Ireland’s Prime Minister roasted Donald Trump while standing inches away from him

Watch Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny unleash a pointedly pro-immigration speech standing right next to Donald Trump.

Watch Donald Trump snub Angela Merkel in his most awkward moment with a world leader yet

Trump just took the awkward handshake to the next level — by skipping it entirely.

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God, Tina, stop being such a Hanzo main!

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Why I'm giving 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' a hard pass: It's more of the same colonialism

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These Trump loyalists won't let go of the president's wiretapping story

Entire Congressional committees and much of the GOP have repudiated the claim.

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This 13-year-old girl was afraid of getting dress-coded — so her sister took action

According to the shirt, the dress code promotes the objectification and sexualization of young bodies.

iOS 10.3 Public Beta 7: How to get the iPhone update

Here are the features that will come with it.

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'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' fans are playing on their PCs using an emulator.

Parody of viral BBC video imagines how a working mom would have handled things

With a working mother in the hot seat, things play out a little differently.

Donald Trump allegedly kicked One Direction out of hotel for this absurd reason

Liam Payne's story about Donald Trump is really ridiculous.

Were the student protests at Middlebury a threat to free speech? Two writers duke it out.

One hot-button issue. Two opposing views. Three rounds of fiery debate updated in real time. This is Actually.

Mr. Rogers' passionate defense of PBS from 1969 is more relevant than ever

Nearly 50 years later, the public television icon's defense of educational programming still rings true.

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The anti-Trump resistance is lifting up Jon Ossoff's campaign. Can it carry him to a win?

This is the resistance's first big electoral test.

Tim Allen says being a conservative in Hollywood is like living in Nazi Germany

The 'Last Man Standing' actor talked about attending Trump's inauguration and being a conservative in Hollywood.

'Breath of the Wild' Sales: New 'Zelda' is Nintendo's fastest selling launch title ever

Based on a couple of sources, it sounds like 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' is doing alright in sales.

What LaVar Ball can teach America about black fatherhood

Lonzo Ball is a star at UCLA and his father, LaVar, is in complete control.

This amazing Reddit theory has us believing 'Life' may be a prequel to Sony's 'Venom'

Wait a minute ... is 'Life' a prequel to the recently announced 'Venom' movie?

White House tells the UK it won't baselessly accuse them of spying on Trump anymore

And a British tabloid said Sean Spicer made a formal apology.

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New Jersey is first state to require presidential candidates to release their tax returns

The N.J. legislature passed the first bill to take aim at Trump's withheld tax returns.

'Destiny 2' Release Date Rumors: Reddit may have figured out when the game will launch

A Redditor may have found a major hint at the release date for 'Destiny 2.'

Nintendo Switch Stock Update: Nintendo said to double console production for 2017

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Michelle Obama gave this 'MasterChef Junior' contestant some inspiring advice

This 11-year-old kid chef got to meet the former first lady.

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Want some inspiration for your 'Overwatch' ink? Check out these tattoos.

#GrabYourWallet adds Chrome extension to make avoiding Trump brands even easier

The plug-in alerts shoppers whenever they go to a retail site on the boycott list.

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Laptop with info on Trump Tower, Clinton stolen from Secret Service agent

The agent's vehicle was parked in her driveway in Brooklyn when it was robbed.

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 13, Episode 16 Recap: Could Japril be headed for a reconciliation?

A trip to Montana resurrects old demons for Jackson and April.

Marines United spokesman says nude photo leak proves women shouldn't serve

Former U.S. Marine Marshall Chiles said the military shouldn't integrate women because they're a "huge distraction."

'Truth and Lies: The Family Manson': When and where to watch the ABC documentary special

ABC is set to present a documentary chronicling the Manson Family murders. Here is when it will air.

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Mike Pence will receive a "Working for Women" award because nothing makes sense anymore

Pence's record on women's rights issues be damned.

Black Minnesota family leaving town after racist graffiti tells them to "get out"

Along with graffiti, vandals left a note saying, "Next time it's going to be fire."

9 essential DIY skills that are easy to learn — and will save you thousands of dollars

Save thousands by becoming a self-sufficient master of trades.

