Mic Wakeup: Dems fight for DACA, Gothamist shuts down and why “Middle Eastern-looking” isn’t right

It's Friday. Here are three things you need to know.

Bernie Sanders: I won’t vote to keep government open without DACA fix

Sanders is now the third senator to say explicitly they would not support a year-end bill to fund the government without protections for DACA recipients.

A fake news writer reveals how he’s making money on Facebook

The issue of fake news is not a problem contained to Russia. An American social media strategist is blowing the whistle on how easy it is to make money by creating fake news on Facebook.

There’s a petition to keep Casey Affleck from presenting at the next Oscars

The petition already has more that 17,000 signatures.

High levels of air pollution in the U.S. is linked to psychological stress, study says

We may not always be able to see it, but air pollution is having a serious — and deadly — impact on Americans.

White House approves report that says humans are the cause of global warming

"It is extremely likely that human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse gases, are the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century."

Bowe Bergdahl won’t serve jail time. Here’s why he was on trial in the first place.

Bowe Bergdahl's sentencing Friday brings the years-long saga of his desertion and capture to an end.

The “middle-income family” used by GOP to sell their tax bill would pay more by 2027, economist says

The new GOP tax bill might be less generous to the middle class than it seems, according to a new analysis.

Here’s a timeline of when Kevin Spacey’s alleged incidents of sexual misconduct occurred

The allegations against Spacey span from the actor's New York theatre beginnings in the 1980s to his work on 'House of Cards.'

There is a generational divide between gay men when it comes to Kevin Spacey

Beloved queer performance artist Taylor Mac is one among his generation expressing empathy for Spacey's actions.

Snapchat just released a bird with arms character — and these Redditors are thrilled

Who could've predicted a little bird with arms could mean so much to so many people?

What Melania Trump wore her 41st week as first lady — for Halloween trick-or-treaters and beyond

Melania didn't dress up for Halloween, but she did wear a nice coat.

Veterans Day 2017 Freebies: All the free meals and deals you can score on this national holiday

Get free food and and other great deals on Veterans Day 2017.

Trump administration suggests action against ACLU lawyers in teen immigrant abortion case

Department of Justice lawyers are calling for the American Civil Liberties Union attorneys to be disciplined for having “misled” the DOJ about the nature of the girl’s Oct. 25 appointment.

4 female lawmakers allege sexual harassment in Congress, highlighting ongoing problem in politics

Women in politics are often the victims of the same predatory behavior women in any other male-dominated field face.

Black Lives Matter receives the Sydney Peace Prize: “This movement is global and has been global.”

Australia's International Prize for Peace is arguably the most prestigious award the movement has received to date.

From Russia to tax reform to losing the popular vote, the buck stops with everyone but Trump

A (somewhat) comprehensive guide to Trump blaming other people when things don't go his way.

“No whole fish with the heads still on”: Trump gets ready for important Asia tour as only Trump can

North Korea imbroglio will take center stage as the president heads out on another trip abroad.

Why are Americans still so afraid of the flu vaccine?

You can't get the flu from the vaccine, and other myths busted.

GOP tax reform bill opposed by half of Americans

Just 33% support the Republicans’ tax plan, according to a new 'Washington Post'/ABC News poll.

Trump goes after Hillary Clinton, Democrats and ISIS in morning Twitter rant

Trump is back on Twitter after a brief respite and he's making up for lost time.

Elizabeth Warren slams Trump: “Slurs, lies and trash talk won’t stop the FBI from doing its job”

Warren said Trump's tweets about the DNC were an act of "desperation," after two of his campaign staffers were indicted and one pleaded guilty in the Russia probe.

The 3 sneakiest ways companies trick you into overpaying — and how to outwit them and save money

Retailers can be sneaky. Spot their tricks to save more cash.

People are already having a blast with iPhone X’s animated emojis that scan your face

This is the feature people are obsessed with.

Meet Mindy Scheier, the mom fighting to make clothes for people with disabilities mainstream

In recent years, disabled models and adaptive clothing have been more visible than ever. Scheier still wants more.

Lifecycling: Veterans breathe new life into military surplus

Denver-based Sword and Plough repurposes military surplus while empowering the veteran community.

While You Weren’t Looking: 5 stories from Trump’s Cabinet that don’t involve Russia or the DNC

Trump considers allowing uranium mining in the Grand Canyon, Perry says fossil fuels can prevent sexual assault and Betsy DeVos breaks a pledge.