A Texas congressman, falling for a 4chan joke, just went on CNN and misidentified the church shooter

This is the third time we've written about this. Please let it be the last.

With no evidence, media reports link Texas church shooter to antifa movement

False claims about the shooter spread across right-wing media in the aftermath of Sunday’s mass shooting.

Off-duty NYPD officer who fatally shot Delrawn Small is not guilty of murder and manslaughter

Small's death preceded the police shooting deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, in July 2016.

These American cities are preparing for a future with autonomous vehicles

They are playing with delivery bots, electric shuttles and self-driving taxis.

As the ‘Overwatch’ Moira release looms, some fans hope for a transgender hero

Moira's David Bowie-inspired look has some 'Overwatch' fans crossing their fingers.

A white man allegedly killed 26 people at a Texas church, and white Americans will be fine

Muslims and nonwhite people face large-scale punishment following crimes by people who look like them. But after Texas, white life will likely continue uninterrupted.

Trump started his Asia tour by eating burgers made from American beef

You can take Trump out of America, but you can't take American cravings out of Trump.

@Diet_Prada is calling out fashion phonies — and taking prisoners along the way

The viral Instagram account, beloved by Naomi Campbell, has sent ripples through the fashion industry.

14-year-old allegedly killed by his own father was gay, former caretaker says

Police say Giovanni Melton was killed by his father, 53-year-old Wendell Melton.

Domestic violence is a link among most mass shooters — but America continues to ignore it

The alleged shooter in Sutherland Springs, Texas, had a history of domestic violence — continuing a familiar pattern.

Tax Policy Center retracts analysis of GOP tax plan

The non-partisan group retracted an analysis that found the GOP tax plan would raise taxes on some low-income families, while cutting taxes for the rich by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In the wake of deadly church shooting, Texas attorney general calls for more guns in churches

The NRA-backed argument that the only solution to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun has been challenged by experts and academics.

This is the scariest job interview question — and how to answer it

Here's some career advice: Nail your next job interview by being prepared for this popular question.

It took Trump 2 days to call for action after the NYC vehicular attack. What about mass shootings?

Looking for Trump to take action after the mass shooting at a Texas church? Here's why you probably shouldn't hold your breath.

Christmas shopping 2017: Americans may put the brakes on spending this holiday season

If you're trying not to splurge this holiday season, you're definitely not alone, according to a new survey from

Mic Wakeup: Mass shooting in Texas church, #ParadisePapers and (perhaps) looming Mueller charges

Here are three stories to start your day on Monday, Nov. 6.

My Happy Place: Wyclef Jean reveals his hidden paradise in Haiti

For Jean, the synesthetic combination of music, nature and religious ceremonies makes this place one of the most treasured spots in the world.

Hype List: What to check out this week, including Taylor Swift and ‘The Girlfriend Experience’

Welcome to our weekly recommendations column, in which we highlight all of the pop culture you need to know about.

The Election Day documentary '11/8/16' is a tough watch at times. But that’s the point.

For his new film, creator and producer Jeff Deutchman braids together 16 different stories and perspectives on the 2016 presidential election.

The benefits of a grief-cation: How travel helped me deal with losing my mom to cancer

When the doctor told us she had months to live, I started contemplating where I could heal.

Vanessa Friedman, chief fashion critic at the ‘New York Times,’ sounds off on fashion’s future

"I think fashion week has tried to evolve its old structure to reflect new reality. Whether it can keep evolving or not, I’m not entirely sure."

Sutherland Springs Shooting: 6 ways the Texas shooting is similar to recent mass shooting incidents

The semi-automatic rifle was purchased legally by a white man with a violent past.

Trump calls Texas shooting mental health issue after making buying guns easier for the mentally ill

Trump said the shooting at a church in Texas is a "a mental health problem at the highest level." But Trump made it easier for the mentally ill to buy guns.

New Yorkers rally in support of ‘Gothamist’ and ‘DNAinfo’ outside City Hall

City council members, community activists and readers all gathered to protest the recent shuttering of local news sites 'DNAInfo' and 'Gothamist.'