Gab, a haven for white nationalists, is now trying to reach young, diverse progressives

Who, exactly, would want to spend time here?

Will Sony's 'Venom' movie exist within the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It should.

What would 'Venom' look like as part of the MCU?

'EA Sports UFC 3' Release Wishlist: 5 features it needs to add

'EA Sports UFC 3' is coming to virtual MMA fans, but there are five things it needs to have to be better than 'EA Sports UFC 2.'

Illinois mom pulls son out of private school after a string of targeted racist incidents

Students played a song with the lyric, "keep those niggers back in the hood" to the black student.

How do you open an IRA? Your guide to start saving for retirement — in 30 minutes or less

You've got until April 18 to contribute to an IRA, which might lower your tax bill.

Morrissey sells "black is how I feel on the inside" James Baldwin T-shirt

The shirt features Baldwin's face and none of his words.

The "Trump effect" is having a devastating impact on foreign applications to US colleges

International students infuse billions into the U.S. economy. But Donald Trump's policies and rhetoric are scaring them away.

'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Review: 'Gilmore Girls' creator's Amazon pilot is terrific

This is both Amy Sherman-Palladino's funniest series and her most polished since 'Gilmore Girls.'

Conor Oberst on the optimism of 'Salutations' and staying sane in the Donald Trump era

'Salutations' rings with a bittersweet joy. Oberst is happier, but he's staying away from the news and all the toxicity it brings.

Rick Ross' "Apple of My Eye" features lyrics about Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj's breakup

Another rapper has a hot take on Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill's past relationship.

Florida governor pulls Aramis Ayala off case after she refuses to pursue the death penalty

Ayala, a state attorney, had just announced she won't seek the death penalty for anyone convicted on her watch.

You’ll recognize this sassy character from ‘Jessica Jones’ in ‘Iron Fist’ episode 3

When you're a superhero and you need a lawyer in New York, you know who to call.

15 of Drake's catchiest and most relatable lyrics about life

You know you love these Drake lyrics.

Trump thinks he and Merkel have wiretapping in common. They don't.

His latest comment suggests he still believes Obama literally had his phone tapped.

Trump's deep public broadcasting cuts will hurt his rural, low-income voters most

Pretty soon PBS will only be funded by viewers like you.

This Austin abortion clinic is the first to open since the Supreme Court's landmark ruling

Whole Woman's Health is the first abortion clinic to reopen after a Texas law forced 41 of the state's clinic to shut down.

No, Caitlyn Jenner is not joining 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

"It's just noise," Andy Cohen confirms.

Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski calls North Carolina's HB2 a "stupid thing"

The legendary coach once again criticized his state's anti-trans bathroom bill.

Raleigh fire: Latest updates on the 5-alarm fire in Raleigh, North Carolina

Firefighters got the massive Raleigh fire under control around 1 a.m. Friday. One injury was reported.

Trump asked black voters, "What do you have to lose?" The answer is health insurance.

A analysis shows that the Republican plan to replace the Affordable Care Act disproportionately affects black people.

Japan holds first evacuation drill amid fears over North Korea's ballistic missiles

The exercise comes days after North Korea launched four intermediate-range missiles into the Sea of Japan.

7 Disney movies that could be the next live-action remake

Disney won't stop with the live-action remakes after 'Beauty and the Beast'.

This Week in Reproductive Rights: CBO report shows consequences of Planned Parenthood cuts

Don't worry, a Texas state representative's satirical bill legislating men's bodies provides some comic relief.

The very simple way Claire Temple fits into ‘Iron Fist’

No really, it's pretty straightforward.

Donald Trump just said he is “100% behind” the GOP health care bill

With those comments, Donald Trump now owns the American health care system — warts and all.

New York City EMT killed by man driving stolen ambulance

The suspect, Jose Gonzalez, has been charged with murder, grand larceny and operating a motor vehicle while impaired by drugs.

Indie veterans Real Estate add modern flair to their vintage sound with superb 'In Mind'

The band's latest album mixes modern production and electronic experimentation into their sepia-toned sound.

U.S. Military denies targeting Syrian mosque in airstrike that may have killed civilians

A spokesman for the U.S. Central Command claims that the airstrike hit its intended target.