Trump tweets graphic, unverified anti-Muslim videos from far-right British politician

The videos were posted by Jayda Fransen, the leader of the far-right group Britain First, who is currently facing charges after giving a speech at an anti-Muslim rally.

A video of Victoria’s Secret angels singing a racial slur has sparked a massive backlash

The video was taken backstage, and Cardi B just retweeted about it, too.

Former USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar pleads guilty to sexual assault charges

More than 100 victims accused the former USA Gymnastics doctor of sexual assault.

“The Oscars of gay porn” under intense scrutiny for now-removed best ethnic scene category

This act reinforces and perpetuates the idea that men of color are not fit or worthy sexually in the same capacity that white men are.

Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ trailer is out and we can’t keep calm

The ultimate 'Avengers' movie is finally almost here.

4 former employees accuse celebrity chef Johnny Iuzzini of sexual harassment and abuse

The employees worked for Iuzzini when he was the head pastry chef at Jean-Georges restaurant in New York.

Garrison Keillor fired from Minnesota Public Radio following allegations of “inappropriate behavior”

The show 'A Prairie Home Companion,' which Keillor hosted until 2016, will be renamed, MPR said.

Donald Trump believes women — as long as they’re accusing his enemies of wrongdoing

Trump’s response to Lauer, Franken misconduct allegations underscores his history of hypocrisy.

A Trump communications staffer just gave travel ban opponents their biggest gift yet

“The president has addressed these issues with the travel order,” a White House communications aide said when asked about whether Trump thinks Muslims are a threat.

Trump’s “Britain First” retweets are the latest challenge to US-UK relationship

"It is wrong for the president to have done this."

Trump says the US hasn’t had a tax cut since Ronald Reagan. That’s not true.

Trump plays the hits as he pitches his tax plan to Missouri supporters.

From the streets of NYC to the pages of ‘Vogue,’ meet — and fall in love with — model Leyna Bloom

In an interview with 'Mic,' Bloom opens up about her past and her recent skyrocket to fashion fame.

Murkowski says she will vote for Republican tax plan, bringing bill one huge step closer to passing

With Murkowski voting for the tax bill, all eyes are on these key Republican senators.

7 smart money moves to make before 2018 — to end up richer in the new year

The end of 2017 is creeping up: From putting more money in your 401(k) to figuring out your health plan for 2018, now's a great time to get your finances in order.

MacOS High Sierra Root Bug: If you have a Mac computer, you need to update your software right away

Unless you want a total stranger to gain access to your machine, you should probably download the newest software update.

Here’s what Donald Trump could learn from Ronald Reagan about tax reform

Reagan's tax reforms made him a hero to Republicans. But they caused the deficit to grow — and his own policy adviser now says the tax cuts hurt the economy.

These are the most Instagrammed restaurants in America in 2017

Here's what they tell us about the way we eat now.

Mic Wakeup: Trump’s in trouble, harassment is bipartisan and what the GOP doesn’t want you to know

It's Wednesday, Nov. 29. Here are three stories you need to read.

NBC News fires Matt Lauer over “inappropriate sexual behavior”

His former co-hosts announced the firing on the air.

Here’s how Trump has responded to North Korean missile tests since he took office

Trump's response on Tuesday to North Korea's latest missile test was tame — especially in comparison to his "fire and fury."

When studies say the GOP tax plan hurts the middle class, Republican senators dismiss the findings

"It's just — it's wrong." "It's not true." "Economic forecasting makes those late-night psychic hotlines they advertise on TV look great."

Report: Trump still doesn’t think Obama was born in the US

Trump said during the campaign that he settled the birther issue, but he seems to be clinging to his most bizarre racist conspiracy theory.

11 gifts from black-owned brands, perfect for the new homeowner

From small, gold-encased candles to mango wood coasters, these items are sure to bring joy to whoever receives them.

Trump spreads fake conspiracy theory about ‘Morning Joe’ co-host Joe Scarborough

Trump dredged up the death of a former Scarborough aide from nearly two decades ago. The aide died of a blood clot from an undiagnosed heart condition.

Chrissy Teigen and more call out Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show after footage of model falling airs

The CBS airing also showed model Ming Xi crying after the fall.

Who is the real CFPB acting director: Mick Mulvaney or Leandra English? Here’s what to know.

President Donald Trump's attorneys nabbed a win regarding Trump's ability to appoint a new director to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Beyoncé — a beacon of hope, light and goodness — had the most-liked Instagram post of 2017

In a world so terrible, Beyoncé's goodness still rules.

The jailed coal CEO who oversaw a mine where 29 workers were killed is now running for Senate

Don Blankenship went to jail for conspiracy to commit mine safety violations. Now he's running for Senate as a Republican in West Virginia