'Pokémon Go' Gen 2 Rarity Chart: Guide to new Johto Pokémon after the update

If you're trying to catch 'em all in 'Pokémon Go,' consult with this Gen 2 rarity chart first!

What is Zealandia? Here's the evidence for an eighth "lost continent" under New Zealand

Zealandia meets the elevation and geology criteria to be considered a continent.

Donald Trump’s sexist joke shows he hasn’t changed at all

Trump joked that only an airplane can look beautiful over the age of 30.

'Pokémon Go' Special Items Update: How to get special items to evolve Gen 2 Pokémon

How to find those sweet special items in 'Pokémon Go' after the Gen 2 update.

How to get a metal coat in 'Pokémon Go' Gen 2: Where to get one and how to use it

It's a simple process, but it'll probably take some time to find a metal coat in 'Pokémon Go' after the Gen 2 update.

Fox News' Shepard Smith called Trump out for his BS — and viewers are ripping him apart

Longtime Fox News anchor Shepard Smith called out Trump for avoiding to address questions about Russia, and viewers are pissed.

Donald Trump's pick to replace Michael Flynn just turned down the job

Retired Vice Adm. Robert Harward rejected Trump's offer to be national security adviser, reportedly calling it a "shit sandwich."

Bernie Sanders just proposed a law to save millennials' retirements

Sanders' proposal would ultimately force Trump to keep a major campaign promise.

Trump's 3 trips to Mar-A-Lago as president cost an estimated $10 million in federal funds

That's $10 million for just three weekends away.

Twitter roasts photo of a "Trump Caucus" for being overwhelmingly white and male

Just one woman — Rep. Marsha Blackburn — was part of the meeting.

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A look at the best songs on the rapper's latest album.

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These 3 huge mental blocks are stopping you from getting rich

How to save money and get richer by changing your mindset.

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'Pokémon Go' Gen 2 Egg List: Chart reveals new 10km eggs hatching after the update

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Ashley Judd: Children and youth are not for sex

"I know firsthand that there is no such thing as sexual consent between an adult and a minor."

Nintendo Switch UI Leak: Early preorder shipments reveal dark mode settings and more

A number of Nintendo Switch units have shipped early, inadvertently leaking the new UI.

Bank workers will protest to form their first US union — and the whole world is watching

These workers are fighting for themselves and their customers.

'Pokémon Go' Gen 2 Update Review: Day 1 with new Pokémon, evolution items and more

One day with the game's biggest update yet: 'Pokémon Go' Gen 2 reviewed.

New 'Overwatch' Character Rumors: Blizzard reveals Doomfist won't be the next release

The next 'Overwatch' character isn't the hero you're thinking over. Sorry, Doomfist hopefuls.

'The Walking Dead': How to watch season 7, episode 10 online

Will we find out what happened to Father Gabriel?

What just-confirmed EPA administrator Scott Pruitt means for the environment and jobs

And of course, there is an email controversy linked to Scott Pruitt.

Who was Britney Spears married to? A breakdown of all her major boyfriends, husbands and fiancés.

Before you watch Lifetime's 'Britney Ever After', meet the men from her past.

Donald Trump just declared the media an "enemy of the American people"

The Founding Fathers would probably have a bone to pick with that statement.

Meet Shannon Coulter, the woman leading the #GrabYourWallet movement and getting under Trump's skin

"It's not political for me. It’s really more about fundamental human decency and respect."

Trump Approval Rating Today: Where Gallup and other polls have the president now

Most polls show low approval ratings for Donald Trump as he defends embattled administration as a "fine-tuned machine."

General Strikes, "Not My President's Day" rallies planned in NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago

Here's where the protests are happening from Feb. 17 to Feb. 20 in a few major cities.

'For Honor' Steel Glitch: Video claims to show an exploit that yields unlimited steel

There is apparently a way to game the in-game money system in 'For Honor' and get unlimited steel.

Team Trump's survey asks for your opinions — but really wants your money

Think you're beating the system? Think again.

'Pokémon Go' Nest migration 14: Gen 2 update means big spawn location changes

The latest 'Pokémon Go' nest migration arrived just in time for a huge Gen 2 update.

4 biggest myths about previous presidents, debunked

Here are four presidential myths that don't stand up to scrutiny.

Trump Tax Day Protest: Here's what protesters are planning for April 15

The Tax March will demand that Donald Trump finally release his tax returns.

