Travel Ban Ruling: 9th Circuit upholds stay of Trump's travel ban in win for opponents

A court ruled President Donald Trump's travel ban cannot be enforced.

Shia LaBeouf's anti-Trump livestream has devolved into a neo-Nazi broadcast network

This project about unity turned into a propaganda channel for white supremacists.

'For Honor' Beta Servers Down? What to do if you can't use Uplay or start your download

Here's what to do if you think the 'For Honor' servers are down and you can't connect to the open beta.

In the middle of a phone call with Putin, Trump had to take a break for a lesson in nuclear arms

Trump "denounced" a treaty that he has previously failed completely to understand.

'Diablo 3' Necromancer Release Date Price: What to expect from the next DLC

What could 'Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer' feature in terms of price and content?

'Pokémon Stars' Switch: Release date rumors get a boost from the Nintendo 3DS games

The 'Pokémon Stars' rumors just got a big boost from this mysterious in-game video.

Amal Clooney and her actor husband are reportedly having twins

There are two new Clooneys on the way.

Protesters rally to stop ICE officials from deporting Arizona woman who has lived in US for 21 years

A mother of two was detained during a routine checkin with ICE officials.

Kellyanne Conway gives Ivanka Trump's Nordstrom clothing line a "free commercial"

Did Conway use her public office to promote private gain?

How long is the 'For Honor' campaign? Expect a satisfying single-player experience

If you buy 'For Honor' for the single player campaign, it sounds like you will be satisfied.

Did Kellyanne Conway's Ivanka comments break the rules? The House ethics boss says yes.

A Republican chastises a top presidential aide for crossing an ethical line.

Big Sean pens open letter to his younger self: "One day your city will need you"

"There is more to your life than your future."

Northwestern investigating multiple drugging and sexual assault incidents

Campus officials received reports of three sexual assaults which allegedly involved the use of date rape drugs.

New England Patriots' Dont'a Hightower won't be visiting Donald Trump's White House

Dont'a Hightower isn't skipping due to explicit protest, but he's the third member of his team to decline the visit.

Trump Cabinet Confirmations: Jeff Sessions confirmed as attorney general

Sessions was confirmed in a 52-47 vote.

Mississippi House GOP passes bill to bring back firing squads and gas chambers

Mississippi is considering bringing back execution methods it hasn't used in decades.

L'Oreal brings on a male spokesmodel, Jake-Jamie, to launch new concealer palette and foundation

Beauty vlogger Jake-Jamie Ward is on a mission to prove makeup is genderless.

A full moon, lunar eclipse and comet may all be visible on Friday. Here's how to see them.

Look up to the sky: a lunar eclipse and a comet 45P fly-by are in store Friday night.

Olympic medalist Ibtihaj Muhammad said she was detained for 2 hours by US customs

The Olympic fencer suggested that she was detained at the airport because of her religious faith.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 9: Who will win? An early ranking of the 13 queens

Expect queens like Sasha Velour, Aja and Valentina to go far.

20 Marvel superhero movies and TV shows to binge watch on Netflix in 2017

The Netflix superhero guide for the ultimate Marvel fan.

How to Throw in 'For Honor' Open Beta: How to perform the move and why it's important

Wondering how to throw in 'For Honor'? We're here to help you dominate the open beta.

Is there an agenda to the Neil Gorsuch comments and White House leaks?

It all depends on who you believe is pulling the strings.

The Baltimore police officer who shot Curtis Jamal Deal “had it out for him,” family says

Deal, 18, was fatally shot by police Tuesday afternoon.

Single iPhone users judge single Android owners more negatively

Android users are also pretty judgy.

It’s no coincidence women are leading the resistance to Trump. Here's why.

Biology is not destiny, politically speaking, and women have become the bulwark against the new administration.

How to execute in 'For Honor' Open Beta: Guide to executing enemy players in the game

You can brutally execute enemies in 'For Honor,' and there's a great reason to do so.

The world's first aphrodisiac edible is here, thanks to fancy cannabis chocolatier 1906

For a sensual Valentine's Day that'll have you flying high, weed chocolate with supposed sexy effects may do the trick.

Donald Trump signs three more executive orders — this time on crime prevention

The orders came on the day Jeff Sessions was sworn in as attorney general.