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White man kills black man in NYC, then 'New York Daily News' blasts victim's arrest record

Timothy Caughman's arrest record has nothing to do with why a white racist stabbed him.

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A site beloved by white nationalists invited me to Trump Tower for a romantic Sunday

I was under the impression that this was some sort of proposal or wedding. It was none of the above.

After 'GQ' snubbed Serena Williams, the 'Fader' had the best clapback ever

Let it be known: Serena Williams is the greatest tennis player of all time.

Donald Trump will travel to Brussels for NATO Heads of State and Government summit

Trump will meet with members of an alliance he once called "obsolete."

GameStop Nintendo Switch Stock Update: Bundles and bungles give gamers a headache

If you're trying to buy a Nintendo Switch from GameStop, you're gonna have a bad time.

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With two of her new blushes, Kylie Jenner crosses a line.

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Not every shrine in 'Zelda' is easily accessible. Here's how to access the Misae Suma Shrine with the "Perfect Drink" quest.

Alphonza Watson, 38-year-old transgender woman, killed in Baltimore

Transgender woman Alphonza Watson was reportedly shot during an argument.

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Netflix releases 'Death Note' teaser, sparking another round of whitewashing criticism

The new teaser comes on the heels of 'Iron Fist' and its own whitewashing controversy.

Leaked email reveals dietitian’s murky relationship with Monsanto

The food industry is shamelessly using dietitians to promote GMOs — so why are dietitians trying to hide it?

London Attacker: What we know about the driver in Wednesday's terror attack

The man who drove his car into the gates of U.K. Parliament and stabbed a police officer has not been identified.

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What will happen if Republicans fail to pass the American Health Care Act?

A political disaster looms for President Donald Trump.

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The Ukrainian government would like a word with Trump's old campaign manager.

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How a new women-only cab service is helping women get around in Pakistan

Pink Taxi is trying to fill an important gap in need for women in Pakistan.

Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort secretly worked to benefit Putin, report says

New evidence of connections between Russia and the Trump campaign.

How Marvel and Netflix can fix their ‘Iron Fist’ problem

Oh 'Iron Fist', you problematic hot mess. Let's fix you.

Arianna Huffington is the wrong person to lead Uber's efforts against workplace sexism

Many women in tech argue that Huffington is uniquely unqualified.

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A 'Pokémon Go' update is coming, and Niantic's making a splash. Read on for more info on Water Festival.

Do people regret voting for Trump? 3.5% of Trump voters regret casting ballot for him.

That's around 2.17 million people who regret voting for Trump.

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Kristi Yamaguchi had a poor choice of words for Nancy Kerrigan.

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Playing gay in 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' has a measurable, tangible downside.