones has had a stellar year — and he did it by tapping into white rage on-screen

Jones has brought a potent and particular kind of menace to some of 2017's most talked-about projects, including 'Get Out' and 'Twin Peaks: The Return.'

Trump refuses to meet with American Nobel Prize winners, breaking with tradition

Several Nobel Prize recipients have been critical of the president. Now he's breaking with years of tradition and declining to honor them.

George Takei’s Facebook empire strains under sexual harassment allegations

At least six publishers who have paid Takei to share their content to his 9.5 million followers have distanced themselves from the celebrity social media star.

J.Crew apologizes after fans take offense to a black model’s unkempt hair

Many of the white models' hair was also "unkempt."

Road Trip Diaries: 5 quirky-cool stops on the drive from Los Angeles to Palm Springs

This drive highlights the eccentricity of California desert: junk art sculptures, Dr. Seuss-like trees and pool parties at the Ace.

Republican tax bill could slash $25 billion from Medicare, CBO says

Cutting Medicare, the popular social insurance program that provides health care to seniors, is the third rail of politics.

Danielle Brooks on her first fashion collection and what plus-size women need from fashion now

Danielle Brooks' first collection is with Universal Standard, and it's very good.

GOP will try to tack Obamacare repeal to tax reform, which would cause millions to lose health care

Insurance premiums would skyrocket, and millions more would go uninsured. But repealing a key tenet of Obamacare would pay for some of the GOP's tax cuts.

3 takeaways from the Donald Trump Jr.-WikiLeaks revelations

The exchange strongly suggests the president's eldest son coordinated in some way with WikiLeaks.

Sessions, Ryan join McConnell in abandoning Roy Moore amid sexual misconduct allegations

The two Republican leaders in Congress, joined by the former Republican Alabama senator who now serves as the nation’s top law enforcement official, have all turned their backs on Roy Moore.

Sessions says there isn’t enough evidence for special counsel to investigate Clinton

“At this point there is not enough evidence to appoint a special counsel” to investigate Hillary Clinton, Jeff Sessions said.

Mic Wakeup: All the latest on Senate candidate Roy Moore’s alleged sexual misconduct

It's Tuesday, Nov. 14. Here are three things you need to read.

Roy Moore built his political career on beating the establishment. This time is no different.

Roy Moore’s career has been defined by opposing — and often beating — the status quo.

A plurality of Republicans think Roy Moore should drop out of the Alabama senate race

Most Americans want Roy Moore to drop out, a nationwide poll shows.

Sexual assault has been ignored by administrators at black colleges in Atlanta, students say

Recent events at Spelman, Morehouse and Clark Atlanta call out administrators and campus police for failing to protect survivors of sexual assault and harassment.

Trixie and Katya had to perform out of drag on their Viceland show. It wasn’t easy.

These 'RuPaul's Drag Race' contestants say performing in drag is "disgusting," but it's much better than the alternative — presenting as boys.

Calvin Toney is the 196th known black man shot and killed by police in 2017

Police said officers engaged in a struggle with the 24-year-old black man in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, before deadly force was used.

Speier: 2 current congressmen have engaged in sexual harassment

Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) also testified that a current lawmaker exposed himself to a young female staffer.

Jeff Sessions says he now remembers meeting with George Papadopoulos

Sessions blamed his initial lack of recollection on the "chaos" of the Trump campaign.

Jon Stewart breaks his silence on Louis CK allegations: “You feel anger at what he did to people.”

Stewart spoke to NBC's 'Today' about the allegations of sexual misconduct against his friend and colleague.

Pre-Black Friday Sales: BS or a good deal? Why the best 2017 trick to save money is all about timing

Black Friday stress you out? This is how to skip it and get the best deals through early bird — or late — holiday shopping.