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Trumpcare did not have enough support within the Republican Party to pass.

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Dozens of black kids are missing in DC. These black lawmakers want the FBI to find them.

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Muslim woman photographed in front of Parliament speaks out, debunks alt-right theories

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With Trump's health care plan dead, he's moving on to taxes. That's going to fail, too.

Trump and Paul Ryan are learning that a unified government doesn't mean everything passes.

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San Francisco man threatened to shoot Muslim woman playing with her son in a park

The man hurled anti-Muslim sentiments at the woman.

Everything we know (and don't) about the American Health Care Act fiasco — and coming vote

The Friday vote is the final — and only — opportunity for Republicans to act on health care.

#BigThighTwitter is here to unabashedly celebrate women whose thighs touch

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Toronto bans all official school trips to the US over concerns about the travel ban

And the Canadian equivalent of the Girl Scouts have done the same thing.

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How model Maya Monès is laying the groundwork to be fashion's next Naomi Campbell

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Bannon is urging Trump to take names — and Trump is on board.

What Melania Trump wore her ninth week as first lady

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The Trump administration just paved way for the Keystone pipeline construction to begin

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Could your iPhone or iPad become a touchscreen Mac?

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Gustavus Adolphus College's diversity council admits it posted "White Nation" posters

The group's apology was accepted by some students on campus.

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Did Drake threaten Makonnen? "Tuesday" rapper details their alleged confrontation

The Atlanta rapper also revealed why he left the OVO Sound label.

10 surprising tax perks to save you money: Deductions and exemptions you might not know of

Yes, you can get a tax break by claiming a deadbeat roommate as a dependent — and 9 other surprise tax deductions and perks.

Democratic lawmakers are tweeting just how many of their constituents don't want the AHCA

Democrats are showing how many calls they are getting against the GOP health care plan.

Trump will give up on repealing Obamacare if the House vote fails

The president reportedly delivered the ultimatum late on Thursday, ahead of Friday's rescheduled vote.

Trump Tower Wiretapping: Devin Nunes explicitly states that Trump wasn't wiretapped

Nunes is now saying Trump Tower was never wiretapped.

Paul Manafort will testify on Russia before House Intelligence Committee

Manafort offered to testify before the House Intelligence Committee in its Russia investigation.

Jay Z will tell Trayvon Martin's story in new docuseries and feature film

The rapper continues his work in creating social justice films.

This Week in Reproductive Rights: Men worry access to birth control doesn't benefit them

Two studies this week confirmed some of our deepest fears about men's beliefs about women's bodies and choices.

When can you watch the all new 'Justice League' trailer? Here is what we know.

The official 'Justice League' trailer is right around the corner!

Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's ousted president, released after six years of detention

In 2012. Mubarak was convicted of complicity in the killings of more than 800 anti-government protesters during the Arab Spring.

Pizzagate gunman pleads guilty to multiple charges

He allegedly believed he was investigating a child sex trafficking ring.

What changes will Republicans make to the AHCA? Here's what's proposed.

Nothing is final, but here are the proposed changes to the GOP health care bill set for a vote on Friday.