"Bowling Green Massacre": Kellyanne Conway invents fake terrorist attack

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Donald Trump — still quiet on Quebec mosque shooting — tweets about thwarted Louvre attack

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Fayetteville, Arkansas, hung a Black History Month banner declaring "Black Lives Matter"

Fayetteville, which is about 80% white, is doing the right thing.

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The shift in rhetoric sounds simple, but it could signal a major change to how Trump and the GOP will address Obamacare.

Kellyanne Conway desperately wants you to notice her and she's using clothes to make sure you do

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Nordstrom is ending its relationship with Ivanka Trump

The retailer is cutting ties with the controversial first daughter, citing poor sales.

You can donate to the ACLU this weekend simply by drinking coffee

Hundreds of cafes across the country are donating proceeds of weekend sales to the ACLU.

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San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich just schooled Trump on Black History Month

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Everything Melania Trump has worn during her second week as first lady

The last time she was seen was Jan. 21. Where is she?

Trump calls Louvre attack "Islamic terrorism," stays silent on white terrorist who killed 6 Muslims

As the Quebec attacks demonstrate, white terrorism is rarely seen as existential a threat as terrorism committed by Muslims.

Kellyanne Conway says Trump appointed the first woman to a top CIA job. He didn’t.

Barack Obama appointed the first female CIA deputy director.

Eminem blasts Anne Coulter and Donald Trump with brutal lyrics on Big Sean's "No Favors"

Eminem goes political again, like he did on his previous track "Campaign Speech."

The future of ungendered clothing just made its New York Fashion Week debut

At Palomo Spain's show, male models walked in dresses, blouses and heels.

Der Spiegel’s shockingly gruesome Trump cover depicts POTUS as a terrorist

The German weekly news magazine depicts Trump holding a bloody knife and the bleeding head of the Statue of Liberty.

3 key ways Donald Trump is sabotaging his own plan to save American businesses

Businesses love tax cuts — but they don't love these Donald Trump policies.

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A leaked executive order offered a sneak peek at what else the Trump administration has in store for reproductive rights.

More than 100,000 visas have been revoked because of Trump's Muslim ban

The real number of people affected is much, much higher than the White House has said.

Here's what the Friday jobs report really shows about Trump's — and Obama's — presidency

The U.S. economy added more jobs than expected, but does Trump deserve credit?

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Did Apple break FaceTime to save millions of dollars a month?

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This House Resolution could help more than 28 million women access abortion coverage.

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