California police shoot and kill 16-year-old pregnant teen in stolen car

Family members have started a GoFundMe to help with funeral services.

Competition-winning 4th grade robotics team told to "go back to Mexico"

Both fellow competitors and their parents participated in the taunting, according to the 'Indianapolis Star'.

Save money easily: 9 ways you're wasting cash and don't even realize it

You're probably wasting money on stuff you don't need. Here are 9 examples of unnecessary items you buy.

Trans people in bathrooms are less of a threat than these Republican legislators

In the last three weeks, two key "family values" GOP spokesmen have been embroiled in sex scandals.

Drake 'More Life' track list: Every song on the October Firm playlist

Take a look at which songs made the final cut on 'More Life.'

The complete history of Donald Trump’s forgotten cameos in fast food commercials

Donald and Ivana Trump's 1995 Pizza Hut commercial was internally referred to as "Pizza Slut."

'Overwatch' Lúcio Buff: PTR update significantly changes Lúcio

Everyone's favorite DJ-turned-freedom-fighter should be a lot more exciting to play thanks to this Lucio buff in 'Overwatch.'

Kellyanne Conway accidentally made a case for abortion rights — but she's still pro-life

Conway said when she once helped a friend get an abortion she was "focused on her, not on the larger public policy."

Robert Sepulveda, Jr., Abel Azcona, Colton Haynes: Who did The Most this week?

Time to vote for who did The Most this week.

Hayden Panettiere has some pressing questions about chemtrails

"What the heck r they spraying over us?!" the TV star tweeted Saturday afternoon.

Would Bernie have won? Americans still like him more than Trump, poll shows

Trump has trouble besting the Vermont senator in straight-up popularity.

Preet Bharara was investigating HHS chief Tom Price when Donald Trump fired him

Bharara was looking into whether Price illegally profited off his congressional job when Trump gave him the axe.

Drake's 'More Life' is here: Streaming options for the new October Firm playlist

Drizzy doesn't believe in taking rests as he delivers his latest project.

Chuck Berry, legendary rock 'n' roll pioneer, confirmed dead at 90

One of the early fathers of rock 'n' roll, author of "Johnny B. Goode" and "Roll Over Beethoven," has died.

Out transgender man Tomoya Hosoda elected to public office in Japan

"Until recently, people have acted as if sexual minorities do not exist," Hosoda said.

If Trump is serious about jobs, he shouldn't destroy the Labor Department's Women's Bureau

Unfortunately, thanks to bad advice, he is poised to do just that.

Does Germany owe money to NATO? Why Trump's tweet makes absolutely no sense

Trump wants Germany to pay the U.S. more for NATO. The only problem? No one pays the U.S. for NATO.

France Orly Airport shooting: Suspect shot police officer during earlier traffic stop

The man was shot to death after trying to grab a soldier's assault rifle.

White House security arrests yet another intruder

It's the second time in a week White House guards have dealt with a person trying to gain access to the presidential mansion.