Piers Morgan fell right into JK Rowling’s self-drag trap

Piers Morgan meant to humiliate J.K. Rowling, but the only image hurt was his own.

Kim Jong Nam's Rumored Assassination: The bizarre case of Kim Jong Un's half brother

Kim Jong Nam, formerly North Korea's heir apparent, may have been poisoned in Kuala Lumpur.

Trans woman JoJo Striker shot and killed in Toledo, initially misgendered in media reports

JoJo Striker is the third reported transgender homicide in 2017.

White nationalists are posting "Imagine a Muslim-free America" fliers on college campuses

Students have spotted posters at the University of Texas at Austin, University of Central Florida and Rutgers University.

Is 'The Flash' new tonight? When to watch season 3, episode 13

In the next episode of 'The Flash', Barry will travel to Gorilla City to save Earth-2's Harry. But when will the episode air?

Michael Flynn resigns in scandal from position as national security adviser

Flynn was reportedly vulnerable to blackmail by the Russian government.

Nintendo Switch vs. Wii U GamePad: 15 more photos show the striking size difference

The Nintendo Switch without the Joy-Cons attached is almost the same size as the iPhone 7 Plus. This is not a drill.

'Overwatch' Doomfist Release Date: Unity Day rumor gains traction among fans

Doomfist may finally have a release date — if this 'Overwatch' Unity Day fan theory pans out.

Free Valentine's Day e-cards: 7 of the funniest and sweetest cards to share on Feb. 14

Celebrate Valentine's Day the cheap and paper-free way.

Michael Flynn just resigned as national security adviser. Here's why.

Michael Flynn was on thin ice after a harsh day in the news over his phone call with a Russian ambassador.

Future 2017 tour with Migos: Concert dates, locations and how to buy tickets

Find out when the rapper is coming to a city near you.

For the first time ever, American Girl will release an American Boy doll

His name is Logan Everett, and he's a young boy from Nashville.

'The Bachelor' 2017: Who did Nick Viall send home in week 7?

Who did Nick send home and who's still left?

Here's what happens to your brain when you’re in love

Before you go falling in love this Valentine's Day, take note.

Standing Rock prepares for what could be its last stand against the Dakota Access pipeline

The resistance at Standing Rock is set for what could be its largest showdown yet.

Chyler Leigh talks 'Supergirl' and the importance of Alex Danvers' queerness

"You can't make everyone happy, but I know we've made a heck of a lot more people happy than we have unhappy."

Gay Twinks4Trump creator Lucian Wintrich is now a part of the White House press pool

Wintrich will report on the White House for a right-wing blog and called the criticism of his credentials "incendiary nonsense."

Restaurants with free or discounted Valentine's Day deals — because food is love

Valentine's Day is the perfect day to share your love of chain restaurants.

Marijuana Under a Microscope: These ultra-close-up images might just blow your mind

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15 Science fiction movies you need to watch at least once

The essential cinema guide to aliens and time travel

Disabilities act info page disappears from Education Department website. We've seen this before.

Instead, the site refers visitors to the lengthy and impenetrable law itself.

Here's the White House's nonsensical timeline of how Donald Trump fired Mike Flynn

The various accounts of Flynn's firing don't add up.

PAL-V Flying Car: You can now buy a car that flies through the air at 112 mph

Meet the world's first flying car.

'Injustice 2' Roster Leak: New Valentine's trailer contradicts earlier character rumors

A trio of new character reveals could invalidate the leaked 'Injustice 2' roster from a while back.

'For Honor: Gold Edition' Code Not Working? Players report issues with the special release

There's a simple reason why your 'For Honor' Gold Edition code might not be working yet.

What did PewDiePie say? Disney breaks with YouTube star after anti-Semitic imagery.

The wildly popular YouTube star has lost a Disney partnership after a series of videos included anti-Semitic messaging.

How to go from lazy procrastinator to to-do list wizard — in 3 easy steps

You're smarter than your to-do list — and more ambitious than you know.

Can you afford a pet? Here's how much it really costs to be a proud cat lady or doggie dad.

Think thousands not hundreds – of dollars – a year.

'For Honor' Observables: How to spot them in the single-player campaign and what they do

Confused about what those little eyes mean in the 'For Honor' campaign? Here's what you need to know about Observables.

What is the Logan Act? How Michael Flynn's apparent Russian contacts may have been illegal

Michael Flynn is out of the White House — but did he break the law?

Nintendo Switch Games: '1-2-Switch' hands-on review — Better than Wii Sports? Worth $50?

Nintendo's '1-2 Switch' is shaping up to be better than Wii Sports, but it should still come for free with the system.

This tweet perfectly sums up the chaos in Donald Trump's White House

Mike Flynn resigned in disgrace, and Trump has almost nothing to say about it.

Trump confidant Roger Stone knows who to blame for leaking: GOP "establishment assholes"

Stone says figures like White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus aren't on board with the president's agenda.

20 of the best romantic movies on Netflix in 2017

Because sometimes you just need to watch a good love story.

Mar-a-Lago: The strange history behind Donald Trump's private Palm Beach club

A brief history of the Mar-a-Lago resort, from Marjorie Merriweather Post to Donald Trump.

High-CBD, Low-THC Strains: The best marijuana for anxiety, pain, relaxation or sleep

Here are the effects of high-CBD, low-THC strains. This marijuana may not get you high — but it will help you relax.

'Overwatch' Valentine's Day Cards: Adorable fan-made valentines to send to your player 2

Check out these hilarious (and romantic) 'Overwatch' Valentine's Day cards.

With "Xxpen$ive," Erika Jayne proves she's the truest 'Real Housewives' pop star

With her latest music video, Erika Jayne proves she's the real deal.

Valentine's Day Playlist: 13 songs to get you in the mood for the holiday of love

These songs are a must for your playlist.

Steven Mnuchin, millionaire and former Goldman Sachs exec, confirmed as Trump's treasury secretary

Mnuchin was confirmed 53-47 Monday night, with only one Senate Democrat voting in approval.

Omarosa reportedly "physically intimidated" black journalist April Ryan

Ryan, who has covered the White House for 20 years, said Omarosa is "trying to harm my integrity and my career."

'Pokémon Go' Valentine's Day Event: How to get the most out of the update before it ends

Get the most out of the remaining days of the 'Pokémon Go' Valentine Day's event.

'Fire Emblem Heroes' New Characters Update: 4 old-school heroes are coming soon

Nintendo is reaching far into 'Fire Emblem' history for its newest 'Fire Emblem Heroes' characters.

(Exclusive) Bill Gates explains how he spent $30 billion of Warren Buffett's money

In a wide-ranging interview, the billionaire founder of Microsoft touched on everything from fake news to gender equality.