Women employees at NPR “furious” at company’s handling of sexual harassment

A coalition of women employees are drafting a memo demanding an explanation as to what went wrong.

Greta Gerwig’s ‘Lady Bird’ is a reminder that “white working class” doesn’t just mean one thing

In her solo directorial and writing debut, Gerwig shows us a white working-class family that doesn't play into the narratives that have loomed over 2017.

Republican Tax Plan 2017: How the House reform bill hits deductions, brackets & the middle-class

Will the tax reform plan affect your tax brackets? Here's a summary of the Republican bill — and a guide to other crucial details you might have missed.

3 takeaways from Republicans’ tax plan

The bill is already meeting opposition, and faces a tough road to passage.

House and Senate Democrats line up to shut down government over protections for DACA recipients

“The CHC will work for as long as it takes to get this done before this Congress goes home for the holidays.”

5 tricks to get paid money for selling your data — since it’s getting sold anyway

Shouldn't you be getting paid for your data if companies are already tracking it?

The unforeseen costs of buying a home

A well-informed homebuyer is a confident homebuyer.

The far-right thinks a violent antifa overthrow is coming Nov. 4, but the truth is far stranger

Is it the people's revolution? Or is it the front group for small communist cult?

Sierra Club calls on Rick Perry to resign after he implies fossil fuels could reduce sexual assault

Perry linked fossil fuel development and sexual assault during an appearence on Thursday.

‘DNAinfo,’ ‘Gothamist’ owner abruptly shutters sites 6 days after staff unionizes

On Thursday afternoon, both websites redirected to a letter to readers signed by the sites' billionaire owner, Joe Ricketts.

Donna Brazile blasts DNC for helping Clinton — but the party’s problems run much deeper

Members of the DNC have been complaining for years about backroom deals and shady practices, now they're finally being heard.

How Trump’s death penalty tweets raise concerns about a tainted trial

The damage might already be done — and Trump of all people should know that, because he’s gotten in trouble for this kind of thing before.

Mic Wakeup: Victims of Manhattan attack identified and Trump’s already talking immigration reform

It's Thursday, Nov. 2. Here are three stories you need to read.

Muslim New Yorkers are bracing themselves for hate crimes after Tuesday’s terror attack

“These are the kinds of things that happen when the perpetrators are Muslim.”

6 Russians may face charges for DNC hack after Justice Department identifies them

The Justice Department says the DNC hacker was not “somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds," as Trump claimed.

“Anti-inflammation” diets are all the rage. But do they really work?

My doctor told me to try it, so I asked experts what they’re all about.

5 things to know about how Russia may have used Facebook, Google and Twitter to hack our election

"Our claims were blown off by the leadership of your companies," one senator said.

Why using “Middle Eastern” as a descriptor for the NYC terror suspect is useless and harmful

Advocates say the nation's political and law enforcement leaders continually fail to set the right tone in the wake of suspected terror incidents.

Lonely Lingerie debuts its first maternity lingerie collection for new and expecting moms

There are nursing bras and underwear with pregnant women in mind.

Jeff Sessions uses speech in wake of NYC attack to double down on visa lottery repeal

The United States Attorney General echoed Trump’s praise for the RAISE Act, a senate bill that would reduce legal immigration and end the diversity visa lottery.

Right-wing megadonor Robert Mercer sells stake in ‘Breitbart’

In a letter to colleagues, Mercer rebuked right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos and said his political beliefs “do not always align” with 'Breitbart' executive chairman Steve Bannon.

Candace Towns, transgender woman, fatally shot in Macon, Georgia

Towns is at least the 23rd transgender person killed so far in 2017.

Rogue Twitter employee deletes Trump’s twitter account

President Donald Trump's Twitter account briefly vanished from the website Thursday night, sparking questions about what led to the disappearance.