‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ understands the humor and trauma of growing up with a Jewish mother

The CW comedy-musical is one of the most striking and authentic explorations of Jewish-American identity on TV today.

From the folks behind this year’s “F*ck Trump” lipgloss comes their latest: “F*ck Hollywood”

Fifty percent of proceeds go to anti-sexual assault organizations.

A gay porn parody of ‘Justice League’ whitewashed its cast with a Trump voter

The sole black protagonist in from the 'Justice League' movie was swapped for a white guy. He's played by an outspoken Trump voter.

Military personnel being investigated for contact with foreign women during Trump’s trip to Asia

The officials in question allegedly broke curfew during Trump’s stopover in Vietnam near the close of his 12-day tour of Asia.

Roy Moore’s Democratic opponent is unafraid to use the child molestation accusations in ads

"Will we make their abuser a U.S. senator?"

Cyber Monday 2017 Deals: The best Amazon, Walmart, EBay, Etsy & Old Navy offers, flight deals & more

Black Monday or Cyber Monday 2017 is expected to be the biggest online shopping day in history. Here are the best deals on Christmas or holiday gifts around — plus other tips on how to save money.

The case for arguing with your Trump-supporting relatives this Thanksgiving

Speaking with people who disagree with you requires more than talking points. It requires courage, confidence and comfort with knowing you might argue and they might get mad at you.

Bitcoin scam? Here are 3 signs a cryptocurrency investment, ICO or altcoin is a fraud

Confido, a cryptocurrency startup, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and then disappeared. Here's how to protect yourself from bitcoin and other cryptocurrency scams and fraudulent ICOs.

12-year-old Tamir Rice was killed by police three years ago today

Twitter users reflect on the somber anniversary.

Why conservatives are obsessed with this Swedish city

Among right-wing news outlets, there is no city more deeply in the throes of death than the city of Malmö, Sweden.

Native women tell the real history of Thanksgiving

Most of what is taught in schools about the holiday features pilgrims and native people sitting down to share a happy meal. But these women say history tells a different story.

Pixar co-founder John Lasseter on leave amid allegations of sexual harassment

A new report details allegations of unwanted touching and harassment by the Disney exec.

Mic Wakeup: Everything you need to know to prep for Thanksgiving the right way

It's Wednesday, Nov. 22. Here are three Thanksgiving stories you need to read.

Hong Kong’s dessert subculture: Why young locals choose sweets over drinks

At night, you're more likely to find young locals bonding over dessert than drinking in nightclubs.

Al Franken’s popularity plummets after sexual harassment allegations

Al Franken's popularity has plummeted to 36% in the wake of sexual harassment allegations.

In deep and necessary appreciation of Armie Hammer — and his beautiful thighs

As a very tall person, I feel seen and validated by the rise of the Armie Hammer thigh discourse.

Ashley Graham lands on ‘Forbes’ highest-paid model list, while models of color remain largely absent

This is the first time a plus-size model has broken onto this list.

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter accused of rape by Melissa Schuman

Schuman's account of being raped by Carter when she was 18 marks the second allegation against the Backstreet Boys performer.

Former ethics director files complaint against Kellyanne Conway for her Roy Moore interview

The former director of the Office of Government Ethics says Conway broke the law when she attacked Democrat Doug Jones and pushed Republican Roy Moore's candidacy in Alabama.

Netflix’s ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ reboot isn’t worthy of a Thanksgiving binge session

Spike Lee's 1986 film has been translated to the small screen as a 10-episode series, but the update still feels stuck in the past.