Congressional Republicans are trying to sneak a “gift” to the NRA into a gun safety bill

House Republicans are attempting to pass a bill to make it easier to carry a concealed weapon in the United States by tying it to a bipartisan gun safety measure.

Obama and LeBron had 4 of Twitter’s 9 most re-tweeted tweets of 2017. Guess who didn’t have any?

None of Trump's tweets about the fake news or crooked Hillary were among Twitter's most retweeted tweets of 2017.

A trans woman said she was banned from Tinder because of transphobic men — again

Swiping while trans might get you banned from Tinder permanently.

Credit card payment pain? Pros and cons of store cards from Walmart, Amazon, Costco, TJX and more

What is the best store credit card? Are they good value? What to know on the Amazon Prime card, as well as those from Walmart, Target, Gap, Macy's, TJ Maxx, Costco, Best Buy, Home Depot and JCPenney.

Meet All 67, the new brand helping plus-size women finally find a good, badass leather jacket

With options in black leather, vegan leather and suede, designer Jeff Cafone is making sure women of all sizes get the jacket they've long deserved.

Trump’s claim the tax bill is a win for Republicans is just wrong, new polls show

Polling shows the tax bill is immensely unpopular, with voters now favoring Democrats over Republicans on the issue of taxes — a major shift that signals trouble for the GOP.

Getting married? 5 smart moves to maximize the value of your wedding registry

Should you register at Target, Amazon or Bed Bath and Beyond — or all of the above? Is there a list of items you shouldn't forget to add to the wedding registry? This guide answers all.

Here’s what Republican tax cuts could pay for

The tax cuts could pay for a decade worth of food stamps, nutrition and health care for infants and mothers, heating assistance for low-income families and cash grants to poor, struggling families.

Tonya Harding is an antihero in ‘I, Tonya.’ But the American public is the villain.

Director Craig Gillespie looks at our nation's endless appetite for scandal and disgrace in his latest film.

Mikayla Holmgren becomes the first woman with Down syndrome to compete in a state Miss USA pageant

Holmgren, 22, made history at the 2017 Miss Minnesota USA pageant.

Here’s a brief history of every country that’s been banned from the Olympic games

Russia has been barred from participating in the upcoming South Korea Winter Olympic Games.

Why Washington’s fight over protecting 800,000 immigrants could shut down the government

Democrats and moderate Republicans are facing off against a powerful conservative minority over whether to protect people who came to the U.S. as children.

Britney grossly missed the point of Madonna’s AIDS post — that’s pretty on brand for her, these days

There's cause for offense, to be sure — but let's consider the bigger picture.

The EU wants to ban doner kebabs — yet another example of discrimination against food vendors

The EU cites health concerns as the reason behind the ban.

Border arrests are down but ICE deportations have surged since Trump took office

The report comes as Congress prepares for a potential government shutdown over DACA and funding for Trump's border wall.

British ‘Vogue’ prioritizes diversity with new Taylor Swift cover

After a historic December issue featuring the third black model to ever appear on its cover, diversity efforts seem to have halted.

The secret ingredient at this Brooklyn restaurant? Food that’s normally considered garbage

Food waste flavors everything at Reynard's, from beef-fat potatoes to oven-roasted tomatoes.

Mic Wakeup: Trump endorsed Roy Moore, shrunk monuments and banned travel for many all in one day

It’s Tuesday, Dec. 5. Here are three stories you need to read.

Fewer refugees, more deportation arrests: 9 figures that show how Trump has changed immigration

Fewer people are being arrested at the border, but there has been a 40% jump in the number of people arrested for deportation within the U.S.

RNC demanded Dems return money from accused harassers. Now it’s backing an accused child molester.

The RNC’s decision to financially support Roy Moore is not only a reversal from the party’s initial stance to cut Moore off, but it’s a stunning act of hypocrisy.

Indiana congressman proposes bill criminalizing lawmakers who protect undocumented immigrants

The proposed bill would impose jail time and a $1 million fine on politicians who protect undocumented immigrants from deportation.

Sophia the robot has been given the perfect drag queen makeover thanks to legendary queen Aquaria

“Robots may or may not be planning to take over our world, but if they are, I am prepared to prove that I am on their side and blend in.”

Road Trip Diaries: 6 spectacular places on the drive from Denver to Rocky Mountain National Park

If you dare, stay at the spooky Stanley Hotel, which inspired Stephen King's 'The Shining.'

After Trump shrinks protected lands, Patagonia, REI and The North Face fight back

Trump wants two national monuments in Utah — Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante — shrunken dramatically.

John Conyers resigns amid sexual harassment allegations

Conyers, 88, made the announcement from a hospital bed, and endorsed his son to succeed him in his Detroit-based House seat.

A Jesuit priest reveals the big problem with the so-called “war on Christmas”

Whether it’s the words of department store clerks, the decorations on our coffee cups, the songs our children sing in schools or the holiday symbols lining our streets, Americans cannot seem to agree.

John Oliver went in on Dustin Hoffman over harassment allegations during a panel discussion

Oliver pressed Hoffman on the allegations against him and what he called Hoffman's "cop-out" response.

‘Call Me By Your Name’ isn’t groundbreaking, so why are we so charmed by it?

The film possesses a curious appeal, perhaps not in spite of its refusal to identify gayness, but because of it.