Donald Trump's executive order on lobbying cited a law that doesn't exist

Parts of the executive order were lifted verbatim from orders signed by Obama.

Dominican newspaper apologizes for using photo of Alec Baldwin instead of Donald Trump

Baldwin's impression of Trump is that good.

The GOP finally busted an “illegal” voter — and she’s a Republican

That didn't stop them from imposing a ridiculously harsh sentence.

Jessica Alba was told she "wasn't Caucasian enough to play the leading lady" by Hollywood

Alba said she was told she'd play "exotic" roles.

Nikki Haley thinks this Palestinian shouldn't work at the UN just because he's Palestinian

Even Israeli officials like Salam Fayyad, but he's too Palestinian for the Trump administration.

Protests, riots continue after Paris police accused of raping 22-year-old black man with baton

Protests continued well into Saturday, with at least one car set on fire.

Trans teen Jazz Jennings is the model for the world's first transgender doll

Jazz Jennings is coming to a toy store near you.

Piers Morgan got burned on 'Real Time' then dragged by JK Rowling in real time

The pharmacy is all out of burn cream.

15 photos from the massive nationwide protests against Trump's deportations and Muslim ban

It's the fourth weekend of protests against President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump's latest lie about vote fraud questions a sitting senator's legitimacy

Trump said New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan did not legitimately win her election.

iPhone 8 Rumors: Photos, price, models, leaks and everything to expect for its release

All the fun stuff that may come with the new iPhone.

Planned Parenthood protests in New York draw massive crowds in support of women's rights

At the Margaret Sanger Center, anti-abortion protesters were hugely outnumbered.

Beyoncé doesn't need your Grammys, she's already queen

The Grammys do not give Beyoncé legitimacy. She gives them legitimacy.

Carl Higbie, a former Navy SEAL, has reportedly interviewed for Sean Spicer's job

Higbie could be taking on a communications role in the Trump administration.

ICE Raids: Everything we know so far about immigration arrests sweeping 6 states

An ICE official said the raids were routine, but admitted that operations in LA, NY and Chicago weren't "entirely coincidental."

Intelligence officials have corroborated parts of leaked dossier, CNN reports

Officials, however, did not confirm any of the "salacious" details of the report.

Who is performing on 'SNL' tonight? Here's who's taking the stage Saturday

Ed Sheeran will perform on 'SNL' for the second time.

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Here's how to get tickets to see the late-night host.

9 apps you need to make Valentine's Day planning as painless as possible

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Before "Carpool Karaoke," 'Late Late Show' host James Corden was in two boy bands

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