Watch this MP obliterate another who said women "must earn less" because they're inferior

Hell hath no fury like a woman being told she's weak by an old white creep.

Trump Hotel Fire 2017: Here's what happened at Trump's NYC hotel Friday

A fire broke out at around 4:12 a.m. Eastern at the Trump International Hotel in Columbus Circle, New York City on Friday.

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ICE arrested California father of 4 while he dropped kids at school in a harrowing video

Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez was detained as his 13-year-old daughter watched in the car.

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JCC Bomb Threats: Juan Thompson arrested in St. Louis in connection to at least 8 threats

Juan Thompson has been named as a suspect in some of the bomb threats called in to JCCs nationwide.

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What is Greyball? Here's what you need to know about Uber's police evasion program.

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Jeff Sessions' recusal shows political pressure still applies in Donald Trump's Washington

Thursday was a reminder that political pressure still matters.

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Trump administration wants to cut most of EPA's climate protection program

Trump proposes cutting a number of other EPA programs too.

What Melania Trump wore in her sixth week as first lady — all 4 times we saw her

Three appearances to add to her now total 14 appearances as first lady.

After "historic" meeting, HBCUs seem to be changing their tune about the deal with Trump

The presidents of Morehouse College and Morgan State University are speaking out.

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The 'This Is Us' season finale synopsis is out and we're already crying

But seriously, are we ever going to find out how Jack dies?

The "swamp" I know

Government workers have long been a scapegoat for politicians, but Washington is full of dedicated civil servants.

Yale students launch perfect photo campaign that explains what it means to be Muslim

"A Muslim is someone who loves God, loves justice and loves others."

Trump administration weighs splitting up families at the Mexican border to deter migrants

The children would be placed in protective custody.

Read Al Franken's letter about why Jeff Sessions' excuses don’t add up

He's got more questions for Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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