Why is Reid in jail on 'Criminal Minds'? Here's how the doctor found himself behind bars.

'Criminal Minds' left fans wondering who framed Reid.

The alt-right rallied around a white woman who said 3 black men raped her. She lied.

Breana Harmon Talbott's false accusations feed into dangerous stereotypes about black men.

Anti-abortion lawmaker: Rape, incest "will of God," but God can "bring beauty from ashes"

Another Republican man is out there, arguing that the crimes of rape and incest are sometimes just part of God's plan.

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How to set up the Havarl Outpost in 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'

When will GameStop Restock Nintendo Switch? More bad news if you don't like bundles

GameStop's promised Nintendo Switch restock is a mess, but you can still buy a bundle online.

Trump used a fake Cyrus the Great quote to wish Iranians happy new year

The holiday greeting was a few days late and a fact short.

Protest groups to unite as "The Majority" for massive actions across the country on May 1

Activists hope to build a broader coalition and make a show of force on May 1, International Workers' Day.

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If you encounter "Radiation Level 3" in 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' you should probably just turn around.

The crippling effect 'RuPaul's Drag Race' moving to Friday nights is having on queer nightlife

"Monday is ordinarily a dead night, but during the time of 'RPDR' it became a gay Super Bowl every week."

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There was a horrifying gang rape on Facebook Live. Here's how you can stop the next one.

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'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Romance Options: Fans are pissed Scott Ryder can't romance Jaal

They're using #MakeJaalBi to voice their anger at what they think is a failed promise for inclusivity in 'Mass Effect: Andromeda.'

A majority of men say they haven't benefited from women's access to birth control

Ask not what women's birth control access can do for you; ask what you can do for women's birth control access.

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Who is Khalid Masood? What we know about the London terror attack suspect.

Police have named 52-year-old Khalid Masood as the London attacker.

Formerly incarcerated artists can now apply to win a $20K arts fellowship

Five artists will receive $20,000 each for projects that focus on criminal justice reform.

Trumpcare vote count: A running list of House Republicans voting against the AHCA

There are currently enough Republicans against the Obamacare repeal to kill the legislation.

Steve Bannon is still quietly executing his nationalist plan and pursuing an anti-Islam agenda

He's also living in a house owned by Moustafa el-Gindy, an ex-member of Egypt's parliament.

Nothing to see here — just a bunch of men deciding the fate of women's health care

Vice President Mike Pence tweeted out a telling photo of the Trump administration's meeting with the Freedom Caucus. Yikes.

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Tory Burch pulls ad after being accused of cultural appropriation

In the ad, three white models dance and sing along to a rap song.

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What is the Byrd Rule? Congressional procedure could kill Trump's health care plan

The Byrd rule could make the GOP health care bill dead on arrival.

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Where to watch 'RuPaul's Drag Race' in New York City: 6 bars screening season 9

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