How to evolve Onix in 'Pokémon Go' Gen 2: Use the metal coat to get yourself a Steelix

Steelix might be one of the best gym defenders in 'Pokémon Go.' Here's how to evolve your Onix after the Gen 2 update.

'Elder Scrolls 6' Valenwood Location Rumors: Where will the new game be set?

Could 'Elder Scrolls 6' sequel take us to the lush forests of Valenwood?

Future's new album is here: Download and streaming options for his self-titled release

The ATL rapper is back with his fifth studio album.

How to find which advertisers have your contact info on Facebook

Facebook reveals it all, and you're going to want to know.

The hot new way to troll Trump: Snapchat filters that'll bruise his ego

A snap is ephemeral, but the burn is everlasting.

Chaffetz won't investigate Flynn's Russia ties, but he’s going after Clinton’s emails

Jason Chaffetz just took action against a player involved in maintaining Hillary Clinton's private email server.

Can Donald Trump be impeached? Yes, but the process hasn't begun yet.

A left-leaning site claims impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump have begun, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

When is the Britney Spears Lifetime movie? Air date, time, cast and more for 'Britney Ever After'

Excited to see Britney Spears get the Lifetime movie treatment? Here is what you need to know about 'Britney Ever After'.

CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA: What's the difference, and what does each do?

An overview of America's top intelligence agencies

Twitter dragged Matt Damon for 'Great Wall' whitewashing with #ThankYouMattDamon

The jokes started rolling in ahead of the film's release on Friday.

Sara Ramirez called out ABC's 'The Real O'Neals' for its biphobic jokes

Ramirez called on ABC to empower bisexual people, not poke fun at them.

Elizabeth Warren was up late ripping Trump's EPA pick Scott Pruitt to shreds

The GOP wants to confirm Pruitt before his letters are released Tuesday.

5 of the best presidential documentaries to watch on Netflix for Presidents Day

Looking for a documentary to watch on Presidents Day? Netflix has quite a few.

This Week in Reproductive Rights: Melinda Gates, calls for "testicular fortitude" and more

House Republicans took a significant step this week toward defunding family planning clinics like Planned Parenthood.

Local GOP official apologizes after making bizarre argument for denying women equal pay

James Green said giving women equal pay would mean taking wages out of men's pockets and keep women away from the home.

Repealing Obamacare would be devastating for transgender Americans

The ACA requires insurers to provide transgender patients equal access to care. Repeal could scrap that requirement.

Ed Sheeran "How Would You Feel" lyrics: Every verse to the new song off of 'Divide'

A third hit for Sheeran so early on in 2017? It's quite possible.

3 hit Britney Spears songs that were almost sung by other artists

The pop singer almost missed out on these amazing records.

Trump signs measure repealing Obama administration's coal dumping restriction

Trump overturned a rule that stopped miners from dumping coal into streams as part of an effort to revive the coal industry.

'MLB the Show 17' PS4 Release Date: When fans can expect to see Sony's new baseball game

The release date for Sony's 'MLB the Show 17' has been revealed.

Chris Christie says Trump made him eat meatloaf at Valentine's Day lunch

A radio host says the act was "emasculating."

Jimmy Fallon's Donald Trump press conference sketch basically wrote itself

It's hard to parody something that already feels like satire.

Jar Jar Binks' ‘Star Wars’ fate is revealed in new novel, and it’s very satisfying

Meesa tink yousa are hated by everyone, Jar Jar! :)

'Logan' review: New Wolverine movie hits a little too close to home

Spoiler alert: Wolverine is now an Uber driver.

Meryl Streep's Golden Globes speech was the soundtrack for this diverse show at London Fashion Week

The show highlighted two disabled models, and had body-positive messages as the soundtrack as well.

While Washington was tied up in the Flynn scandal, here are 10 news stories you might have missed

From spy ships to Standing Rock, here are the biggest news stories of the week that aren't the Flynn scandal.

Trump Cabinet Confirmations: Scott Pruitt confirmed as EPA administrator

Pruitt will now head an agency he has sued 13 times throughout his career.

Mike Dubke will reportedly be named to White House communications director position

Dubke is the founder of Crossroads Media, a strategy group for Republican campaigns.

'Hearthstone' Year of the Mammoth: New update drastically changes expansion structure

Big changes for 'Hearthstone' are on the way in Year of the Mammoth.

Tinder may add a Snapchat-like feature and become the ultimate millennial fantasy

Tinder meets Snapchat? "We are always exploring new ways to innovate," says Tinder's head of product and revenue.