Is it normal to lie about money, work or job skills? What data suggests about lying — and gender

Lots of people fib about job skills and money. But who's more likely to tell a lie — and why — might surprise you.

Poll: Dems think sexual harassment is a bipartisan issue. Republicans think it’s just Dems.

In the midst of a firestorm over sexual misconduct allegations against powerful men in America, one poll shows how voters in both major parties see the issue — and it could spell trouble for Dems.

Career Advice: This is the best month and time of year to apply for a new job

When is the best time to apply for a job? Here's what data and experts suggest is the smartest season, month, day of the week and time of day to job hunt.

Comcast denies plans to offer internet “fast lanes” — but there’s a tiny catch

Comcast doesn't have any plans to take advantage of a regulation-free internet. But that could change.

Could 2018 be the year Kendrick Lamar finally wins a Grammy for album of the year?

The critically acclaimed rapper has already lost out on the big award twice, but he might get over the finish line with his latest album, 'Damn.'

“Time is not our friend here”: GOP senator suggests tax bill is in trouble if voters learn about it

A Republican senator said Tuesday afternoon that the GOP needed to pass their tax bill soon to avoid it being killed by opposition.

Marvel’s new white editor-in-chief admits he wrote under a Japanese pseudonym

C.B. Cebulski pretended to be a Japanese man named Akira Yoshida.

Dismay and concern grows over Koch brothers’ involvement in Time Inc. acquisition

Current and former Time, Inc. staffers aren’t so sure about the Kochs’ so-called “passive” involvement.

This teen chef cooks in restaurants and will star in a food show — while living with a brain tumor

Jonathan Giovannoni's bacon dishes earned high honors at the recent World Food Championships in Alabama.

Grammys 2018: Women were almost entirely shut out of the rock categories. And there’s no excuse.

Out of 25 nominations in the major rock categories, only two went to female artists.

Grammys 2018: The top nominees are diverse in some ways. But where are the women of color?

A look at three major takeaways regarding who's nominated for album of the year in 2018.

Mic Wakeup: Franken apologizes, Trump mocks Warren and how to have something in common with aliens

It's Tuesday, Nov. 28. Here are three stories you need to read.

What to watch for on a critical day for the Republican tax plan

Senators are having trouble wrangling the votes to pass $1.4 trillion in tax cuts to largely benefit corporations and wealthy Americans.

In Puerto Rico, Bernie Sanders wants to put his progressive vision for America to the test

“This is as close as you can get to a ‘Marshall Plan’ for Puerto Rico."

Trump hints at looming government shutdown, blaming Democrats

Trump's attack is riddled with problems.

Navajo Nation leaders slam Trump after racist “Pocahontas” comment

On Monday, Trump turned a ceremony to honor Native American war heros into a stage for attacking Sen. Elizabeth Warren with racial slurs.

Trump settled lawsuit for $1.3 million over using undocumented immigrants to build Trump Tower

The settlement had been under seal for nearly 20 years.

The South Korean government experiences 1.5 million cyberattacks a day, security experts say

“Nuclear missiles threaten a certain handful of countries, but hacking is a threat against an entire civilization.”

Could Meghan Markle be the fashion world’s next Michelle Obama?

With an eye on more attainable brands and trendy styles, she very well could be.

FCC chair argues Twitter bans, not net neutrality, are the real threat to the internet

FCC chairman Ajit Pai argued Tuesday that net neutrality isn't necessary because sites like Twitter can already "discriminate against content they don’t like.”