Mic Wakeup: Trump, our nation’s children and the “Kremlin connection”

Here’s everything you missed while you were disconnecting this weekend. Happy Dec. 4!

People are breaking a cutting-edge cryptocurrency market with a virtual cat trading game

The most expensive digital cat was sold for more than $100,000.

North Korean college coders beat Stanford University in a 2016 competition. Here’s why that matters.

North Korea is raising its next generation of hackers — and so far, it appears to be working.

Facebook’s Messenger app for kids is out — here’s all the data it’s collecting

It won't track your location, but you can't use the middle finger emoji.

Chronicling Meghan Markle’s long-standing love affair with fashion, from designer to fashion icon

She's popped up at New York Fashion Week for years, and designed her own collections too.

Need stress relief? 3 simple steps to feel better about life and happier at work every day

Here's how to start feeling better every day — and stop taking work stress home with you — by better blocking out your time.

Calabasas is now a fashion runway after Kim Kardashian West debuts Yeezy Season 6

West put on her own fashion show for Yeezy Season 6 at locations as random as a FedEx store in Calabasas, California.

Netflix will continue ‘House of Cards’ without Kevin Spacey

The series' sixth and final season will focus on the character of Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright.

With a government shutdown looming, Democrats are now poised to gain the upper hand

A group of House conservatives could thwart a funding deal, setting the stage for a potential government shutdown.

Kenya Moore’s apology for transphobia on ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ was totally insufficient

For the second week in a row, the 'RHOA' star made transphobic comments on the Bravo reality show.

Scientists are raising worms in space soil in hopes of bringing Earthly life to Mars

It's no Sweet Green, but scientists are on their way to making a Martian salad.

The “art vs. artist” debate should end with 2017

At this point, the question of whether we can separate the art from the artist feels naive and, worse, narcissistic.

Donald Trump endorses accused child molester Roy Moore: “Go get ’em, Roy!”

Trump has now issued a full-fledged endorsement of Moore over Democrat Doug Jones — both of whom are vying for Senate in Alabama.

Hype List: What to check out this week, including ‘The Crown’, ‘The Newspaperman’ and more

Welcome to our weekly recommendations column, in which we highlight all of the pop culture you need to know about.

Republicans are championing a deeply, historically unpopular agenda

From health care and taxes, to Roy Moore and immigration, the GOP consistently veers toward positions deeply disliked by most Americans.

11 gifts that support organizations Trump is trying to dismantle

Instead of being frustrated by the current administration, give the gift of change with these items.

This unlikely supergrain comes from beer brewing and is often thrown away

These startups are turning the leftover grain into nutrient-rich snack bars and flour for baking.

After a tweet asks to name a “bitch badder than Taylor Swift,” the internet offers a history lesson

An example: Franceska Mann, a ballerina who led a riot in Auschwitz.

Watch this Australian MP propose to his partner right after a same-sex marriage bill was introduced

The proposal came as Australia's government debates legislation to legalize same-sex marriage.

Trump appears to have admitted to obstruction of justice — now what?

Trump said he knew Flynn lied to the FBI when he fired him, an admission some legal experts say amounts to obstruction of justice and puts Trump in legal hot water.

Supreme Court allows Trump’s travel ban to go into effect, as legal challenges continue

The ruling is a win for President Donald Trump.