White supremacist who stabbed NYC black man says it was practice for Times Square massacre

Caughman was not going to be Jackson's only victim, Jackson told police.

Trump just hit the golf club for the 12th time in his 9-week presidency

Don't check the price tag of Trump's frequent golf trips.

Texas family broadcasts ICE arrest on Facebook: "You Trump supporters happy?"

Loved ones are now raising funds for the family's expenses.

Pro-Trump MAGA rally erupts into violent clash with counterprotesters in California

Video shows the pro-Trump protest breaking into pepper spray, beatings and pile-ons.

'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season Premiere Recap: Who is the 14th queen?

All praise to Nina Bo'Nina Banana Fofana Osama Bin Laden Brown.

Steve Bannon reportedly told House GOP they had "no choice" on health care vote

Strong-arming your way to victory only works on the campaign trail.

The internet is roasting Donald Trump over his Trumpcare failure

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3 biggest takeaways from Republicans pulling their health care bill

And what it means for the future of his agenda.

Trump blames Democrats for sinking the GOP health care bill. Democrats say, "Hell yeah!"

"I'm happy to take credit for it," Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) said.

Donald Trump's two biggest initiatives have been catastrophic failures

This doesn't bode well for the border wall.

Controversial author Charles Murray spoke at New York University. It wasn't pretty.

The co-author of 'The Bell Curve' has argued that low IQ, social pathology and poverty are linked and may correspond to race.

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Every 'RuPaul's Drag Race' shoutout and Easter egg you missed in the season 9 premiere

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Pizzagate truthers rallied in Washington DC for the very fake conspiracy theory

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YouTube, Andrew Christian, Lance Wallnau: Who did The Most this week?

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